Reviewing the Professional Substitute Teacher

By July 15, 2019 SubSkills

Congratulations on completing the Professional Substitute Teacher section! After reviewing the material, what is one thing you’re going to take with you? Share your thoughts as a comment below! While you’re at it, tell us a little about yourself and your background. Why did you decide to become a substitute teacher? What grades are you most eager to teach?


  • Melissa Proctor says:

    My Sub Pack is the one thing I plan to take each day.
    I decided to become a substitute teacher because I have young grandchildren who I help-out with during the school year. Substitute teaching allows
    me to have the same schedule as them.
    I prefer to teach grades 1- 5.
    I have previously substituted when my children were in school and it helped me to be able to properly help them with homework, etc.

    Thank you,
    Melissa Proctor

    • Lara Zwahlen says:

      First of all, thank you for putting together this user friendly material. Here are the following sections I gained the most information from:

      The Sub pack is a wonderful resource I’m sure I will rely on in each class. I wasn’t sure what it encompassed until I read the material about what it is and what it is used for. I found it most valuable to know what to pack and the three categories helped with the organization of my personal items verses the classroom items.

      Leaving a substitute report will be most effective in helping my teacher know what was covered and how things went while they were away. I appreciate the substitute report pdf file with a fantastic template to work from. This is a great way to communicate with the teachers.

      I recently moved here from Colorado and I am looking to get connected into my community. I wanted to help my community and our future leaders so I thought serving as a substitute teacher would be a wonderful place to do so. All of my sons are grown and married, I have the extra time to invest into the community. Plus I can have a flexible schedule.

      Sincerely, Lara Zwahlen

      • Lara Zwahlen says:

        Ps I am interested in teaching elementary- middle school grades

        • Jessica Navichoque says:


          I also found the section that mentions what to pack valuable. Prior to this, I wasn’t sure what to take, but three categories helped me get a better idea. I’m excited to start and I like the fact that I can choose which days I can sub.

      • Harold Willis says:

        I agree. Leaving a substitute teacher report is invaluable to the permanent teacher, as the report serves to enlighten the teacher on student participation, progress, and behavior when the permanent teacher is absent. Packing a substitute teacher pack of classroom supplies is also invaluable to the success of the substitute teacher as the sub enters the classroom prepared and with the feeling of confidence that she will be able to take on any task delineated in the sub lesson plan. I am a retired law enforcement professional who has chosen education and teaching as another career path. Teaching gives me an opportunity to give back and share practical life and work experiences with students.

        • Beatrice Cameron says:

          I too plan on using the substitute teacher report to leave something clear and neat for the permanent teacher and show some professionalism! I have taught French with an emergency licence as a part-time temporary position for 6 months, and, as I am waiting to get a permanent position I decided to work as a substitute teacher and gain more experience. As I was reading through the subskills sections I could totally relate some of my experience with the recommendations given in regards to classroom management and teaching techniques. One thing I didn’t use is the starter activity. I remember I used to take attendance and then start the lesson plan. However I understand the starter activity would help getting started with the lesson plan because, unlike the permanent teachers, substitute teachers need a bit more time absorbing the lesson plan depending on its content and application since every day is a new class and a new subject!

      • Lisa Grogan says:

        I plan to use the the substitute teacher form. It is more professional than just a hand written note.

        I love the flexibility of this job and variety that it provides.

      • Bruce Morgan says:

        For me, Lara summed it up perfectly. This is a great format and I look forward to implementing this in the future. I am a career changer and very excited about this opportunity. I will be working with 6th thru 12th graders.

      • Fabiola Barco-Garcia says:

        Hey Lara. Just like you what I took away most from this module was the Sub-Pack. I think it is a great way to be prepared for anything unexpected and will make you look professional.

      • Madelon Morin says:

        Hi there!

        I will definitely be bringing and packing a sub pack. I am excited to pack it up with materials, tips and tricks that I can use throughout the day– for behavior management but also other activities.

        I have been working with children and youth for 10 years! I have been a site director for various after school programs and I am ready to work in the classroom. I am excited for the next adventure and career move. I will be a long term sub in a 3rd grade class!


    • Brenda Richerson says:

      My husband and I recently moved to Florida after retirement. I still have a true love for education but would prefer a more flexible schedule. This is one way I can continue to help students and give back to my community. I have been substituting for the past few years. The Sub Pack is a very good idea, and I would like to teach grades 1-8. I could teach history and government at a high school level.

    • anisa L clingenpeel says:

      I would plan on taking a Sub Pack every day and a leaving a substitute teacher’s report as well, because this is a very professional means of communication between you and the permanent teacher. I have home schooled my own children for over 10 years and have worked in various roles in several home school co-ops and in private school settings. Now that my children are older and have transitioned into public school, I want to use the teaching skills that I have learned over the years and share my love for learning and substitute teaching is a great way for me to do just that. I want to teach grades 1-5.

      Thank you,
      Anisa Clingenpeel

    • Alina Scolinos says:

      I learned from the Miterials we covered is that its good to always have something planned just in case your students finish the work their teacher gave them!
      I wanted to become a substitute teacher because I wanted to get back into the classroom and help kids learn and feel good about the subjects they are learning about!

    • Lawrencia says:

      I also found the SubPack most helpful. With wanting to work with elementary aged students, the SubPack sounds like a necessary element when surviving especially on longer days. While I will not be entering a classroom without it, I also found the information on the Sub Report to be beneficial.

      Thank you,

      Lawrencia Harrison

    • Tessa Whittredge says:

      I plan on forming a SubPack with the materials suggested. I think the materials that I will find most useful are the substitute teacher reports and a reward system. I am planning on substitute teaching while I complete my degree in school psychology. I hope this will help me gain experience in the schools that I can apply to my learning.

    • Auzhane williams says:

      Hello, this will be my first substitute teacher experience and I have to admit I was a bit nervous! Placing this course as a requirement assignment that must be completed before farthing your steps in the school system I would say was a great idea! Like most of the comments I have viewed below I too agree that the “sub pack” will be a great teaching tool. It’s basically like a first aid kit for the classroom. I feel like it would help Minimize those moments of feeling unprepared which could lead to discouragement throughout the reminder of your school day.
      Another section I enjoyed learning about was what an actual substitute report should entail. I say that for the simple fact of when I was in grade school it seemed like the subs only left negative reports.
      I look forward to working with elementary school children. I believe that the earlier you are able to make a positive impact in a child’s Life the better.

      • Candace Rogan says:

        I agree with preparing a SubPack tailored to the grade you will be teaching! I believe it is important to have the bag prepared in advance, with a variety of items for the class. I enjoyed hearing about having a backup plan for the class in case the original plan is not accessible.

        The substitute report is a great method for communication. I also agree with leaving a detailed positive report for the permanent teacher. In reality the permanent teacher will know of students that struggle in class , so no reason to emphasize that in the report. I think it leaves that permanent teacher encouraged about the class and gives an idea where to pick up the next day.

        • Kerry Kafura says:

          My sub pack includes paper for foldables, I use them as study guides, vocab enhancement, and unit outlines. They make great reinforcement activity and they can make it as personal as they want.

    • Sonia Field says:

      I am so excited to create my SubPack! The checklist provided was very clear and left no room for confusion. I have decided to become a substitute teacher while I work towards earning a full teaching certification. Good luck to everyone on their journeys!

    • Kristine Reupena says:

      Hey Melissa! I agree, I will definitely be putting together a sub pack as well. I have substitute taught for over 10 years and I’ve always thought about doing one.

    • Jamie Kim says:

      One key takeaway is to prepare a Sub Pack with extra supplies and activities. Also, I learned that in a sub report, you should be as detailed as possible (lesson, students who were helpful) and focus on the positive instead of the negative. I decided to become a substitute teacher because I want to become a teacher and have my own classroom someday. I am interested in teaching upper elementary, middle school, and high school.

    • Yvonne Sowers says:

      The Sub Pack I am most appreciative of reviewing to help me plan what to pack.
      I am here with my grandchildren and decided to do something while they were at school. Substituting seems the best hours to work and I like helping others.
      I prefer High School or Junior High.

    • Sarah Hoerner says:

      One thing that stood out to me from the material that I will take with me is making a sub pack. This is one of the most important things because it ensures that you are always prepared and ready for anything. Having extra classroom supplies could help out a student who does not have supplies of their own. Also, having supplies for myself that I may need throughout the day ensures that I can give the students the best version of myself, coming prepared and ready for the day!

    • Jessica De Los Santos says:

      This lesson was extremely helpful especially the topic of a Sub Pak and the contents it should have. I’m currently teaching at a community college and wanted to pursue more time with students. I plan to be generalized in any grade level of subbing.

    • Marjorie Fields says:

      My subpack is definitely something I will take into the classroom with me everyday.
      I am open to teaching all grades! I like the variety, but ultimately I think I want to focus on elementary education. my favorite subjects to teach are elementary level math, and all levels of English and History.

    • Sallahdeen El says:

      I learn from the professional activities that it is best to leave a positive report for permanent about the day and the students who accomplished the goals for the day, proper preparation for the day prior to substituting a class, appropriate dress code to maintain adequate respect from students and detail supplies for sub-pack. I also gathered information in reference to properly greeting students, faculty. This lesson was very informative to understanding the conduct and preparation required to efficiently teach the class if the assignment is not available and fill-in activities.

    • Kelly obracay says:

      I have learned it really shows when you are prepared and professional.

    • Katherine Andersen says:

      Thank you for this wonderful “refresher course.” I did substitute teaching in Utah while my daughter was still in High School. Later I moved to Florida and taught French for a couple years, both in High School and in Middle School. At this point I am needing a more flexible schedule. I am planning on doing substitute work for grades 1-5. I have two young granddaughters living with us in our home – a second grader and a preschooler, so I currently have an Elementary “mindset.” I feel that I can relate to this age group. I am preparing my Sub Pack and looking forward to this new experience!

    • Nicole Florence says:

      I have my subpack ready to go

    • Heather Applewhite says:

      I am excited to work as a substitute teacher for the flexibly it will offer as a mother of young children. I agree that the Sub Pack will be invaluable and I am excited to put one together! I have taught in the past but only at small private schools where I did have a relationship with anyone who would sub for my classroom. The sub report will be very helpful in creating smooth transitions for the students and building a relationship with teachers. Thanks for all the help!

    • Jennifer Jordan says:

      Hello! I appreciate learning about what items can be most helpful when creating a sub pack especially the ideas for little rewards to reinforce good behavior. I’ve been thinking about making a career change into teaching, so I thought subbing would be a great starting point for me to see how I like it. I’m mostly interested in teaching middle schoolers.

    • Kierstin Gentry says:

      I definitely plan to utilize a SubPack and the substitute report form! I think those will be most helpful, especially with extra activities and informing the permanent teacher of what went on in her classroom while she was out!

      I am currently in college, majoring in Elementary Education, and becoming a substitute will help me gain necessary practice for being in the classroom, as well as identifying my strengths and weaknesses. I am excited to substitute to not only gain experience, but also get my foot in the door of local schools and make connections with students and faculty! I am mostly looking forward to teaching 2nd and 3rd grade!

    • Bella Cabrera says:

      I will be taking my SubPack with me everyday to count on it when needed. I decided to become a substitute teacher because I have always loved working with young children and it allows me to choose when and where I can teach. I prefer to teach grades 1-5.

    • Sofia Correa Perales says:

      After reviewing the material I will take all the suggested materials for the subpack, they are all great items to take. I am a recent graduate nurse and will be a guest educator for the school nurses. I am excited to be able to work with students as well as practice nursing at the same time.

    • Sara Shaddix says:

      I am excited to substitute for all grades, but especially for the younger elementary classes 1-2 grades, and also high school. Knowing what supplies to bring, getting more detail on certain teaching methods, and learning more about positive reinforcement has really helped me feel more prepared. I am excited to be a substitute. My husband teaches high school, and we have three kids at three different schools, I am excited to be at their schools. Also, substitute teaching gives me the flexibility to also keep all the other commitments and responsibilities I have.

    • Nancy Rodriguez says:

      Hi, I would take the sub pack, I enjoy younger children so, I will have books and songs to share with the children.
      I enjoy teaching this is an opportunity for me.

      • Nancy Rodriguez says:

        The Teaching Strategies has given me more ideas on what to do, the attire section was helpful to me. I work at school as a para professional and this training is very informative I will use this for my sub position.

        • Nancy Rodriguez says:

          My experience is I started working in day care 20 years ago, I worked in Head Start for 15 years I loved working with the 3 and 4 year old they are sponges eager to learn. I’ve been in the Public Schools for 4 years the class I assisted was bilingual and I enjoyed working hand in hand with the Teacher he taught me about how to start a lesson with a web, how to do stations with a class of 30 children and how to sub for him when he did not come to school, I was his sub and I enjoyed doing it. Working with children is a passion I have for many years, I believe every child is important and I can learn from them.

    • Anthony Esposito says:

      I learned a lot of good information in this section. To name a few is to bring a subpack with you to class, come dressed professional, get information from the office about any issues you need to be aware of, and what your responsibilities are for the day. Come to class enthusiastic and with confidence. I am retiring from my position as an Assistant Tax Collector and would like to work aa a substitute teacher for a while and possibly become a permeant teacher in the future.

      Thank you for this training it is only going to make me even more successful as a substitute teacher.

