SubSkills Online Training Course – Option A


Thank you for your interest in the SubSkills Training Course! This course is a review of skills you’ll need to know to become a stellar substitute teacher, from legal aspects of the job to how to handle confrontational behavior from students.

Do you have questions?

This course will help you:

Become requested for the best assignments

Enjoy working with all students

Be prepared for any assignment

Teach any teacher’s lesson plan

Know what to do if the lesson ends early

The course can be done entirely on your own schedule. It is designed for you to come and go as you need.

Investing in yourself will pay off!


Guaranteed Employment

“Money-back guarantee: If you complete our SubSkills course (either online or in print) and you earn your STEDI SubDiploma, and you meet your district’s hiring requirements—and are still not offered a job—we will refund 100% of your tuition.”


The SubSkills Online Training course is the best online substitute training course available. The course contains engaging videos, downloads, examples, and teaching strategies for you to study and learn. The course can be accessed at any time and can be saved at any point for you to return to later. The course has been designed to take half the time as other training courses and should only take 6 – 8 hours to complete.

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Is this course useful? Here are what other substitute teachers have said:

I spent years as a middle school teacher recognizing negative behavior and I’m done with that. As I start substituting again I plan to implement the principles set forth in this training. – George, Substitute Teacher California

I am thrilled to have stumbled upon this absolutely wonderful substitute teaching resource! I have been a substitute teacher for 3 years now, subbing in all grade levels, and I feel I have learned so much more by participating in this course. – Vanessa, Substitute Teacher Washington

Your program is EXCELLENT. I learned so much that I can use in the classroom. I am getting calls to substitute and receiving thank you for doing such a good job. – Cindy

There is so much valuable content in this course! The note cards, the list of questions to ask at the office and the Substitute Teacher report are all great ideas which I will use. I am especially excited to put together an organized SubPack. I will definitely include an Estimation Jar. What a great idea. Thank you so much for this course. – Gail

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guaranteedScrollOur Guarantee

“Money-back guarantee: If you complete our SubSkills course (either online or in print) and you earn your STEDI SubDiploma – and you meet your district’s hiring requirements – and are still not offered a job, we will refund 100% of your tuition.”


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  • Step 1. Order and complete the SubSkills Online Training Course
  • Step 2. Apply to be a substitute teacher in your local districts with the SubSkills Diploma issued for completing the SubSkills course and the SubAssessment.
  • Step 3. Accept the job offered to you from one of your local districts and become an amazing substitute teacher.


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The SubSkills Online Training Course Includes:

  • An 6 – 8 hour training course reviewing classroom management, teaching strategies, professionalism, special education, and legal issues. (Note: 6 – 8 hours is half the time of other substitute training courses.)
  • The SubAssessment test with which you have up to four tries to get your best score.
  • A SubDiploma, which is available after you complete the SubAssessment test. It is recommended that you achieve an 85% score, unless otherwise specified by your school district.
  • Most importantly, A JOB as a substitute teacher! When you complete the course and achieve your SubDiploma, it is time to apply to be a substitute teacher at your local school districts.
  • Participation in the exclusive SubSkills Alumni Group, where you can share your experiences and ask for help from other substitute teachers who have completed the training. You’re part of this elite group forever!

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