SubEssentials Introductory Course


SubEssentials is a great introduction into the world of substitute teaching. Make sure you continue to learn how to be a great substitute by getting one of the follow.
*The Substitute Teacher Handbook will teach you the six core principles of substitute teaching and to can be brought to every class you teach to ensure you have great teaching experience.
*The audio management mp3 will teach you have to manage every classroom so that every teaching day is great.
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Thank you for your interest in the SubSkills Training Course! This course is a review of everything you’ll need to know to become a stellar substitute teacher, from legal aspects of the job to how to handle confrontational behavior from students.

Are you thinking about becoming a substitute teacher? Start here! SubEssentials is our 90-minute introductory class. You will learn a few proven classroom strategies. Plus, you will be exposed to the wonderful world of substitute teaching.
IMPORTANT: This is only an introductory class. Before you start teaching, you must register for our comprehensive 8-hour SubSkills Online Training Package which will thoroughly prepare you to teach with confidence. Plus, after you pass SubSkills, you are guaranteed to get hired—or your money back. See our ironclad guarantee.