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SubSuggestions Newsletter: We’re In This Together

By March 20, 2020 Uncategorized

I hope this email finds you well and safe. We know how uncertain the future feels right now. STEDI has been in contact with school district administrators to encourage them to keep you in the loop.

On a personal level, we want to know how you’re doing. Will you fill out the latest survey?

Since it’s likely you’re reading this from home and have children living with you, you might be interested in a Chore Chart System.

Our sister company Parenting Magic has created an impressive (and pretty) Chore Chart that is easy to implement. It will take a few weeks, but your house will stay clean without much effort on your part.

Check out the Chore Chart System here.

We are grateful for the service you’ve been providing to your community. We have your needs on the forefront of our minds and will keep you updated with the latest information.

In my next email, I’ll be sharing what other substitute teachers are doing to supplement their income during school closures.

We are feeling all the feels with you and want to serve you as best we can. Let us know what you need in the survey, and we will do our best to meet those needs.

Best Wishes,
Jessica Smith
Substitute Teacher Trainer

PS We think you might enjoy this fun activity with your family. It’s one we share with students, but it can be adapted for home.

Jessica Smith

About Jessica Smith

I am the Chief Education Officer at the Substitute Teaching Division of STEDI.org. I have worked as both a permanent teacher and a substitute teacher. Now I train thousands of substitute teachers nationwide through webinars, online, and onsite training.

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