    • Laney Lewellyn says:

      I decided to become a substitute teacher as a way to make a little extra money and still be able to be there for things like field trips and days off for my kindergarten daughter. I am most excited to be in elementary class rooms and I had no idea about a sub pack before this lesson! I will for sure be making one right away!

      Laney Lewellyn

    • Caroline Smyth says:

      The subPack is very important it reminds me of my girl guide motto “Be Prepared “ it has every item you need. Also equally important is leaving a report for the permanent teacher because the transfer of position should be seamless. Thais can only happen with open and informative communication between the permanent teacher and the substitute teacher. I want to be a sub teacher because I have lived all over the world I was an ESL teacher in South Africa and in Bratislava. I love empowering students with knowledge and watching them prepare to take over from our generation. Thank you for this very informative course it will become my go to item as I launch into teaching Caroline Smyth

    • David Evans says:

      I really like the suggestion to create a Sub Pack. Being prepared is so important. I will definitely create one.

      I am actually in the process of completing my Student Teaching with a secondary French license. I am subbing in the interim while I search for a position. I really would love to work with high school students.

    • Constance uzor says:

      I learned that to be an effective substitute teacher I should take a Sub pack with me to the classroom. A sub pack contains a collection of important supplies, and materials: these include classroom supplies, personal and professional items, reward and motivators and activity ideas. With this i will be ready to tackle any unforeseen situation i meet in the classroom. The information in this section is very useful.
      I taught french many years ago, last year I worked as a teacher aide pre-k 4. Now I am considering substitute teaching, because of the flexibility.

    • Kurtis Bush says:

      I think the sub-pack idea is a wonderful thing. I can already imagine some additional gems i plan to carry with me to ensure that I will have a great day.

    • Davon Clark says:

      One thing I will take with me is a well organized Subpack.

      I started my own startup focusing on helping children through literacy and media.

      I decided to become a substitute because I love working with children.

      I am most eager to teach 1-3 grades.

    • kasandra borceguin says:

      Hi I’m Kasandra! I wanted to become a sub because I have children and I wanted to be with them when they arrived home. I also was going into nursing so I wanted to try this out to make sure it was something I wanted to pursue or to become a nurse instead. My favorite topic so far was how to incentivize the students because I can also apply it at home with my kids. If I decide to teach I want to become a 5th grade teacher because they are old enough to understand but not old enough to talk back I’m excited to learn and I hope I can make a good impact on the students.

    • Asia Phillips says:

      Leaving a substitute report is a skill that I will definitely be implementing into my career. It’ll be a great way to connect with the teacher and possibly substitute for them again. I’m extremely excited to start substituting! I love kids so much. I’m actually in school to be a pediatrician.

      Asia Phillips

    • tori arcure says:

      I am a college student, looking to gain experience in the classroom prior to gaining my credential to become a teacher.

      I am eager to teach any students that are eager to learn, but if I had to choose I would say 1st to 4th grade.

      One thing I for sure will take with me is my version of a sub pack, I think there were some very handy things in it that I didn’t even think to bring with me.

  • Deborah Lind says:

    The SubPack is an excellent idea! I will definitely expand my makeshift bag to an larger container with these resources. The Teaching Strategies section gave me many ideas for what to do when the network is down and thus online assignments cannot be accessed!

    I am also looking forward to the Special Education and Class Management sections! I am very interested in subbing in special education. The class management section is something I need in the general classroom arena whether the class is fifth grade, eight grade or eleventh grade. (Our three older grandsons are in the intermediate-high school age range so pre- adolescent and teenage life struggles for the student, parents and school are quite familiar to me).

    I began substitute teaching November of 2018 after working in government chemistry (crime labs) for thirty years. However, prior too my forensic work, I had taught elementary school (certified in Iowa) in the early ’70s long before most of the teachers I sub for were born!

    My transition from an elementary school teacher to a chemist began with returning to school later after our daughters were in elementary school. We lived in Austin, Texas at the time so I enrolled at the University of Texas. I took science, math and engineering coursework expanding my options for future work. My thoughts were maybe there is another occupation to explore.

    Life’s circumstances change. My husband had a great opportunity with a new job so we moved Houston and then moved to Phoenix two years later. By this time our daughters were secondary schools and the son was a toddler. I enrolled at Arizona State in the graduate chemistry program. As part of my graduate student duties, I was a teaching assistant for freshman and sophomore chemistry courses. After completing my MS in 1986, I continued at ASU taking coursework and being a teaching assistant. In 1987, I taught freshman chemistry at a community college summer session before accepting a job at the City of Phoenix Crime Laboratory as a criminalist. By this time our oldest was going off to college, the second daughter was in high school and the son was beginning kindergarten. I needed to work and add income!

    Besides beginning the forensic career, I also taught an evening freshman chemistry classes at Phenix College, a junior college. We were in Phoenix for over six years before my husband’s work required him to move back to Houston in 1989. When we moved to Houston I continued my career in forensics. I retired in 2017 and knew I that I wanted to return to teaching as a substitute.

    I look forward to the remaining sections in the course and hopefully other online courses at Stedi in the future.
    Deborah Lind (CCISD: Deborah Weaver-Lind)

    My husband was transferred to Phoenix and we had a new baby boy so academic plans were slightly altered! I was accepted in the graduate MS program in chemistry at Arizona State University

  • sonia fuller says:

    I learned to leave a more positve report for the,, teacher not to focus on the negative,. use fillers have a reward system, have disposable gloves in also tickets stickers etc in subpack

  • Brittany Holcomb says:

    Through being prepared I learned to always have a fun back up activity to use in case a lesson plan is not produced or there was an emergency and the Teacher could not make up a lesson plan. I also learned to have a lesson plan to do to keep student engaged until the end of the class. After reviewing the SubPack list I now feel confident that I could pack a bag to meet all the needs that I could encounter in a day of subbing.

  • Madeline Haimes says:

    I really resonate with the idea that students can sum you up in about 2 seconds. For this reason, as a sub, I will be sure to greet each and every student at the door as they enter the classroom so as to make a great first impression and set the stage for an effective day of learning.

  • Megan Ashley says:

    I learned a great deal about what a substitute teacher’s subpack contains. I didn’t know that to be fully prepared, a sub should collect items that could be useful for a day in a new classroom. You never know what you won’t be able to find in a new teacher’s classroom. So bringing things like scissors can be extremely helpful in making sure your day goes smooth.

  • Eridani Navarro says:

    This section has teached me that it is important to work with professionalism but It doesnt mean only dress appropiate or be on time.
    Be respectful, give the best with a proactive attitude and know how to react on unexpected situations can build a positive realtionship with students and permanent teachers.

  • Nikesha Bannister says:

    I’ve learned to be prepared for anything. Meet & greet each student with a smile & positivity. Treat each student as individuals. Introduce myself to the Principal, the office staff & neighboring teachers. Its good to give the permanent teacher positive feedback such as students that worked hard & was helpful. Having a backup plan if the teacher didn’t leave a lesson plan.

  • Kayley Hall says:

    Having a well prepared SubPak is an essential element to being a professional substitute teacher. I can’t wait to research different activity ideas for those days that I don’t have a lesson plan provided. I want to become a substitute teacher because I truly miss the learning environment of schools and I want to build my experience with children. Education is such an important role in society and I want to contribute as much as I can. As of now, I am most excited to teach elementary age students, but I believe I will want to teach older students as I get comfortable with the process!

  • Valerie Grossl says:

    The Note Card excellent way to be ready for those last minute calls!

  • Malorie Johnson says:

    The substitute teacher report is a fantastic idea. I look forward to leaving positive comments and details about the school day. I also look forward to having my designated substitute outfits, prepped and ready to go inside my closet!

  • Susanne Maroske says:

    The comparison of the SubPack with an emergency plan makes completely sense. In my previous adjunct position at a university I had a container with subject-related items with me for every class period. They were in use all the time and replacing the items was very important. I’m looking forward to read more about the classroom activities in order to create a better teaching environment and have fun doing it.

  • sandra malone says:

    I learned the importance of making a good first impressive in a matter of seconds!!!! I have worked with students in elementary school through high school in a variety of settings and students will size you up and do so quickly!!! That it is why it is important to start off positive, being mindful of your tone, choice of words, and energy. You can be upbeat and friendly, and also exhibit confidence so that students know from the start by the way you carry yourself that you are in control.

  • Marque Baird says:

    I have been a homemaker for almost 9 years and had no clue what i was going to do for work once our youngest started kindergarten this year. I am very excited to to start substituting as i will have the same schedule as our children, and i will be better prepared to help them in the future with school work, homework, etc. I love that the substitute handbook gives so many activity plans in case something more is needed during the school day to keep the students engaged. I had no clue that so many supplies would be needed in a Sub Pack, but I will definitely have everything checked off of the list.

  • Raul Espinoza says:

    I learned that coming in early and prepared is key. You will gave a good first impression on not only your students, but also other teachers and administrators. In addition to that, I will take with me the concept of having a sub pack ready to go. I always assumed the supplies would be provided by the school, and while that can be the case, I would rather be over prepared.

  • Tracie Hunter says:

    For sure the Sub pack, you can’t go wrong if you have that pack! I decided to be a substitute teacher because I work in the field of homeless dealing with women and children and my biggest concern and worry is the children. I thought that it would be easier for me to work with the women because that is my ministry, however, over the years I learned that if you can reach the children at a very young age, they might have a chance in this crazy world and so I wanted to help reach them. Also, my daughter just had a baby (first grandchild) and I want to home school him when it’s time because our school system is failing our children (at least some of the school systems are).

  • Camrie Gaston says:

    I will definitely be packing a SubPack, and keeping a substitute report handy for the classroom. I will also be practicing to leave the teacher with a very informative and helpful report rather than just a “good day”, report to help get back into the lesson plans for the week.

  • Ken Artis says:

    Be prepared and follow the Lesson Plan. Learned the importance of getting started with the students from the moment they walk into the room. You cannot bluff your way thru it.

  • Megan Mapes says:

    I hadn’t even thought about a subpack before this. I just assumed whatever I would need would be in the school/classroom. This is such a smart idea to be prepared.

  • Leandra Dal Mas Bompan Benadiba says:

    It was very helpful studying this section of how to organize a substitute teacher day. Every topic is important and what I have learned is that a substitute teacher needs to be prepared, no matter what. I have been working as a Paraprofessional for two years at an elementary school and having this experience have lead me to want to take a step forward and become a substitute teacher and contributing to the school district even more. I am a mother of three girls and putting my experience as a mother and as a paraprofessional together I know that I can succeed as a substitute teacher.

  • Xiao Luo says:

    The Subpack is going to come in handy for me. It provides me the right resources to help me in the substitute teacher role. I’m looking forward of substitute teacher high school students student cause I do lead high school students at my church and really enjoy interacting and teaching them. I also believe I need this to help me to get prepared to be a math teacher as well. It’s probably the best for me to take one step at a time so I could feel a better rhythm of the environment.
    I prefer working with high school students. My second option is middle school.
    I’m looking forward to see how things goes along.

  • Paula Bitzer says:

    I learned what to have in my subpack. Great idea!!

  • Jane Gorsline says:

    Leaving a detailed note to the permanent teacher is a great idea. Listing positive behaviors of students is an encouragement to the incoming teacher as well.

  • Blair Shannon says:

    Most important thing I take away from this lesson is to be prepared! Sub pak and awake and aware

  • Kathryn Briggs says:

    I will definitely be taking a SubPack with me to the classroom each day! I am an artist and work mostly freelance jobs so I thought substitute teaching would be a nice addition to that as I’ve worked with kids before teaching workshops. I look forward to creating fun ways for students to learn. I’m more familiar with younger children in the K-5 age range but I’m excited to also work with older students in high school on more advanced lesson plans because I think I can learn from them as well!

  • Abigale Moore says:

    The comparison of the SubPack with an emergency plan makes completely sense. In my previous adjunct position at a university I had a container with subject-related items with me for every class period. They were in use all the time and replacing the items was very important. I’m looking forward to read more about the classroom activities in order to create a better teaching environment and have fun doing it.

  • Rebecca Daniels says:

    My biggest takeaway was the sub pak! It makes a lot of sense to bring those materials with you so you don’t waste precious time locating them in the classroom. I am substitute teaching for more teaching experience to become a full time teacher.

  • Jodie Garone says:

    I love the idea of the SubPack! Very clever and I can understand how useful it will become once I start substitute teaching! There are five main time frames for being a Professional Substitute Teacher, which will help in all aspects to be completely prepared and end the day with a positive note/feedback for the permanent teacher. I am looking forward to teaching different grades and gaining experience in the field while I further my education to be permanent teacher/counselor so I may continually help students of all grade levels in various aspects of social and educational development.
    ~Jodie Garone

  • Brandi Wright says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never thought of a Sub pack! What a great idea. There is a lot of useful information in this course. My own kids are in school now so I have decided to sub. I prefer PreK-5th grade.

  • William Wertz says:

    It was interesting to learn I might need the items recommended in the Sub Pack, and the idea about using sticky notes to make a seating chart was a great one. I also liked the suggestions related to the substitute report at the end of the day.

  • Jose De La Cruz says:

    I learned huge lists of new ideas to make the student inside the classrooms excited. I can see the Sun Pack is extremely a big deal for the classroom. Starting, for now, I should be getting ready my sub pack.

