SubSkills Premium Training Package – Best Value


Thank you for your interest in the SubSkills Training Course! This course is a review of skills you’ll need to know to become a stellar substitute teacher, from legal aspects of the job to how to handle confrontational behavior from students.

Get both the Online SubSkills™ Substitute Teacher Training and the Substitute Teacher Handbook 10th Edition!

This essential 8-10 hour training course for current or prospective substitute teachers contains videos, downloads,  examples, and strategies! The SubSkills course provides the most in-depth training for substitute teachers.

Get option A and option B—both the online and printed versions.

You get the best of both worlds! Now you can study online and get all the instructional videos and tutorials, plus you can read the textbook at your own pace.

Our Guarantee

“Money-back guarantee: If you complete our SubSkills course (either online or in print) and you earn your STEDI SubDiploma, and you meet your district’s hiring requirements—and are still not offered a job—we will refund 100% of your tuition.”

  1. Register for the online course.
  2. Get started.
  3. We will mail you the Substitute Teacher Handbook.
  4. Complete the training online and with the book at your own pace. It takes 6 to 8 hours to complete. We recommend you spend 30 to 60 minutes per training session.
  5. After you complete the course, take the SubAssessment test.You have four attempts to get your best score. Most districts require an 85% or higher, unless otherwise specified by your school district. You will take the SubAssessment online and receive a score.
  6. After you pass, you will earn your SubDiploma.
  7. Give this diploma to your district.
  • SubSkillsTM lessons: classroom management; teaching strategies; the professional substitute teacher; special education; other things you should know; fill-in activities with over 70 filler activities.
  • Substitute Teacher Handbook 10th Edition: Classroom Management, Teaching Strategies, The Professional Substitute Teacher, Special Education, Orientation and Legal Issues, Fill-in activities you can copy and print.
  • SubAssessmentTM : an online test to determine your understanding of the skills presented in the SubSkills Online Training Course. A passing grade for most districts is 85% or higher.
  • SubDiplomaTM : a printable course-completion certificate in PDF format. When you pass the SubAssessment and earn your SubDiploma, make sure to add it to your resume and let your school district know of your academic accomplishment.
  • Bonus Content: Your Digital SubPack