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30 Ways to Become Requested as a Substitute Teacher

By June 9, 2015 Uncategorized
  1. Go the extra mile. Ask if you are needed to perform extra activities, i.e. bus duty or lunch duty.
  2. Email or leave a very detailed report of how the day went.
  3. Volunteer to help in other classes when on a prep period.
  4. Be positive to students, other teachers, administrators, and office staff.
  5. Smile and say “thank you” a lot.
  6. Develop a business card with your name and contact information. You could also note that you are, “Available on short notice.”
  7. Introduce yourself to other people in the building.
  8. Leave a list of students who were on-task and helpful instead of a list of students who were off-task.
  9. If you have a degree in music or art, or some specific skill, be sure to contact teachers who teach that content area specifically.
  10. Attend conferences and things that you know teachers where teachers will be.
  11. Work to improve your classroom management skills.
  12. Dress professionally. Even on “casual Fridays.”
  13. Follow the lesson plans. As a substitute teacher I am not sure how important the work is for the whole unit, so I do exactly what the permanent teacher asks me.
  14. Leave the classroom as clean as you found it.
  15. Ask the secretary if there is a preferred list and if s/he would put you on it, if s/he feels comfortable.
  16. It takes time to become trusted as a substitute teacher, so go to the same schools as often as you can.
  17. Be positive when in the teacher’s lounge.
  18. Grade papers when possible; alphabetize assignments to make grading easier for the permanent teacher.
  19. Arrive 20 minutes early to substitute teaching assignments.
  20. Volunteer time without pay.
  21. Network with teachers.
  22. Always have extra activities available in case there is extra time in the class period.
  23. Teach in special education classes.
  24. Be cheerful when the school secretary calls you. Thank him/her for giving you the opportunity to teach.
  25. Tell the students if they want you to come back to let their teacher know.
  26. Be a team player. Be more helpful than is required.
  27. Attend extra-curricular events so teachers, students, and staff can get used to seeing you around.
  28. Brush up on your math skills, not many substitute teachers enjoy teaching math.
  29. Carry a SubPack with you to substitute teaching jobs.
  30. Just do a really good job.
Jessica Smith

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I am the Chief Education Officer at the Substitute Teaching Division of STEDI.org. I have worked as both a permanent teacher and a substitute teacher. Now I train thousands of substitute teachers nationwide through webinars, online, and onsite training.

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