  • Robert Grimes says:

    I am a retired teacher/administrator and find that I miss the classroom, hence substituting. I think the sub pack and the sub report are things that really impressed me in this section. As a former principal, I would have loved to have substitutes that came prepared for anything.

  • Kimberly Blackwolf says:

    This will be my second school year as a sub. I found the video on what to leave in a sub report informative, it was helpful to hear what a teacher might like to see on a report. I really enjoy working with the younger grades, they are so excited to be a school and still enjoy meeting a new face.

  • Sharon Ward says:

    I will definitely be bringing my sub pack! I have been working most recently as a Preschool and Kindergarten Spanish teacher, as well as a substitute at a private preschool. I’m looking forward to teaching in the local elementary school now that both of my children have reached school age and will be gone during the day.

  • Cornice McGee says:

    Enjoyed reading the material.

  • Sharae Isom says:

    My SubPack will help me stay prepared and organized as I commute from schools. I will include everything that was suggested in the examples in addition to items that will leave a personal touch/flare. I am a recent college graduate pursing a Masters in education. I wanted to start as a substitute teacher to get experience before taking a full time position. I have not decided on what grade/grades peak my interest at that this time. My main goal is to inspire children to see their potential and surpass their goals.

  • Carla Gentry says:

    I spent 30 years in the Army and recently Retired (1 year). I am eager to get involved with my community by means of working with our Children. One critical element in the Army was being prepared for a last minute mission (inevitable). It was easier to complete those missions by having a Day Bag prepared for such last minute missions. It is interesting to see how being prepared to be a substitute teacher has the same possible requirements to be ready. I will be adjusting my Day Bag/Sub Pack which will no longer require an extra pair of Combat Boots for more appropriate School Environment. I am so excited to work with the Pre-K to fifth grade elementary students.

  • Syeda Hossain says:

    Through this training I have learned so many things. And I am going to use them as my essential tools. Always be prepared for next steps and be aware of unusual matters.
    Be there 20 minutes earlier and set up the classroom for the students. Smile and greet them at the door and make a good impression on them Always be positive and friendly. Get to know the neighboring teachers and administrative staff.
    It is very important to leave a feedback not for the teacher. Let teacher know how was your day and about the student who were helpful and worked hard. Remember not to leave any negative note about the students, unless it is necessary!
    I love being with the children and assist them according to their needs. The subpack is going to be very helpful.

  • Syeda Hossain says:

    Through this training I have learned so many things. And I am going to use them as my essential tools. Always be prepared for next steps and be aware of unusual matters.
    Be there 20 minutes earlier and set up the classroom for the students. Smile and greet them at the door and make a good impression on them Always be positive and friendly. Get to know the neighboring teachers and administrative staff.
    It is very important to leave a feedback note for the teacher. Let the teacher know how was your day and about the students who were helpful and worked hard. Remember not to leave any negative note about the students, unless it is necessary!
    I love being with the children and assist them according to their needs. The subpack is going to be very helpful.

  • Abbie Hughes says:

    I learned more about the SubPack and what items are good to have in it. Also giving a positive Sub Report with my contact info. I became a Substitute Teacher because I love teaching and want to be able to do my part, but am unable to become a permanent teacher.

  • Gabriel Dowling says:

    What I can take with me (literally) is the Sub Pack. The previous institution I taught at provided just about every thing and every teacher taught all the same courses and used the same book, so subbing was pretty much like teaching my own class. I’d been teaching English as a Foreign Language for almost seven and a half years, but I don’t have a bachelors or credentials here in the U.S., so I’m pretty limited on employment opportunities. I like teaching though and I think I’m pretty good at it, well, the courses I taught anyway. I taught mostly people fourteen years and up. Some were highschoolers, some college students, some professionals, etc. I’ve taught younger kids down to about ten-year-olds, but the older kids were definitely less distracted. I’ve also helped homeschool my own kids. I’m more eager to teach upper grades because they seem less distracted and more focused, well, in the country I just came from anyway.

  • Pamela Binns says:

    The sub pack is a great idea and I plan to have one ready for the coming school year. I have really enjoyed being a substitute teacher and especially like to sub in the high schools! I find the students to be quiet, respectful and very friendly. I also will leave a more detailed sub report for the permanent teacher at the end of the class.

  • Pamela Binns says:

    I have enjoyed the training program and have learned a lot of valuable classroom practices. I have really enjoyed being a substitute, a good substitute, and have learned some very good tips to be even better. I will definitely use the teaching strategies and will have a new sub pack ready to go! Thank you for all the different strategies and information to help us be well prepared!

  • Pamela Layton says:

    The sub pack is one item that I will have prepared for substitute teaching.
    I have a daughter who has been teaching for 7 years and I have always thought it would be a great way to be in the classroom.

  • Sierra Carter says:

    Having a well thought out and intentional sub pack is a necessity to being a good substitute teacher. If we as teachers don’t have a plan the children will and it is our responsibility to provide students with an appropriate learning environment and that means being prepared so that we can teach during every opportunity.

  • Amalia Rivera says:

    Hello! My name is Amalia Rivera and I am so excited about trying to start a new career for myself. I am a single mother with two children. Both girls in elementary school and high school. I have practice many fields like, customer service, sales, even acquired my home day care license and spent time as a teach in a center based Day care Center as well. I love to work with people of all ages especially adolescents and teens. I am now back in school to obtain my Bachelors in Psychology. My goal is to help educate and reach out to children and there families. Going through this section help me to calm my nerves and to be able to know I will be able to go into a classroom and not only interact with the students, I will be able to communicate and reach them on an equal level of understanding. This bridge will help me with getting them where they want and need to be, as well as providing an understanding and information for the families as well. I can go into a class room and know what is needed for an appropriate learning environment and how to prepare myself and my students.

  • Barry Henrichs says:

    The framework for reporting back to the teacher is helpful, as are the suggestions for stocking a sub pack.

  • Scott McElroy says:

    By far the subPack is something I had not thought of!


    The Sub pack is something I will be putting together.
    I decided to sub because I am retired and have 2 grandchildren I take care of who are now in school so I have the same hours and schedules. I subbed when my children were in school and really enjoyed it then. I like the flexibility of subbing, I’m able to stay at home with one or both if they are sick or unable to attend that day. I enjoy working with Pre-K – 4th grade.

  • Amanda Anway says:

    Teaching has always been something I thought I would enjoy doing and be good at. Most people I meet tell me I would make an excellent teacher! I decided to start substituting so I could gain some experience in the classroom before I fully took the steps to become a certified teacher. The sub-pack is definitely something I will need to assemble. I will also remember to focus on the hard-working, helpful students instead of only the misbehaving ones on my sub feed back. I am excited to gain classroom experience!

    Amanda Anway

  • Katharine Oswald says:

    I learned about the importance of leaving positive feedback for the permanent teacher in a sub report and the many ways to be prepared before even receiving the call to substitute teach. I liked the idea of having a note card for each school with pertinent information for that school.

    I decided to start subbing as a way to “feel out” teaching as a possible second career. I’m interested in subbing for junior high and high school students!

  • Haley Ladner says:

    I have subbed the last three years or so in two different states, now working on my third. I never really considered bringing a subpack or a teacher report. I have always let a note on a sticky note or a piece of computer paper. I also liked the idea of having a note card ready for those early morning phone calls.

  • Grady Robbins says:

    taking a positive attitude and a sub-pack

  • Nakia Williams says:

    Focus on the positive, don’t forget to leave a sub-report for the permanent teacher and always have your sub-pack with you!

  • Ashley Ranatza says:

    I love the idea of the sub pack and I am plan on teaching elementary school, I am excited to get my fist job

  • Andrew Westby says:

    I’m Andy from Wisconsin. I want to be a substitute teacher to further my professional career and try out teaching as a possible career change. One thing I learned is the importance of leaving a detailed substitute teacher report for the permanent teacher. I found it especially interesting to note the importance of leaving positive academic feedback rather than focussing on problems that arose. That is something I will take with me through my substitute teaching career!

  • Jacqueline Werblun says:

    I was reminded of how very important it is for a Substitute Teacher to have “fillers” in cases of situations of where there happens to be no lesson plans, or in cases where students finish work earlier than anticipated.

    I realize how very important the Substitute Teacher Report can be for the permanent teacher, giving a summary of accomplishments throughout the day as well as especially positive aspects of student behavior.

    The Sub Pack contents listed were really helpful as well!

    I like teaching elementary students the most — especially grades K-2. My background has been as a school counselor. I have also worked as a Substitute Teacher in another state (NV) for the past six years.


    I adore the idea of a SubPak and plan to pack one to the “T”. Beautiful Idea. Thank you!

  • Shederrica Walker says:

    I am very organized so the idea of the SubPack is brilliant! I know it will make me feel more comfortable knowing everything I need is available and organized in moments that I have to think on my feet. I also love the idea of the a Sub report because I can see the importance of allowing the permanent teacher to make a smooth transition back into their classroom and I feel it could be an awesome way to build relationships. Overall this was a great section.

  • Kelsey Pritchett says:

    One thing I learned is to have a sub-pack with everything I need and to leave a detailed report for the permanent teacher I wanted to be a substitute teacher because I love a classroom setting and children I would love to teach elementary school grades pre-k through 3rd

  • Janice McMorris says:

    The most helpful suggestions in this section are the Substitute Teacher Report and the Sub Pack list. After working as a paraeducator and a substitute, the ability to be flexible and adapt to situations quickly is important. It is always best to be early and over prepared.

  • Brittany Wise says:

    I am so glad there are templates to leave the permanent teacher feedback. I have had my sticky notes get lost or blown away that I left. I also love the idea of a SubPack. Thank you for all the great training and tools. Very useful so far. Just the boost of confidence needed.

  • Diane Bell says:

    I’m very excited to try something new. I’ve worked in a school setting as a cook,cashier and kitchen manager for the last 17 years. I want to try something new and engaging, so I’m dipping my toes in teaching. I’m excited to teach 1st thru 6 th before I make up my mind.

  • Diane Bell says:

    I’m going to do the sub pack seems to be a great idea.

  • Jessica Bernklau says:

    I am Jessica and just moved to Texas. I want to sub so that I can work part time and be on my kids’ schedules. The SubPack idea is what I found the most helpful! Last year was my first year substitute teaching and where I worked, training wasn’t required. So to say I didn’t know what I was doing is an understatement! So all of these ideas are going to be SO helpful for this year!

  • Jessica Reeves says:

    I chose substitute teaching to have the same schedule as my school-aged child, and to have the flexibility to have off when I need. I too am excited about the SubPack, and I think having it will help me feel confident and prepared in substitute teaching!

  • Keyon Webet says:

    I found that a teacher report is a good way to communicate with the teacher on how far I have got in the lesson plan and if I had to take extra time on different thing in the lesson plan.I can give feed back on things that might need to been reviewed. I’m looking forward to working with the Elementary students.

  • Vitalina Kovaleva says:

    I am currently working on getting my teaching credential. In the meantime, I want to gain some experience working with kiddos in the school setting and to just start getting a feel for what it’s like to teach in a class. This section has been really helpful in showing me the step-by-step organization of what a typical substitute teaching day should look like. I loved that there were not only pointers about what to do throughout the day in the classroom, but also how to prep for that day and how to finish it off strong! I too am excited to start putting my SubPack together!

  • Leticia Adams says:

    I liked the material about having set clothes and bags ready to go in the morning and how your attitude at home will progress through your days events. How greeting the students at the door shows confidence.

  • Jackie Crowder says:

    One thing I would utilize as a substitute teacher would be the subpack. As a successful substitute teacher having a subpack will allow me to carry my collection of resources and also helps me to be confident and prepared.

  • Kathryn Ludmer says:

    I love the idea of a sub pack. I’m also wondering if I can make one for myself–the bag itself, not the stuff that goes in it. I like the idea of the notes for the teacher.

  • Katie Malinowski says:

    I think the most important takeaway for me was to have entire outfits prepared. Coming from a laboratory setting, I was used to wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans underneath a lab coat daily. So having entire outfits set aside just for subbing will be such a timesaver in the morning, particularly for last minute assignments. I want to pursue a teaching certification and I figured substitute teaching would be an excellent way to get some first hand experience. I am most excited to substitute for high school science classes.

  • Virginia Dye says:

    I really enjoy the idea about the Sub Pack, Very good tool to uses. I am make sure I use the Substitute Teacher report tool.

  • Sharon Huseman says:

    The SubPack is a great idea so I will make sure I have one before the school year begins. I also plan to utilize the Substitute Teacher report so I can communicate with any teacher I substitute for.
    After working in the mental health field as a counselor for many years I decided I wanted to try substituting since I always enjoyed the education side of counseling.

  • sarita alla says:

    I like everything about substituting. I like the way how we have to prepare before going to class and the planning before day everything explained very elaborate manner. I loved the idea of the sub pack and sub report. Definitely, I would like to include all the necessary things needed for the class room.I’m interested to teach elementary and middle school students. I had taught high school students in another country. Really want to learn the method of teaching elementary and middle school students. I feel, through substituting I will learn classroom management and many more things.

  • Amy Ledbetter says:

    Each day I substitute teach in the classroom, I will remember that the first and last impressions are most important for both the students and the permanent teacher. The first impression I leave with the students will be a positive greeting and the last impression will be a positive farewell. The first impression I leave with the permanent teacher will be the Substitute Teacher Report. My husband is a public school teacher. I may substitute teach his class this next school year. I understand the need for good substitute teachers. And, of course, the SubPack will be useful each day.

