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SubSkills Online Training Course

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Welcome to the SubSkills Training Course!

We appreciate you taking the time to increase your skills as a substitute teacher. Having the right set of skills for this job will be your key to success.

Substitute teaching is a crucial component of quality education in the school system. It is a rare teacher who never needs a substitute for either personal or professional reasons, and so principals, teachers, parents, and students all come to highly value an excellent substitute teacher. Research has shown that, on average, a student spends over one full year with a substitute teacher by the time the student graduates from high school. As a skilled substitute teacher, you can make a significant positive impact on the schools and students you work with.

Regardless of whether or not you are a certified teacher, you can still become an expert in substitute teaching. Successful teachers are those who have either consciously, or subconsciously, mastered necessary skills and classroom techniques. By learning and practicing the skills in this course, you can become the kind of substitute teacher who can schedule your assignments weeks in advance, have students ask when you’re coming back to their class, and even have teachers and parents request that you’re hired full time!

Research conducted by the Substitute Teaching Institute at Utah State University has found the following:

  • The number one request by substitute teachers is that they are trained in skills to successfully manage inappropriate behavior situations.
  • The number one trait of a successful substitute teacher is the use of a SubPack or resource kit.
  • The number one request by permanent teachers and school personnel is that substitute teachers be prepared and professional.
  • The number one request by students is that substitute teachers present stimulating lessons and exciting fill-in activities.

Remember: The information in this course is not intended to replace the rules and regulations of the district. Use only those suggestions and activities that do not conflict with the district’s policies and established practices.

Thank you for looking at the materials associated with this course. Please download the Study Guide here: SubSkills Note Guide.


When you have earned a SubDiploma, a link to download it will appear below.