Clark County Nevada Training Course – Option A

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The Clark County Online Training course is the best substitute training course, which professionally trains, certifies, and gets participants a job as a substitute teacher.
This is because the core of the Clark County Training Course online was developed by professional educators at Utah State University and has been constantly improved for over 20 years to give you a smooth training experience, the knowledge, and job offer to be a great substitute teacher.

The Clark County Online Training course is the best online substitute training course available. The course contains engaging videos, downloads, examples, and teaching strategies for you to study and learn. The course can be accessed at any time and can be saved at any point for you to return to later. The course has been designed to take half the time as other training courses and should only take 8-10 hours to complete.

Completing the Clark County Online Training course is guaranteed to get you a job as a substitute teacher. Plus it will train you to be confident and knowledgeable in the six core areas of substitute teaching.

guaranteedScrollOur Guarantee

“Money-back guarantee: If you complete our Clark County course (either online or in print) and you earn your SubDiploma – and you meet your district’s hiring requirements – and are still not offered a job, we will refund 100% of your tuition.”

  • Step 1. Register online for the Clark County SubSkills Course. 
  • Step 2. Complete the online training at your own pace. It takes 8 to 10 hours to complete. We recommend you spend 30 to 60 minutes per training session. Substitutes have forty five (45) days to complete this training after hire. 
  • Step 3.  After you pass, you will earn your SubDiploma and will need to give a copy of the diploma to your district. You will have four (4) attempts to get an 85% or higher.
  • Step 4.  Accept the job offered to you from one of your local districts and become an amazing substitute teacher. You will have access to the training information for one (1) year and you may refer back to the content during that period as needed.

The Clark County Online Training Course Includes:

  • An 8-10 hour training course reviewing classroom management, teaching strategies, professionalism, special education, and legal issues. (Note: 8-10 hours is half the time of other substitute training courses.)
  • The SubAssessment test with which you have up to four tries to get your best score.
  • A SubDiploma, which is available after you complete the SubAssessment test. It is recommended that you achieve an 85% score, unless otherwise specified by your school district.
  • Most importantly, A JOB as a substitute teacher! When you complete the course and achieve your SubDiploma, it is time to apply to be a substitute teacher at your local school districts.