    • Katrina Tease says:

      One of the most important things I can take with me from this lesson is gaining and obtaining respect from my students and other teachers/faculty. The way I set the tone for my day and how I will react to the many challenges of my day will set the tone for each and every day. I want to be a substitute teacher because I one day will have my own classroom teaching Middle School students. This is the on hands experience I need to impact young people lives.

  • Seon Bailey says:

    The SubPack is the most stand out tool of a substitute teacher…should make you feel like Mary Poppins with her bag of goodies. Other necessary tools that stand out also are: Substitute Teacher Report and A Substitute Teacher business card.
    Good Practices that will make your day successful are: reporting for your duties 20 minutes before the start of your day; greeting students at the door with a smile in addition to clear instruction of their next steps; enlisting the help of students; clearly and concisely reinforcing classroom rules.
    I am a trained teacher of 20 years, currently transitioning into a new environment and career and this is a great opportunity to keep my skills active and up to date until I figure out my next move.

  • Leal Burrus says:

    I plan to have a SubPack ready and available in the back of my vehicle, so that way I’m always ready when called.

  • Michaela Townsend says:

    I learned that first impressions go a long way with students. Standing by the door ready with the lesson plan encourages respect and productivity!

  • Victoria Stone says:

    The SubPack will be a very beneficial tool to use throughout this school year. I enjoyed being provided a list of items to include in the SubPack Container. I believe feeling confident in knowing you are fully prepared and have a variety of useful and necessary tools going into a classroom makes for a successful day. I am currently getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and becoming a substitute teacher will help me to better achieve the hands on experience of teaching. Every grade is individually unique and full of positive training, but I am eager to teach grades 5 and below.

  • Emily Johnson says:

    After retiring, I became a Substitute Teacher to give me something to do and keep me young in spirit. I enjoy working with the students. I enjoy working with all student from P-K to 12. The main thing that I utilize is the Substitute Teacher Report. On the return of the teacher, she/he will know how the day went during her/his absent. I have gotten compliments from all teachers that I substituted for because of my notes.
    The Sunpack is the tool that I carry to school. I call it my junk, because students are always for something out of it.

    • Linda Hamlett says:

      The ideas in this section that were most helpful to me were: 1) upon arrival at a new school, get oriented to the school outside the classroom, e.g., location of restrooms, drinking fountains, cafeteria, auditorium, media center and exits; 2) get acquainted with office staff, find out if you have responsibilities outside the classroom that day -such as playground duty, find out the procedure for referring students to the office – if the need arises, ask if students need a hall pass to be outside the classroom during class time, be sure to get a room key and return it at the end of the day; 3) greet students at the door and direct them to their first activity of the day; 4) if no seating chart is available, make a quick one by asking students to write their names on sticky notes and then place the sticky notes on a file folder, in row order; 5) a clipboard provides easy access to a seating chart, register and can serve as a portable “desk” for making notations, plus it lends an air of authority; 6) focus most of your attention during the day on students who are being productive and helpful; 7) the section on rewards/motivators included several very creative ideas; 8) the list of items to put in a SubPack is useful and was much more thorough than resources I had thought about; 9) at the end of the day, ask students to recall what they learned that day and review homework assignments; 10) the Substitute Teacher Report form and how to complete it is very helpful.
      I enjoyed reading the comments of others who are becoming or returning to substitute teaching. I have been both a permanent and substitute teacher and look forward to being in the classroom once again.

  • Savannah Turpin says:

    Something I found helpful from this section was the video on tips for writing a good Substitute Report. Using positive comments is something I am going to challenge myself to always do on those reports.

  • Audrey Beaver-Simmons says:

    I want to be a positive influence in a child’s life. Substitutes also have very flexible schedules and it would allow me to spend more time with my children.

  • James Quigg says:

    I’m getting into substitute teaching to help cover bills while I work to get into a Masters of Teaching Program, with the intent of getting my teaching Certificate and going back into the classroom. I taught 6th Grade for 2 years in Fayetteville, NC & loved it. I’m hoping to stay in practice with teaching while I work through my masters degree.

    I very much need to build and maintain a Sub-Pack. To be honest, I needed to do a better job maintaining classroom supplies while I was teaching. I heavily relied on my neighbor teacher supplying both our classrooms & am looking forward to improving in that going forward.

  • Brittanie Lockridge says:

    I’m really excited to begin substitute teaching, I’ve never done this before. I’m thinking I will enjoy teaching elementary school the most, but who knows! From this course I have learned how important a detailed report is at the end of class.

  • Gabriella Cantu says:

    Besides a sub pack, the thing that stands out to me is the first impression substitutes have on students. I remember being in school and remembering seeing a sub for the first time and in the first 10 seconds students already talked about the kind of sub they would be. Just have to remember to be positive and be enthusiastic for each kid, treat everyone with the respect you’d want to have from those kids.

  • Elizabeth Graves says:

    I learned that Subs need to pack a SubPack. I found that the list and information was very useful.

  • Natalie Nelson says:

    I will definitely be creating a sub pack to take with me. I think this is a great idea! I look forward to substitute teaching in elementary and middle schools. I am currently getting my graduate teaching certification and want to be a substitute teacher until I student teach in January 2020. I look forward to having some classroom experience and learn some ideas of what to do and what not to do in my future classroom.

  • Serena Harkless says:

    Being that I have worked as an Instructional Assistant in the past, I am looking forward to being a substitute teacher. The SubPack is very helpful and I’m looking forward to working with all grade students.

  • Laurie Pighini says:

    The Sub Pack is a great Idea– I also needed the reminder for leaving positive remarks more than negative! I prefer Middle school kids!

  • Arlene Welcher says:

    I love the list of contents for the SubPack. I also will use the note cards for each of the school that I will be subbing at.

  • Shelby Fisk says:

    The SubPack is something I thought was such a great idea. It is a good way to be prepared for whatever may happen. I am currently working towards my degree in Secondary Education and wanted to begin to gain some more classroom experience. I am most excited to work at the high school level.

  • Krista Stafford says:

    I learned how to complete a sub report for the teacher, and I also learned the steps and expectations of a substitute teacher. Also having a SubPack ready to go will be beneficial to make for a successful day while substituting.

  • Melanie Frei says:

    I liked the idea to formulate my own seating chart if there is not one available. Being able to call students by their names is such a help in both learning and discipline.

  • Owen Cooper says:

    getting there early to scout out the surroundings makes a huge difference. And the subpack gives you the confidence to be prepared for anything.

  • Kenzie Anderson says:

    I am not sure that there will be one single thing I take from my Professionalism lessons. I really loved the note card ideas that you can put on your cell phone, I am a big planner and take joy when I can give myself appropriate time for last minute situations. I also loved the preparation of the Sub Pack. I am an Elementary Education Major right now and I plan to be a substitute teacher to help with my future career. I also find substitute teaching very admirable work. I am eager to teach elementary- middle school to really discover where is my best level of expertise.

  • Rebecca Eby says:

    I loved the idea of bringing Tangrams or an estimation jar as part of the sub pack. Great ideas!

  • Cynthia June Brahm says:

    I love the sub pack. I decided to become a substitute teacher because I have worked as an educational assistant for the past 25 years, I retired from that, but still want to be around kids, so I decided to become a sub. That way IO don’t have to go to work every day, and I still can see and work with students.

  • Marnessa Short says:

    The SubPack is a very useful tool to have during school and I like how there is a list provided on what should be packed. I will definately be using one.

  • dmarcus simien says:

    The Sub Pack is definitely a great idea, my 9 year old daughter is excited to help me get started!!!

  • Laurie Flurer says:

    The greatest thing I took away from this, is to be prepared and organized. If you do small things to make the day easier for everyone. By making sure to have a Sub pack and filling out a complete Substitute Teacher Report, it will be a more successful day.

  • Shanna Babbitt says:

    The SubPack is an excellent idea. I also learned what is important to leave for the permanent teacher on the substitute teacher report. Being positive and at the door greeting the students is also important.

  • Cheryl Clark says:

    The Subpack is a valuable tool that I definitely plan on using. I am eager to sub but I want to do it correctly. Another valuable too is the Substitute report. The communication between the teacher and the sub is very important. We had a good day, is something to note is not that important. She or He needs to know what was accomplished. I learned a lot to prepare for any opportunities i am afforded.

  • Mary Wilds says:

    The most important thing I’ve learned is to be ready with my Sub Pack. The Substitute Teacher Report is important, because it gives you the opportunity to let the permanent teacher know what you did that day, and let the teacher know about the outstanding students that stood out that day also. It gives you the opportunity to interact with the permanent teacher, because you usually will not see her. Following the lesson plan is important, and knowing what to do when there is not one around. Arriving at least 20 minutes before school begins in very important.

  • Jennifer Gassaway says:

    I learned to leaving more positive input for the teacher is much better.

  • Jennifer Gassaway says:

    I will also make a sub pack I found that to be a amazing idea!!

  • Jennifer Gassaway says:

    I am a recent college grad !!! I majored in studio Art . I am interested in becoming a high school or middle school art teacher. I am currently in a teacher cert. program and thought it would be beneficial to start working in the school to become familiar with working with students and peers.

  • erica milner says:

    I taught grades 1-3 for two years, so this review was a definite reminder of how important it is to come prepared before class starts! I also agree that leaving the teacher positive feedback about student behavior and feedback about those students who showed signs of struggle during the lesson is extremely helpful to the teacher. The teacher can make the necessary changes in his/her lesson plans specifically geared towards those students noted on the sub’s notes.
    I prefer to teach in elementary settings, they are the most fun!

  • Janet Saito says:

    The idea of the Subpack is priceless! It makes so much sense to be independently prepared and equipped with the make-do items that are often needed but not always quickly found in unfamiliar territory. Also, understanding the importance of the substitute report is a great reminder.

  • Gordon Sodetani says:

    The most important piece of information that I learned from this section is the Sub pack. This is something that I never even thought about.

  • Mary Wilds says:

    All the information received is very important. The more information one receives makes them better prepared to do the best job a substitute teacher can do. A lot of it I was not even aware of. Thank you.

  • Kali Gracy says:

    I learned that my SubPak is more important than I thought! I will also learn to be more positive on my report, than negative!

  • Mary Wilds says:

    I’ve already typed in 2 comments already. For some reason they don’t seem to be going through.

  • Phil Johnson says:

    Definitely a Sub Pack. I worked as a teacher/coach after college and then went into the medical field. Having recently retired from medical I would again like to work with young people in the classroom.

  • Lisa McBride says:

    The information on the sub teacher report was very informative. Focusing on the good students and the positive instead of all bad was helpful advise.

  • Misti Coleman says:

    The sub pack!!!!!!

  • Marigny Pottard says:

    Having served in the classroom for the past 2 years, I was familiar with much of the information in this module, but had not thought of some of it from the perspective of a Substitute Teacher. However, it was very helpful to have the review and to refresh my knowledge on several topics. The most important tool that I gained from this module is to have a Sub Tool Kit. That is a wonderful idea for me to have if I am Subbing verses in a school permanently. I have a small carry container that I plan to convert to this Substitute Tool Kit for this school year.

    Awesome ideas!

  • Tarah Hill says:

    I learned that a SubPack is very important . I also learned that a Substitute Teacher Report is also a very helpful !

  • Robert Lopez says:

    I am a private soccer trainer and having my equipment ready and clean is very important! So having my Sub pack is an awesome way to be ready. I became interested in becoming a substitute teacher because of the flexibility it will give my scheduling with my other career path.

    Thank you for all the tools provided to succeed!

  • James Derrick says:

    I taught for 27 years before retiring 4 years ago. This was a great review of the classroom environment!
    Jim Derrick

  • David Baker says:

    Professionalism, enthusiasm, encouraging a positive learning environment. The Substitute Teachers Report and the SubPack are great! I am looking forward to substituting.

  • Elizabeth Garcia says:

    For me, it’s the little tips such as where to stand when the students come in. I love the data backed ideas on what to do, and how to pre empt issues. I also loved the advice about not focusing on the negative in sub reports. I look forward to substitute teaching and being on the same schedule as my children.

  • David Baker says:

    I was very impressed with the Substitute Teachers Report and the Subpack, great ideas! Now that I am retired I would like to help in our community and assist teachers by being a substitute teacher. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to encourage a positive learning environment in our schools. While I would like to work with high school students I would be glad to be a substitute teacher for any grade level.

  • Hilda Bolden says:

    I enjoy substitute teaching because it gives me exposure to all the grammar school classrooms. Because I am a new substitute teacher, I had not realized how important the Sub Tool Kit is. I had been reluctant to incorporate but now I can see how much difference it makes.

    I liked the fact that the lesson provided me with a list of what items to put in a Sub Tool Kit. The list makes it easier to prepare one.

    I also liked the idea of bringing with me filler activities. These can be helpful in any classroom.

  • Diane Aylor says:

    The one thing I have learned is the idea of a Subpack. I have substitute teach in the past many years ago, was not left any lesson plans and had to wing things for that school day. The subpack would help a lot for missed items for the students and myself also and would not have to find items for students that have no supplies to work with. I have always believed that a positive attitude is the key to winning over the students, this helps to get more positive response from the children.

  • Kathey Preffer says:

    I have learned alot about a SUBPACK, things to take

    im eager to teach grades headstart through 5th grade.

