Fill-Rate Academy


The Fill-Rate Academy is created for individuals in a school district and on the SubTaskForce and will assist the TaskForce in gathering vital information from teachers, administrators, substitute teachers, and permanent teachers to understand what practices, policies and procedures support efforts in substitute teaching.

The Fill-Rate Academy includes one 45-minute interactive webinar per month, completion of the Fill-Rate Course, participation in conducting surveys and analyzing results (STEDI has the surveys and will mentor each participant through the process), and creation of a SubTaskForce to participate in the Academy (STEDI will assist you in creating a SubTaskForce).

Each month you’ll participate in a 45-minute, interactive webinar that will address specific topics to help you understand and implement the strategic plan for your district. Each webinar will be live with group discussions and presentations. The webinar will be recorded to be reviewed when needed.

100% Money-back guarantee anytime during the school year.

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Fill-Rate Academy and Management Tools for SubManagers is an online extension of the SubSolutions National Conference. It provides a similiar learning experience as the national conference, but from the convenience of your own computer.

For over 20 years, has hosted national and regional conferences for SubManagers and administrators from districts and organizations from around the country to share best practices in managing substitute teaching. The key indicator often is “Fill Rate” or the percent of classes that are covered by substitute teachers on any given day. This rate is affected by many aspects of managing substitute teaching, and this Academy addresses all of the aspects.

The Fill-Rate Academy includes the Fill-Rate Course for SubManagers.


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