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New Course Announcement: Training Parents in Teaching Methods

By June 16, 2020 Uncategorized

We’re excited to announce a new course here at STEDI.org! The course is titled: Training Parents in Teaching Methods.



In the last few months, schools have begun to look a lot different than ever before. Parents are now put in a crucial position to take a role as a teacher for their children.

Many parents are not interested in teaching but want to be a support for their kids. STEDI.org has been training substitute teachers since 1995. Since then, we’ve been helping people who have never been in the classroom feel confident from day one. We’ve learned strategies that work for substitute teachers, turning them into educators, and they have now been adapted to help parents become better educators, too.

This course gives parents a quick start to the strategies and techniques teachers use in encouraging motivation, setting expectations, teaching at a higher level, and growing a strong relationship with each child.

To learn more for individual parents, click here.

This course is available as part of the school district training courses for substitute teachers, paras, specialists, and parents. For more information about the STEDI packages, click here.


Jessica Smith

About Jessica Smith

I am the Chief Education Officer at the Substitute Teaching Division of STEDI.org. I have worked as both a permanent teacher and a substitute teacher. Now I train thousands of substitute teachers nationwide through webinars, online, and onsite training.

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