  • Keisha Guidry says:

    Providing the permanent teacher with a comprehensive report is something that I will definitely do. I know it’s hard to come back in the office and catch up where you left off. If I’m substituting for them, then it’s my responsiblity to make sure that the teacher has the information he/she needs to move forward with the class when he returns.

  • George Habeib says:

    I think the concept of a subpack is a good idea. It is definitely something I try and apply in my daily life, carrying various things that could come in handy in any given moment. One issue I am thinking of is what kinds of rewards are safe to distribute to the children given dietary restrictions and allergies.

  • Stephanie Lozano says:

    My name is Stephanie and the number one thing I’ll take away from this is probably the SubPack. I’m going to be a new substitute and I want to be as prepared as possible.

    I have always wanted to teach but life happened and I didn’t get to graduate from college. I have a baby boy now and he is my motivation to get back to my dream.

  • Austin Nichols says:

    Thank you so much for the work you have put into making this program a good refresher and informative re-start to teaching. I was a substitute teacher for 5 years in New York, but have been away from teaching for 2 years, and this course is really going to help me get back on my feet and in shape for bringing the positivity of good teaching to the classroom with me for my students. Thank you very much.

  • Fred Kessler says:

    List of Sub Pack is an excellent resource. My name is Fred Kessler, I am a retired Programmer Analyst I will enjoy the challenge to help students learn. Looking forward to working in the school system.

  • Sarah Rock says:

    I appreciated being informed about the mental perspective I should contain regarding greeting the students while they are entering the classroom, reviewing the assignments at the end of class and writing them on the board, and what kind of teacher report I should leave.

  • Renee Atchison says:

    I am a retired teacher of 30 years, while I have taught many years, I still found the information very helpful. I would very much like to continue teaching elementary students. The Subpack is a wonderful idea. Although, through all my years of teaching I have never seen one utilized but appreciate preparing one. From being on the other side, I have a very good idea, of what should have and have not occurred in the classroom with a Substitute teacher.

  • Gregg GRANBERG says:

    There is a log of great info here and things to consider. The Sub Pak and the suggestions of always being prepared to get a last minute call are at the top of my list. After this first module I am a bit nervous and excited at the same time!

  • Jasper Gunn says:

    Leave a complete report for the permanent teacher, as this this give some insight of the lessons of the day

  • Subashini Megalingam says:

    SubPack is the one thing I will have to carry.

  • Caitlin Linehan says:

    For me, I learned the importance of leaving a note for the teacher before you leave your duties as a sub for the day. It is important for the teacher to know how the lesson they prepared for you went, and where you left off with the students, so they understand the next time coming in where to pick up.

  • Tanessia Lloyd says:

    It has been almost fifteen years when I was a substitute. Now I return to this process and it has completely changed. I learned a lot of new things but the biggest thing that sticks out to me is the substitute report and the fact that we are held to the same accountability as a teacher. Wow, how things have changed.

  • Elizabeth Keen says:

    I learned about the SubPack which is definitely something that I will have to get together before the school year starts. I also found it important to remember to keep your note to the permanent teacher very positive and avoid mentioning too many negative behaviors or feedback.

  • Phillip Giandiletti says:

    Hello my name is Phillip Giandiletti! I learned that a great substitute teacher needs to have an accurately supplied subpack as well as an enthusiastic attitude. The students should never feel like “it’s just a substitute teacher.” Students should be encouraged to approach their day with the same level of excitement and vigor as they do with their permanent teacher. Respect, a professional attitude, positivity and planning help transform the classroom as well as going above an beyond that the students want to stay engaged. However, in the off chance that unexpected circumstances come one’s way, a good substitute teacher knows how to adapt and make the best out of a situation for the students while remaining positive about the outlook.

    So to recap a great substitute teacher brings a positive learning atmosphere through a high level of professionalism, accurate planning, and a subpack full of helpful tools for the classroom/students.

  • Phillip Giandiletti says:

    A little about myself. I am a professional performer and musical theatre entertainer. I have gigs all over the country and in my down time my home base is in Texas where my family currently lives. I’ve always had a huge passion for learning (even recently out of college) and I still love to learn new information about the world we live in. I have always taught younger students growing up at my dance studios, and was taught how to approach teaching children in dance classes at my University for several years in pedagogy classes. The grades I am most excited to teach are the elementary school kids. Young students who are very impressionable, and who are most eager to learn about the world we live in at such a young age! Their level of enthusiasm is something I have always admired, as we all should approach learning throughout life the same way no matter how old we get!

  • Jace Johnson says:

    I have adjunct taught at college level both in US and abroad – cannot help but be a bit nervous about getting into a classroom again. Look forward to being able to lend over 30 years of business experience to giving back and supporting teachers. I like the helpful hints on keeping the substitute report positive especially on reporting behavior. Also did not think about the usefulness of a sub pack – even if planning to sub at the high school level.

  • Jennifer J Waldrip says:

    I want to substitute at our junior high school. I have a son who goes there, so I know many of the kids, and it seems like a better fit for me than elementary. But, I don’t know that for sure. Thank you for these resources. I plan to put together a SubKit and use it. Thanks also for teaching me to write a report for the teacher about the day.

  • Jamie Halvorson says:

    I think the sub note is a wonderful idea as well as the sub pack! Extra activities are always wonderful, even in general with my own kids. Great lesson!

  • Jorge Cadena says:

    Looking and acting in a professional manner is the first and most important aspect for substitute teacher to gain respect, appreciation and cooperation from the students.
    Additionally you would need to be well prepared emotionally and academically before you take a new assignment. Your state of mind will help you to deal with normal classroom activities or unexpected behavioral action or situation of the students. Knowing how to handle administrative tasks and having a well prepared Sub Pack will help you to successfully complete your teaching day.
    I’m retired and would like to help with the education of middle school children because I know how important it is a basic and solid education for their future. I’m bilingual (Spanish and English) and would like to help children to learn either language.

  • Michael Franklin says:

    The idea of carrying a sub-pack is a great idea. I also appreciate the insight into what makes a substitute note useful information for the regular teacher. Great information so far!

  • Larry Turrentine says:

    As a military veteran, pharmaceutical sales manager and financial advisor, I have learned much over the years about people and how the world works. Instead of retiring, this is a way to stay active, stay challenged and to give back. This course is outstanding and has illustrated the value of being armed with the Sub pack, confidence, and being determined to leave a positive impression on students, the permanent teacher, and teaching colleagues. Not only are children our future, but also, our present. I look forward to doing this!

  • Derlene Olsen says:

    I learned the importance of taking a sub pack with you to the class and also leaving a substitute teacher report.
    I recently retired from the Postal Service and need to have a part time job. I would like to substitute teach because of the job flexibility.
    I do not have any preference on who I teach.
    Thank you
    Derlene Olsen

  • Felicia Witt says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to take this course. I have learned some interesting points. I like the idea of the subpack. It will come in handy im sure.

  • Adam Martinez says:

    As a student, I always groaned internally when we had substitute teachers because often it meant that the momentum and continuity of the course would be lost. So many times I recall the permanent teacher having to essentially interrogate the class to figure out where they were supposed to pick up where the sub left off in the lesson plan, or else they would simply assume all was finished and plow ahead with content we weren’t ready for. The substitute teacher report strikes me as a great way to eliminate these speed bumps by clearly communicating how the much of/how well the lesson plan was implemented. At the very least, I imagine permanent teachers would be grateful to know that their classes were in conscientious, communicative hands.

  • Dorothy Wright says:

    I am going to follow the teacher lesson plan, greet the students and build a positive relationship with them. I am recently retired from the school district as a school bus driver/database specialist. I have always enjoyed working with students. I would loved working with pre-kindergarten through the third grade. I am excited!!!!

  • Gary Worthington says:

    Recently retired and I don’t want to sit around. I’ve subbed some before and plan to continue. The subpack will be most helpful. Thanks

  • Amari Roberts says:

    I’ve learned how essential it is to come well prepared with a SubPack because anything can go differently from the day that was supposed to be planned.

  • Debra Kelly says:

    I found the sub pack idea to be very helpful. I also plan to focus on the positive achievements for the day when I leave a sub report for the permanent teacher.
    My background is mainly higher education with college aged students, although I have volunteered a great bit in elementary classrooms over the years. I look forward to subbing for K-5.

  • Jill Knight says:

    This training for substitute teachers is so helpful – to the substitute and the permanent teacher. I love the Subpack idea in that the training not only provides a useful list of resources and ideas, it gives a bit of personalization and ownership to the substitute in the classroom thus a feeling of confidence.
    I also thought the idea of having students write their names on a sticky note to use for a seating chart is great. I would have those with different sounding names also write it out phonetically (depending on age and ability of student) so I could pronounce names appropriately.
    Thank you for a great resource!

  • Joseph Francis says:

    Biggest takeaway? The SubPack.

  • Tromain Collier says:

    I used to be a permanent teacher. I enjoyed seeing the growth of my students from beginning to end. The will help me growth my potential in the education field.

  • Joseph Lund says:

    I will most definitely be sure to focus more on positive feedback when filling out Substitute Teacher Reports. I will also remember to pay close attention to how well students have retained the information they’ve just learned by asking review questions at the end of class.

  • Trashawn Lambert says:

    Hi. My name is Trashawn. I am very excited about becoming a sub. I look forward to working with the elementary and middle school level kids. I want to be a sub because it has always been my passion to work with kids. I had an in home daycare for many years now I want to work with kids on a different level. One thing I learned new today is substitute teaching has gotten a lot more serious than it was when I was in school. Back then a sub didn’t do much just made sure no one acted up now they put in real work which I like I want to make a positive change in these kids lives. The sub report was something I found very helpful I fully intend to use them once I start subbing.

  • Shelley Rogers says:

    I love the idea of being prepared to sub at the last minute by preparing the night before. I will also utilize the sub reports. I will have to alter my sub pack for high school students.

  • Douglas Schmidt says:

    I’ve subbed in 2 school districts for 18 years from grades K thru 12. Teaching elementary, middle school and high school classes each offer different levels of preparedness. Just by looking at the teacher’s desk I often determine what kind of day it is going to be.

  • Douglas Schmidt says:

    I’ve subbed in 2 school districts for 18 years from grades K thru 12. Teaching elementary, middle school and high school classes each offer different levels of preparedness.

  • Sheila Hawkins says:

    Greeting the students at the door with and smile and confidently setting the tone of the day. Additionally, carrying my subpack with all the essential items that may enhance the teaching experience. I’ve decided to leave Corporate America after 35 years and I wanted to do something different. Having grown up in Fort Worth, Texas; I’m honored to have the opportunity to substitute in Fort Worth ISD where I was taught.

  • SARA FOGHANI says:

    I am passionate about learning and teaching. Because of this, I’ve chosen to be a Substitute teacher. It is a challenging job with impressive experiences.
    Children are valuable and precious and I love work with them.
    The idea of having SubPack is great and helpful.
    Thank you for providing this online course.

  • Cynthia Wolfe says:

    The principles of human behavior, management skills and powerful strategies for the effective management of the learning environment proved “key” to me in learning to become an effective substitute teacher. The examples explicated to reinforce learning these principles were engaging and effective.
    I recently moved to Texas to live by my daughter and grandchildren and share in these precious years. I worked many years as a critical care nurse, much of that time with pediatric patients. My love for children has encouraged me to pursue my learning as a substitute teacher, continuing to foster positive self esteem, individuality , growth and learning of each individual child. I thank you for this wonderful program and am very appreciative of the opportunity that it affords me.

  • Alice Anderson says:

    I love the idea of bringing a Sub Pack with extra activities in case you need to fill up some time!

  • Rebecca Dacke says:

    I’m looking forward to being a substitute at the elementary and middle school levels. I never considered having a SubPack but it makes complete sense. Subs are essentially traveling teachers so they need to be ready for anywhere they go and anything they teach. My goal is to be a permanent teacher soon, so the experience of being a sub and having to be prepared on a moment’s notice will pay off.

  • Brittany Washington says:

    The subpack is one thing I will take away from this training. I have been a teacher and I was upset with myself for not having materials for students to complete their assignments while I’m out. It’s good if subs are prepared to help a mind boggled teacher.

  • Jennifer Clem says:

    have a subpack ready, and be ready for the unexpected

  • Andrew Bolin says:

    One thing I learned was how to pack a great Sub Pack. They materials that you have in there will have you prepared for any unexpected event in the classroom for which you are substitute teaching. I also learned how to write a correct and detailed substitute report. Giving the teacher great feedback on how the students acted, what lessons did and did not get covered, the troubling students, and leaving your contact information are great points to cover in the report.

    I plan on teaching and coaching in high school some day. I want to teach social studies and elective classes such as a criminal justice or health class. I also want to coach baseball and football.

  • Donna Smithley says:

    I have learned that it is important to the permanent teacher to have a thorough note left of the class activities and progress for the day.
    I have experience subbing for high school students and special education (ESE) students and prefer to substitute in those classes. I plan to teach ESE students in high school but would also enjoy teaching Social Studies or Civics classes.

  • Phillip Ryder says:

    I’m an experienced high school teacher (English, Drama), and have rarely has useful reports from substitute teachers, so I really like the idea of a detailed report of the lesson/day. This would have been very useful for me to have.

