Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the requirements for my District or Agency?
If you have questions regarding what your district or agency requires for you to be a substitute teacher or paraprofessional, you must contact them directly. If you need their contact information, please go to their website.

How do I register for a course?
Using either Chrome or Safari as your web browser, please go to and click on “Purchase Courses”. On the SHOP page, choose the course you desire to take by clicking on it. Then “Add to Cart”. IF you have a Coupon Code, enter it and click on “Apply Code”. Then Proceed to Checkout.

Where can I find/print my SubDiploma?
On your Profile Page, choose the tab on the left that reads “My Courses/Certificates”.  This will display your courses and your assessment scores.  In the SubSkills course, the SubDiploma link will appear under the “SubSkills Training Course: Special Education” section.  If you have passed all five (5) of the SubAssessments, an icon that looks like a certificate ribbon will appear. Click on the ribbon icon to open the certificate, and print or save a PDF copy in your electronic file.

Where do I get a Coupon Code?

Coupon Codes (formerly referred to as Access Codes) are available through SOME school districts or agencies. If your district or agency has such a code, you must obtain it from them.

How do I change my Username?
Usernames CANNOT be changed. However, if you require a change to the first or last name on the account or any other information, please email us at with the username and name on the account, and the change you are requesting.

Can I complete the training in one day?
It probably is possible to complete the SubSkills training course in one day, but this isn’t recommended. It does take roughly 8-10 hours of studying to complete, but if you try to complete it all in one sitting, you will likely get frustrated and make unnecessary errors.

What score is my district looking for?
Many school districts or agencies require their substitute teachers to pay for, take, and pass the SubSkills Training Course. Most school districts or agencies require that their substitute teachers get an 85% composite score, but you will need to call your district or agency offices or visit their webpage to be sure.

Can I talk to someone at your office?
Absolutely! Feel free to contact the staff Monday – Friday 8 am – 4:00 pm MT at 435-755-7800. You are also welcome to email our staff at

Regarding SubAssessments

What score do I need to pass my SubAssessments?
If you have questions regarding what composite score your district or agency requires you to achieve on your SubDiploma for you to be a substitute teacher, you must contact them directly. If you need their contact information, please go to their website.

If I scored adequately but want to see if I can do better, can I use remaining attempts to try to get a better score?
Do not be afraid to use all four attempts in trying to get the best score you can. We will always keep the BEST score, no matter on which attempt it was scored.

What if I don’t score my district’s required percentage on each of the Quizzes/SubAssessments?
Your district or agency is requiring you to score the given percentage on your COMPOSITE score of all five Quizzes/Assessments, not on each individual test.

If I am not very successful on my first try on an assessment, what can I do to score better on the remaining attempts?
If you do not score the necessary or desired score on an attempt of one of the Quizzes/Assessments, please return to the associated lesson to study more about the principles covered in the questions you missed. When you have studied sufficiently, return to take the Assessment again.

What if I don’t pass the Quiz/SubAssessment and I’ve used all my attempts?
If you do not score the necessary or desired composite score on your Quizzes/Assessments, you may purchase a TOTAL of four retakes on any of the SubAssessments for $20.00. Click on “Shop” in the upper right-hand corner of the page. On the SHOP page choose “SubAssessment – Test Reset” and add it to your cart. When the purchase is complete, email to let us know where you would like the four retakes applied. The reset may take up to 24 hours (possibly longer on a weekend or holiday).

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