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The Cooperation Game

By July 22, 2015 Uncategorized

Click here to print the Cooperation Game cards.

Here is a versatile, reusable 5-minute filler activity for your SubPack! This has been used with students from elementary to high school. If they can read, it will work!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Print off the activity and cut out each block. (You may want to laminate these cards to help them last longer.)
  • Pass a card out to each student in the class—double them up for smaller classes.
  • Tell the students to keep the contents of their cards to themselves and not do their activity until the person before them completes theirs. (Next inevitable question: “How do we know who the person before us is?” Answer: “Pay attention and you’ll know.”)

After they complete this activity, discuss why it succeeded (or failed). You can discuss following directions, cooperation and the importance of everyone fulfilling their role in a group, or how communication is more than just words but also watching and listening to things around you.

Collect the cards so you can use them with your next class!

Jessica Smith

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I am the Chief Education Officer at the Substitute Teaching Division of STEDI.org. I have worked as both a permanent teacher and a substitute teacher. Now I train thousands of substitute teachers nationwide through webinars, online, and onsite training.

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