  • Becky Montoya says:

    I learned how important keeping focused on the positive when leaving the Substitute Teacher Report. I believe if you keep that positivity in the classroom all day, the kids will pick up on that as well. You may be surprised how many positive things you can say and leave for that permanent teacher!
    The subpack is a GREAT idea! I will be doing some back to school shopping for my subpack:) I know that teacher’s budgets are limited so coming in with your own is a great idea!

    All of this information has been very helpful…even as a reminder!

  • Lacy Hardin says:

    I have some teacher training, but had a rough clinical and thought maybe teaching wasn’t for me (it was a title 1 school in a rough area..). I’m dipping my toe in with substituting and also helping to supplement more income alongside my furniture business. I love the note about the substitute report and what should be included.

  • debora wiggins says:

    The sub pack is a wonderful idea ! I like teaching grades 1 thru 7

  • John Mosley says:

    I have spent over thirty years in the financial and technology industries. In that time span, I have learned how to handle uncomfortable situations with adults. Mostly having difficult conversations in which two sides differ. This training gave me a different perspective as to how to deal with children and young adults. The most important tool to have is the Sub Pack. Having all the tools included in this pack will be vital to being prepared for daily activities and continued learning. I also would like to include the Substitute Teachers report. It is important that the permanent teacher is informed of lessons completed and the positives learned.

  • Kathryn Pape says:

    I’m currently a preschool music and movement teacher and decided that substitute teaching at my older children’s elementary school would be a great way to get to know the staff and school needs on a more personal level. I was especially intrigued by the substitute teacher report. As a preschool teacher that has had to prepare for substitutes in the past, I would have loved feedback from my subs on how the class did and what part of the lessons the teacher was able to do. I find this information so helpful and will definitely implement the suggestion if I am given the opportunity to substitute teach one day.

  • Kellie Campbell says:

    I am a long time fourth grade teacher. I have recently retired and wish to work only part-time. I think substituting will keep me in touch with children while allowing me to slow down. I will take rewards with me. As an experienced teacher, I know that treats are true motivators of some students’ attentions. I would also take dice and cards. This can be used for a lot of math games.

  • Querin Ventura says:

    Thank you for putting this material together. The information about the SubPack is extremely valuable as it will help me to be prepared and ready for anything expected or unexpected. Having the SubPack will give me the confidence to know that I am ready for class even if there is short notice. I am very passionate about helping kids and the youth. Being a Substitute Teacher will give me the platform to help children and the youth in my community. It will also give me the opportunity to collaborate with teachers and other educators to help develop strong and future leaders.

  • Jason Tremain says:

    One of the most important things I have learned is having a great SubPack that works for me. This will help stay organized throughout the day or have things ready when I can’t find it in the classroom from the permanent teacher. Also utilizing the substitute teacher report to let the permanent teacher know exactly what went on throughout the day and to give them my contact information if they were to have any questions of me about anything.

    I have always mentored, trained and taught employees of mine skills to succeed at there jobs. I have always loved kids and look forward to be able to use my skills and transfer them in to substitute teaching at all grade levels to help permanent teachers out when they are not in the classroom so that students don’t have a wasted day. This also gives me the chance to be on the same schedule as my wife and kids that will be nice for us.

  • Jodi Jones says:

    The most important things I have learned from this is the SubPack and the Substitute Teacher Report. As for the SubPack; I have never been a substitute teacher and wasn’t aware that I needed one. I will definitely have plenty of supplies on hand, thank you for the list! I also printed the Substitute Teacher Report to have on hand to fill out about the school day, as well as my contact information. Again, thank you for the pdf. of the Substitute Teacher Report. This has all been very helpful!

  • michael appel says:

    The last time I sub taught was about 1978.
    I really like the sub pac idea. I like the idea of giving the students respect. And making sure I take good care of keys.
    I hope I do well at subbing. I think this class is helping me understand subbing much better, and like being here.

  • Anishya Hagans says:

    One thing that I learned from this section in the Substitute Teacher Report. I realize that it is important for the teacher to know what was going on while they were not in attendance. I also found that the SubPac is unique and that it will help with organization when going to different classes.

  • Marianne Nicholes says:

    I like the idea of having reward items (specifically the estimation jar-fun idea) in the SubPack. I would have not thought of that myself. I’m signing up to substitute as practice because I am currently in school to get my teaching certificate. I will for sure try subbing in K-8 and am considering high school.

  • Norma Palacios says:

    I learned many things in this section of the Professional Substitue Teacher but one thing I will take away from this is to be prepared for the unexpected. The SubPack is a new idea and makes sense since the classroom is not my own so I need to be prepared and have a mobile classroom at my disposal.

    Thank you

  • Molly Jacobs says:

    The Substitute Report was the one idea that was most new to me, and one I will surely take with me in the classroom. It is so important that the permanent teacher has a good idea of what happened in their classroom while they were away, and you want to be able to give them information that is helpful and accurate and helps them to know how to move forward.

    I am a young college student entering my last year of college. I decided to do this, as it’s right in line with my degree and will likely help me to get additional classroom experience before I graduate.

  • Blase Giannone says:

    The SubPack and leaving the teacher a sub report are great ideas.

  • Emily Johnson says:

    I’ve enjoyed being a Substitute Teacher, because I enjoy working with the students. The report form for the permanent Teacher has been a help. This report informs the teacher of the students work according to the lesson plan and their behavior.

  • Dee Dee Phillips says:

    Sub Kit is a great idea!

    • Taylor Delosh says:

      I agree, the subpack is a great idea. This will be my first time substitute teaching and its great knowing what materials I can go in with to help me have a more successful day instead of spending time trying to search around the room for materials.

  • Derek Kalscheur says:

    The content idea’s to have in the sub kit are great. They will help me feel prepared, which will minimize stress and help with confidence for the day.

  • Meghan Krupke says:

    How and what to write in a Sub Report is something I will be using in the future. I appreciated hearing from a permanent teacher what kind of things they want in a Sub Report, and what can produce a positive professional relationship.

  • Sally Krasinski says:

    I am intrigued with the SubPack and will definitely utilize it. I have only taught at the college level and I am looking forward to working with younger aged students. The flexibility of substitute teaching and having holidays to spend with my grandchildren is a big bonus of this profession!

  • Franchell McClendon says:

    I am a recent J.D graduate and examinee of the bar exam. I decided to substitute teach to learn teaching strategies because I’m interested in being an instructor. I loved the SubPack. The materials in the SubPack makes me feel like I can walk into a classroom and be very successful at teaching the students even if I don’t have a lesson plan.

  • Alexia Lopez says:

    I have been a substitute teacher before and I never thought about getting a Sub Pack ready. I will definitely be looking into making one with materials that cater more to Pre-K and Kindergarten.

  • Carlie Fagundes says:

    I mostly learned to always be prepared! I decided to become a substitute teacher because it provides me with experience for when I am a permanent teacher. I am eager to teach all grades so I have a good basis of experience.

  • Jason Gardner says:

    The sub pack kit is extremely helpful as it identifies all the little things you might need just as a first aid kit would for a paramedic.

  • Camryn Coleman says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I was definitely unaware of how much preparation should go into being prepared as a sub. The list of suggested items to have handy was definitely helpful. I liked the reference to the note you’d like a babysitter to leave about your children. I will keep that in mind when reporting back to the permanent teacher.

    I come from a family of dedicated educators and always admired them for their hard work and dedication. I am a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services- Georgia and have decided to serve my community and make more consistent income by substituting. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, let me know!

  • amala singam says:

    I am interested in teaching kids.

  • Emmaline Whitson says:

    I will definitely take a subpack each day. and I found the information about the substitute teacher report very helpful.

  • Donna Firriolo says:

    I loved the idea of the sub-pack and also the sub report to leave for the permanent teacher. I think having business cards is a great idea! I always wanted to teach but ended up in corporate America (now retired from that career) and I am looking forward to subbing and finding the grade(s) that most speak to me!

  • Allison Downing says:

    I like the idea of leaving a report to the permanent teacher about the day and the sub pack. Great ideas, I hope to substitute for K-5th. I a new emply nester with three sons in college.n. Looking forward to this new experience.

  • James Crawford says:

    Both the report at the end of the day to let the teacher know what was covered and how the class went are important. Having things to insure the day went well, such as supplies and activities is also a good idea.

  • James Crawford says:

    I have been a teacher for over 15 years at both Universities and Community Colleges. I am a trained social studies teacher and enjoy being in the class room. Prior to that experience, I was a museum curator in both history and art museums and did conduct informal education programs in a museum setting. Both will help me as a substitute.

  • Paula Croxford says:

    I learned how to be well-prepared to be a substitute teacher, to always be positive and follow the lesson plan. I also learn to be ready with my subPack to improve my day with the class. I also learned to leave a substitute teacher report to help communicate with the permanent teacher. Sharing positive feedback and writing a detailed summary of what was accomplished throughout the day also assist the teacher. I also would like to let the teacher know I enjoyed my day with the class and I would like to return to the class.
    I really enjoy teaching, I earned a Bachelor of Education degree in my country of Chile. And now that my kids will be all day in school, I’m looking to pursue my teaching career here, and being a substitute teacher will be a very good opportunity for me.

  • Emily Erbert says:

    I found the first section of this course to be extremely informative. The content was presented in an organized manner that allowed me to take purposeful notes and not feel overwhelmed, even as someone who is completely new to substitute teaching. The most important tidbits I will take with me into the classroom are regarding the section, “what to do when entering and preparing for class”. I had many questions about procedure upon arrival and all my questions were addressed throughout this first section. I also particularly appreciated the explanation and provided handouts regarding the substitute teacher reports.

  • Brooke Raider says:

    The sub pack is a great idea. Also the sub report. I am a school counselor, and was previously a teacher for many years. I am seeking a more flexible schedule and may take classes part-time to become a therapist. I love interacting with the kids and this should keep me doing that. I previously worked as a middle and high school teacher, but found that I really enjoy elementary students as a counselor. I will likely seek to work with this age group.

  • Jennifer Marks says:

    I learned that prep the night before with organized lunches, clothes and a sub pack will make the day run smoothly. Sharing positive feedback as well as academic feedback with the permanent teacher is also important. Our daughter is in School each day and I am free to work more and pursue a new career path in the education world.

  • Susannah Myers says:

    I realize the need for a subPack and being positive. Looking professional is a must. I hope to substitute in any grade.

  • Timothy Ries says:

    I think I have learned that the substitute teacher report is an extremely important tool for the permanent teacher. I will try to be more informative on the report.

  • John Goddard says:

    I will take the idea of a subpack into schools that I will be working with. Having simple materials like sticky-notes will help facilitate brainstorming activities that can get students moving and putting their ideas down on paper.

  • John Shehtanian says:

    Being prepared for both the expected, introducing yourself to the students and providing a positive and confident example for them. In addition to make sure you have plans to handle unexpected (no lesson plan/notes for example).

  • Iris Hanna Aguilar says:

    I will take my SubPack with me every day!
    I have taught 18 month old children for 3 years at a state certified preschool. I have a 3rd and 5th grader and want to work as a substitute teacher in their elementary school to be closer to them.

    Thank you for the awesome content in this course!

    • Linda Taylor says:

      Communication between the substitute teacher and permanent teacher is vital when expressing student’s progress. Previously, an adjunct professor at a college and have taught 20 years in the education field, I believe “The Substitute Teacher Report” can be useful in all levels of education.


  • John Shehtanian says:

    Thank you

  • jacque Mulkey says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I am becoming a substitute teacher because i love kids of all ages and i want to work with them now and after i finish school. I am going to make and awesome reward box as well as sub box so i can be prepared for anything. My biggest thing is i want all of my kids to know i am there to help them learn and understand anything thrown at them while having a fun and positive classroom.

  • Cynthia Higginbotham says:

    I appreciate the guidance and emphasis on the subpack and look forward to preparing one.

  • Larry Rhem says:

    One thing that I learned and will definitely use is good communication between the permanent teacher and myself. I understand how important it is for both parties to keep each other in the loop of what is going on in the classroom. It builds relationships as well as lowers the chances of being caught off-guard with an issue you were unaware of prior to.

    I’m Larry Rhem and I would prefer to work with students who are in high school and middle school. I am choosing substitute teaching because of the flexible schedules while I work on my MFA and because I enjoy working with the youth.

  • Rani Mancl says:

    Hi Everyone,
    All this information is great. One of the most valuable tools you can use is communication between myself and the teacher I will be subbing for that day. It’ Is important to let them know what went on during the day what was good about it, if there were any problems, students that helped you out. I leave my cell number and if the teacher wants to contact me about anything he/she can do so.

    I’ve been subbing for 4 years in different school districts and just absolutely love being around the kids and staff. I’m not picky as to what grade level and subject but i guess if I had to choose high school would be my perfect fit.

  • Brianne Heslop says:

    I really like the idea of having a subpack. I know that at times it can be difficult to locate supplies in the classroom. The other thing I will take with me is the sub report, to me this looks more professional than just a piece of notebook paper.

  • Rani Mancl says:

    Hi Everyone,
    All this information is great. One of the most valuable tools you can use is communication between myself and the teacher I will be subbing for that day. It’ Is important to let them know what went on during the day what was good about it, if there were any problems, students that helped you out. I leave my cell number and if the teacher wants to contact me about anything he/she can do so.

    I’ve been subbing for 4 years in different school districts and just absolutely love being around the kids and staff. I’m not picky as to what grade level and subject but i guess if I had to choose high school would be my perfect fit.
    To put my heart at ease I carry extra pen and pencils, erasers, at times I may bring in bags of candy but I ask before I do that for a special occasion like my birthday, hygiene products such as lotion or hand sanitize, band-aids.

  • shannon remy says:

    This information was very helpful. Leaving a detailed note about the day and what the students did and did not finish is a great way to inform the teacher what the class accomplished. I will make sure to leave my contact info for further questions if there are any.

    This is my first time as a substitute teacher. I am currently getting my alternative certification to teach! I am most excited to sub for middle schools since that is the area I wish to be certified in. I am so excited for this experience.

  • Amber Miller says:

    I am going to definitely make sure I always have my SubPack.

    I am a mom of four and I have been a stay at home mom for 5 years now. I have always had an interest in teaching, but I also love being home with my kids. So, now that they are almost all in school I would really like to get into some position where I can help support our family, but also support our teachers when they can’t be there and be a part of our students education as well.

  • Sushree Nayak says:

    I loved the SubPack ones. Its really helpful for a substitute teacher, its just like an emergency kit. I am teaching dance for all ages kids. So everyday I interact with lots of children. And I feel good while talking, spending time with children. I do lots volunteering works in my daughter’s class. These are fews things motivate me to become a subtitle teacher so that I can spend more time with children in school. I would prefer preK- 5th grade.

  • Sushree Nayak says:

    I loved the SubPack ones. Its really helpful for a substitute teacher, its just like an emergency kit. I am teaching dance for all ages kids. So everyday I interact with lots of children. And I feel good while talking, spending time with children. I do lots volunteering works in my daughter’s class. These are fews things motivate me to become a subtitle teacher so that I can spend more time with children in school. I would prefer preK- 5th grade.

  • Sushree Nayak says:

    Thanks for giving us lots of information for substitute teachers.

  • Aide Sanchez says:

    I decided to get my certification to be a substitute teacher to get more experience in a classroom so when I actually get my degree I won’t go in blind. I currently work with high school students at a recreation center and that peaked my interest to go in the education field. Being a positive mentor and getting to know the students is the best part of the job. I’m grateful for this program because it has given me tools to be the best substitute. The Subpack substitute report note has been my favorite thing that I have learned about so far and I can’t wait to use it. Thank you

    -Aide Sanchez

  • Marco Nicol says:

    I think the idea of the SubPacket is great! Didn’t initially think to have all of that ready to take with me.

    I’ve been a permanent music teacher for the past 6 years, but with no certificate. For the first five years, I worked between two schools where I did not need one. This past year I was hired in a school district (I moved out of state from where the first two schools were) on the basis of working towards a certificate and while I am still working on it, I was not able to get into a permanent teaching position again. I know I want to work in the schools and teach so I knew that working as a substitute would allow me to continue to work as a teacher and at the same time work towards my certificate.


  • Tayzia Stark says:

    I love that this course breaks down everything. There are so many questions that are being answered, so I feel much more prepared to begin substitute teaching! I found the SubPack to be a brilliant and important idea, and loved the idea of using the file folder and sticky notes to make an emergency seating chart. Thanks STEDI!

  • Shari McGrath says:

    I absolutely agree with other commenters about the SubPacks! What a great idea! I look forward to putting one together – it will be a great confidence builder in the classroom. I also wanted to comment on the videos that are accompanying the lessons. The tone is perfect – very conversational yet professional – clearly an experienced teacher giving practical, useable advice. Wonderful.

  • Joseph Serrato says:

    I’m taking this course in the summer prior to my second year as a sub teacher. I’ve subbed predominantly elementary school classes and have loved it so far! Even the rough days have lessons to be learned. I’ve already been doing much of what’s covered in this first section (the sub notes, showing professionalism, and so on), but this course seems like it’ll definitely help, and especially with creating a better sub pack.


    The sub pack is one idea that I will use. I’m currently a substitute teacher. I only sub at private schools and Charters. I’m very excited to start subbing at the public schools in the Atlanta Metro area. I’m currently in the process of obtaining my teacher’s certification and gaining a Master’s degree in Education. The grades that I love to sub at are pre-k, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.

  • Victoria Borjas says:

    I have wanted to become a substitute teacher because my goal is to become a Teacher. It will be my first year starting and I have always wanted to teach 7th graders math! I know most people cringe at math but there are fun and unique ways to teach each kid differently. Cant wait for that experience. Most kids are always needing pencils so I will definitely be caring a bunch with me. Im only a sophomore college student and can’t wait to start something new!

  • Jayda Manning says:

    One thing that i took away from the material is to stay organized. Whether that means having notes with different school locations and other info to be prepared for the day and any last minute calls or always carrying a SubPack to ensure you’re prepared for the day. I decided to become a substitute teacher because i took some ECD courses and i got to experience some children around day care age. I realized that i wanted to work with children, i’m just not sure which age group.

  • Lindsay Garcia says:

    I really enjoy the idea of leaving a report after the end of the day. Thanking the teacher for them trusting me with their class. Also, to make sure the teacher is aware of what happened when they were gone. The subpak I absolutely love! Such a great way to come prepared with not just what the classroom might need, but what we as the subs will need is well. I am planning on substituting for elementary schools but possibly middle school as well. Very excited to start!
    Lindsay Garcia

  • Jide Ofoma says:

    I really felt the portion where they discussed the interaction with the students. Summing substitutes up with 2 seconds is probably where the most pressure is felt for me. I enjoyed the techniques discussed to make it not so tasky and enjoyable.

  • Hector Patino says:


    My name is Hector Patino and I graduated from the University of North Texas and I decided on becoming a substitute teacher to gain more experience in the classroom while I pass my certification exams to become an elementary school teacher. I was able to learn the importance of keeping a Subpack prepared so I can have a variety of classroom supplies ready for an emergency. Keeping rewards and motivators in the Subpack is sure to help me in any classroom that I sub for!

    Hector Patino

  • Jennifer Camacho says:

    The SubPack is a very great idea to have in handy! Knowing that substitutes can be called any minute, it is always important to have it on you at all times and be prepared.

  • Carl Miranda says:

    As a former high school teacher in a private school of 18 years, we never ever had a substitute teacher. Now, I am entering the world of substitutes. The idea of a sub pack and a substitute teacher report is something I never would have thought of. Thank you for this information.

  • Angela Owusu-Duku says:

    Hello! I am excited to begin my teaching career as a substitute teacher. I come from a small town in Louisiana and recently transitioned to Dallas to pursue teaching. I’m enrolled in a program to get certified and decided to gain more experience in teaching, as a substitute. I found it to be quite helpful to get information about what to include in my Sub Pack; also, the detailed information offered about the professionalism of a substitute teacher. I taught first grade at my old school for a full year as a “long-term substitute.” I would like to stay within the Pre-K to second grade level of teaching. I enjoy seeing the excitement on a child’s face when introduced to new material, and how engaged they are when it’s presented in a way that captures their attention.

  • Reyka Smith says:

    I loved the information on creating a sub report and sub pack. Having the list readily available of what to include in each will be very helpful!

  • Nathan Sundquist says:

    The two things that I found most important to take away from this lesson are 1) the breadth of materials suggested to bring in the SubPack and 2) the recommendation to leave few negative comments in the Substitute Teacher Report. For the first, I knew to bring some basics like: glue, pens, paper, and scissors. However, the provided list is more comprehensive and far more useful for me to focus in on. For the second, I felt that it was useful for me to learn more about how the teacher thinks. Its good to know so that I can make a conscious effort to avoid leaving very inconsequential details on negative classroom outcomes.

    • Nathan Sundquist says:

      As for the rest of the comment I will leave that in this reply. I am a recent graduate (studied Economics) who discovered a passion for teaching and how positive an experience it can be for both me and my students. My primary interest is in teaching grades 8-12.

  • Leslie Musto says:

    As for myself, I found the 5 Time Frames to be of great use and something I never really thought of that would save quite a bit of time. I just closed the doors of my 10 year in home daycare business because my girls are now out of the house and in 5th and 8th grade and so now I want to teach the older end of the spectrum for a while. I plan on going back and forth between the two schools that are only 15 minutes from each other so it works out for me either way.

    Thank you,

    Leslie Musto

  • Desiree Lopez says:

    My name is Desiree. I am excited to become a substitute teacher because I will get to experience so many different classes and age groups. I learned about leaving a substitute report, because permanent teachers do want to know what their students learned and how they behaved. My goal is to become a 4-6th Grade Art teacher. I believe this is a decent age group for me to teach children how to be more creative with art.

  • Alexandra Hernandez says:

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. I was unable to find a teaching job at this moment, so I decided to work as a substitute teacher to keep up with practice and to learn of new material in the teaching field. I hope to work with lower grades. From this section in the course I learned about the subpack and what it should contain. It is very important. I also learn about what else I could write in the substitute teacher report that will help the permanent teacher in instruction or in motivating those students that were very helpful, instead of those misbehaving.

  • Veronica Cortes says:

    I have learned that a subpack is very important because it is never a bad thing to be super prepared!

  • Anna Onderik says:

    Leaving a sub report is a vital piece of information. If I were the permanent teacher, I would want to know how the day went and feedback from the substitute. Also, I would want to prepare for the unexpected, like not being able to find the lesson plan, and have a backup activity ready to go. These little tips, I believe, can be more important than simply executing the plan. It shows the teacher and staff that you care about your position and the students and want to leave a good impression. I have my Master’s in Kinesiology and have wanted to be on the preventive side of fitness for a while. It’s important that our children enjoy moving their bodies in their own way! I have not decided on a grade level, but am looking at physical education as a subject.

  • Carmen Provost says:

    I learned a lot through this module about both Sub Packs and Sub Reports. I plan to implement both of these tools into my daily subbing routine. I am a relatively recent college grad (2017) who came across education by accident. I was fresh out of school, and needed a job and somehow found my way into tutoring. This blossomed into a love for education that is growing everyday. I plan to sub for a year or so and learn about the school system, and then return to get my masters in teaching! I am very excited to begin substitute teaching.

  • Paul Rampon says:

    We teach our children actively and passively. Our every work and gesture has meaning to them and we must remember this as we prepare to visit with them.

  • Cheryl Carlton says:

    I like the idea of a Substitute Teacher Pack to take into the classroom. It will make me better prepared for what I may need for the day.

  • Kenedi Barkley says:

    The most useful piece of information to prepare me for substitute teaching would be the SubPack! What a great idea and now I cant imagine walking into a classroom without it! I am looking to substitute for elementary schools while i’m working on my masters in education. This way, I can get experience in the classroom with a variety of ages/grades.

  • Katie Olson says:

    One thing that I learned that I will need to implement is the creation, and use, of a Subpack. I will definitely be getting one set up and ready to go for future use as a substitute teacher. I think that this would still be useful for a permanent teacher as well, in case the original lesson plans are a flop, don’t hold students’ interests, or the plans are completed with extra time left over.

  • Syeda Nabeela says:

    My takeaways from this module is the importance of SubPacks and Substitute Teachers Report. Having a SubPack will make the day smoother for both students and me. If I were a permanent teacher that could not make it in a day and have left a sub responsible, I would be extremely anxious if I were to receive a minimal two liner report, that is why I feel the STR’s are extremely important to be filled out properly; first to be courteous and second ease the permanent teachers anxiety. I choose substituting for the time being to help me familiarize myself with teaching so I could implement teaching strategies in my profession as a Healthcare manager. I enjoy teaching, team building and watching the twinkle in children’s eyes when they’ve finally understood something they been working to understand. I would love to work with grades k-8, but don’t mind working with the older kids as well. I am excited to be able to learn from being a sub!

  • Kendra Lantis says:

    One thing that I learned was how to be ready before evening getting a call about a subbing opportunity. Having my lunch, clothing, sub pack, and school info cards ready at all times will allow me to have a seamless start to a subbing job.

  • K'Laa Crawford says:

    One thing I learned while completing this training module is to basically always stay prepared. I will make sure I always have an outfit ready as well as a SubPack already packed and ready to go. Another take away would have to be the importance of the Substitute Teacher Report and just how important it is to always be prepared. I prefer to teach 1st -6th grade

  • Cheyenne Therkildsen says:

    I had never considered having latex gloves on hand in case of an emergency, but it does make great sense. Also, having an area of my closet set up for sub teaching clothes/outfits prepared is a great idea too.

  • Latasha Adisa says:

    The one thing I learned that I look forward to taking with me throughout the day is becoming a professional role model.Definitely using good judgment, avoiding criticism. These are all great and useful tools. I am excited about teaching elementary school.

  • Mahmuda Zafrin says:

    I will try to take a sub pack must with me along with other necessary stuff. I have finished my masters and want to pursue my career as a teacher. I think to try to a good substitute teacher would be the first step of that. I am interested to be a mid-school or high school class teacher

  • Jasmine Woodson says:

    I appreciated learning about the information a permanent teacher wants to hear regarding academic performance and understanding. I will make sure to include the feedback on future assignments.

  • Cheryl Schnese says:

    Hi, I am Cheryl!
    I’ve worked in classrooms as a paraprofessional and volunteered at a private school as a teacher of music, science and art.
    In my classes I carried a sub pack but never called it that. What an excellent way to come to class. I ‘ve always been a spur of the moment kind of person in finding things for kids to do. Although I haven’t been called to work at a specific school yet
    I took his skills check test. It’s awesome!

  • Cheryl Schnese says:

    Very informative.

  • Daniel Davis says:

    Several things I learned was to be prepared at all points during my substitute teaching. I am prepared before I enter the classroom with my subpack as well as mentally according to the type of class I will be subbing for. I want to be respectful of the permanent teacher’s wishes and endeavor to carry them out to the best of my ability and then to communicate to the permanent teacher what was completed and how it went in the classroom. I can substitute at any grade level. I chose substitute teaching as a form of employment first of all, because I love to teach and help others understand concepts and I like working with children and young people. Also, I am semi-retired and this is a good flexible position for me.

  • Alexis Otis says:

    It was made clear from completing this module that preparation is key to having a successful day as a student teacher. It was helpful to have the day broken down in such a way that I would know what to expect from the time I received an assignment to the time I left the classroom. I’m pursuing a substitute teaching position with the intention of building some professional experience before starting grad school. And, as the mom of 2 young kids, the flexibility of this position is perfect.

  • Kerry Kafura says:

    I am an instructor for about 19 years now. I have been teaching at International Schools in Egypt for the past 7 years.
    I’m taking this class in order to substitute while I slog through the mess of obtaining my certification in my home state. It is frustrating and painful, especially since I have taught in college, GED programs, international schools, and in Florida. I am told it will take over 16 months to have the state review my background employment, my undergrad and grad degree, etc. So I am immersing myself in subbing until I get that prized document, or go back abroad to teach! I expect it will be fun as all the schools that I have spoken with have been very upbeat and helpful in trying to get some help with my certification. I tell you the secretaries have many great answers and ideas!

  • Denise McKinley says:

    I graduated with a B.A. degree in Sociology option in Social Services, initially I wanted to become a Social Worker. But after working with kids for many years I decided to give Substitute Teaching a try. I also want to Substitute Teach for the experience. What I can learned from the lesson is to prepare a Subpack to ensure my Subbing days run smoothly.

  • Brenda Garcia says:

    I learned that being prepared and ready will make a difference in how you approach your day. Enter the room ready to be energetic with the children and ready to help them learn the material!! Leaving a good teacher report will most likely result in being able to teach again in that teachers classroom.

  • Crystal Flores says:

    I learned how important it is to have everything at home already prepared just in case you end up getting the call to substitute for a school. Also, how important it is to make and carry a sub pack with you. Thank you for these helpful tips for becoming a substitute teacher.

  • Carol Klick says:

    I think the idea of a SubPack is helpful and I’ll definitely be bringing one into every classroom in which I am called to substitute teach. I will also be taking back-up lessons. Having back-up lesson plans, with accompanying materials and projects, is critical in instances where the permanent teacher was not expecting to be absent and didn’t have completely formulated activities ready for a sub. While the lessons might not flow into what the regular classroom teacher would be teaching, they are good lessons that the students will enjoy learning.
    I want to substitute teach because I’m eager to get back into a classroom, working with children and imparting knowledge. I taught in South Florida and miss it.

  • Shannon Tharp says:

    My two items will be my sub pack and my Teacher report. I want to substitute because my youngest grandchild is in the 3rd grade and i finally retired last February from my Airline job of 20 years. I want to sub in grades 1-6 possibly 8 if the school he is in gets the 7th and 8th grade. I have been helping out in the classroom before i went to work since he was in pre- school and i want to continue it. Being prepared at all times helps to ease any stress of lat minute calls.

  • Pamela Ward says:

    I knew about a SubPack concept, but appreciated the detailed packing list by category. I appreciated the information about preparing for your substitute day while at home. Relatives of mine who teach confirmed the idea of only sharing positive behavior reports. The permanent teacher knows who the misbehaving / problematic children are and don’t need to be told by a sub how bad the behavior was in his/her absence. This was very helpful information overall. Thank you.

  • Sandra Haddock says:

    I love the idea of the SubPack. It gives you a feeling of safety. If you find yourself in a crunch just reach into your little black bag, click your heels, and know that there is something in there for you to survive the day. I would love to substitute teach because I was a Teacher Assistant for Pre-K, I had my own day care, I was a Title 1 Tutor, and I have children of my own. I’ve been away from teaching children for the last 19 months and realize that I truly miss it. I’m so excited about having a second chance at doing something I truly love and have compassion for. I am a mother of 4, my husband and I have 1 grandchild. We instilled how important education is to all of our children. One has moved to LA to teach! I would love to teach on the elementary age level. Good luck everyone!

  • Alex Moran says:

    The several ideas I will take with me following this course link back to the main objective of preparedness. It seems that if a substitute is prepared and listens to the students then they will have a much more enjoyable and easily managed environment. I also consider the idea of “work to bring out the best in each student” an integral part in a teaching/learning environment.

  • Christian Ventura says:

    Since you might not Sub at the same school all the time having the different school’s information ready to go is such a great idea.

  • Staci Araiza says:

    I learned what to include in my sub pack. Being prepared for the school day is critical for substitute teachers, and this information helped me to fully prepare myself.

  • Staci Araiza says:

    My name is Staci, and I have 12 years of teaching experience. I just recently had my first child, and I have decided to take a year off of full time teaching so I can spend most of my time with my son. I will sub a couple days per week, and I will teach pre-k through 6th grade.

  • Kelly Vlastnik says:

    I found the idea of having a list of the schools information will really help. This is the ideal thing to be able to take a last minute call. I also found the seating chart using sticky notes very useful. I frequently have trouble remembering names. This will solve that. Every child like to be called by their name.

  • Osvaldo Gonzalez says:

    I love the idea of having a subpack! I’ll definitely make a useful kit to take with me.

  • Julianna Bravo says:

    After taking this course, I really loved the fact that they have a pdf for the sub teacher report. I will definitely be using that instead of just a hand written note to the teacher. This will be my first sub teaching job and I am very nervous about it but after this course, I am more excited than nervous. The reason I am wanting to become a sub is because I am a teacher’s assistant now for special education kindergarten students but I am going back to school to get my masters and want to be able to have a flexible schedule to do so. I am very eager to teach all special education classes, I have worked with elementary and middle school but I am leaning more towards physical education because that is what I am trying to pursue in my masters. Thank you so much for all this helpful information and good luck to the everyone!

  • Diedra Freeman says:

    I am definitely going to take the Sub-pack with me. I like to be well-prepared and well-organized, as I want everything to run as smoothly as possible when I am substitute teaching. I would like to teach Kindergarten through the Fifth grade. I work nights at a hospital Monday through Wednesday in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. I decided to become a substitute teacher because I want to get as much classroom experience as possible, as I am currently studying to become a Psychology teacher. I think the experience would be beneficial for me to get to know the students that I will soon be teaching full-time. My husband encouraged me to become a teacher because I have a lot of patience with children and would be a good role model.

  • Rachel Arnold says:

    One thing I learned about is the sub pack. I think its a great idea and something I will utilize.

  • Courtney Green says:

    I can not wait to make my sub pack, this is such a good idea and will help me stay organized. The one thing that had me thinking was making sure I was prepared from the start of the day. I never thought about expecting last minute calls and making sure I had everything ready to go before hand. I am excited to start this next journey in my life and to help make a difference in each child’s life.

  • Christiana Lee says:

    I’ll definitely take my own version of a SubPack with me. It’s great to have a pre-made list of things that are useful to bring. I am eager to start substitute teaching as I am in the process of becoming a teacher myself now that I have graduated from grad school. I have had a heart for teaching ever since high school. My Biology teacher was a great inspiration to me. I am most eager to teach grades 7 through 12, but I am definitely open to gaining all the experience I can.

  • Abigail Aguilar says:

    I plan on taking with me my Sub Pack and leaving a substitute teacher report. The substitute teacher report is something that every permanent teacher would appreciate not only to let them know how the day went but to inform them what got done during the day and what didn’t.
    I decide to become a substitute teacher because I enjoy working with kids and it allows me to have the same schedule as they do. I don’t have a lot of experience working as a substitute teacher I only worked for a year and a half in a catholic school as a E.S.D teacher but the school closed so I had to get out but I loved and enjoyed working with all the kids.

  • Soledad Guerrero says:

    I loved the idea of the sub pack. This is probably the best tip. As I was reading it I realized how smart it is and how prepared it makes you. I decided to be a sub so Im available for my special needs daughter that is in 7th grade. I think I would like to sub for k-3.

  • RaeEllen Walker says:

    The idea of planning for everyday as if you are going to be teaching is a great way to be ready but also practice positive behaviors at home. Readiness is one of the keys to success and this reminds me of an old saying; dress for the job you want. When you exude your personal expectations regardless of need, you maintain that as a natural quality and others will see that and respond positively.

  • Tom Huebner says:

    The three things I come away with are: Making a good first impression on students; being able to communicate with the teacher about how class went by leaving a well-written teacher report; and finally, having a sub-pack. Very helpful to list what to bring!

  • Julie Vistaunet says:

    I have been working in my kids’ classrooms for the last 12 years and before that I was a high school physics teacher. I am trying to see if teaching is something I can get back into after all this time. I was reminded to ask questions when you walk into a school–what am I responsible for, what kids may have medical problems, how to get help from the office, etc. I tend to get so excited about getting to the classroom that I forget to get information that will help the day go so much smoother!

  • Meghan Absher says:

    The idea of having a business card to hand out it a Great Idea. I need to do this ASAP!

  • Melinda Klinka says:

    I agree with the comments about the sub pack and I also believe the sub report is very valuable to the permanent teacher.
    Since I have been in the business world prior to this, I appreciate the detail that is given as to what is needed to be done when you arrive at the school. I am most eager to teach middle and high school, Spanish, math and sciences.

  • Terry Green says:

    The most valuable information I learned is to always remember to bring a Sub Pack and leave sub report.


    Can’t wait to teach Special Needs students. I will take my sub pack in a backpack so I can have it as we travel the school.

  • Sara Meyer says:

    I think the Sub Pack is a great idea! I usually try to carry similar things in my purse, but I love the idea of having a separate bag with everything from band-aids to sticky notes. Also I like the Substitute Report you have generated. It looks very professional instead of scrounging for a piece of paper. Great, helpful tips!

  • Mailene King says:

    The main idea that will stick with me is BE PREPARED! The first thing that comes to mind is to prepared to work. A positive habit to uphold to begin the day, no matter if we receive a call to a school. Within the main idea, it never dawn on me to have a “Sub-pack”, I have assume…rather often that all materials will be present. Well, let’s be honest, more than likely I will be called upon for an emergency, therefore it is better to be over prepared than under prepared. It leads to less disruptions in the classroom.

    About me

    I am currently, a graduate student completing my PhD in Biological Sciences. I enjoy the subject of science. The topic fascinates me and I am always learning something new or making new connections. I am most excited to work with Middle School students to hopeful pique their curiosity in the various science fields. My main goal no matter who I work with or teach is to discuss and/or learn( hopefully from interactions) one new topic or area of content.

  • Gwendolyn Irby says:

    I will be relocating to Georgia in a few weeks. I would like to continue teaching but with a more flexible schedule starting out. Elementary special education classrooms would be my first choice; however, middle and high schools are options as well.

    The sub report and the sub pack were the two things that I plan to implement when I sub.

  • Lucia Lay says:

    I am looking forward to building an amazing Sub-pack. I have plenty of teaching experience but zero in this country so it will definitely be an exciting new challenge.

  • Karen Wiley says:

    I plan on leaving a positive substitute teacher report. A Sub-pack will be great to bring to supplement activities when students are waiting for other students to finish a lesson or task.
    I chose to become a substitute teacher to give me experience in the classroom while I’m working on my alternative teaching certification for grades 7-12, in English language arts & reading, Special Ed and ESL. I mostly want to work with middle and high school students, but with my background I can work with Special Education and ESL students in all grades.

  • Kayla Eborn says:

    I found the list of ideas and things to put in a sup-pack very helpful. Thank you

  • Heidi Simmons says:

    I really liked the idea of a sub pack! It will definitely come in handy! I have been a classroom teacher then decided to stay home to raise my children. My youngest is in first grade now so I thought I would substitute a couple days a week. Excited to get started!

  • Carol Allen says:

    A sub pack to carry with me? Huh,. never have seen a sub with a sub pack and the different age groups of kiddos it seems difficult to know what “level” the learners will be . Knowing I need to take one is somewhat a relief because I feel the need to take something as a just in case they finish early. It is s a good idea and having a bit of information about the level of the learners will be helpful as well in deciding what to take.

  • Ashley Kelley says:

    A sub pack to carry is a great idea. I am all about being prepared and having everything i need! I also like the idea of the sub report. Especially if there is something that needs to be addressed. Substitute teaching is going to be new territory for me but i am really excited to dive in. Both my children are in school and I also believe this will be a great way to see them some more and also creep back into the workforce.

  • Susan Mindell says:

    I was a classroom teacher for 35 years in elementary and middle schools, both public and private. I enjoyed my new found freedom, but missed being in a school setting surrounded by children. I have been substituting since I retired in 2011. My husband and I recently relocated from Maryland to live near our daughter and thirteen year old grandson. I am a positive person who feels confident in my ability to encourage students to do their best in the classroom. I also enjoy talking to children one on one when the timing is appropriate. I look forward to the opportunity to work with children in the Fulton County School System,

  • Marcella Hansen says:

    This portions was excellent in preparing me to enter into a classroom well prepared. The Sub-pack is an excellent way to tackle whatever challenges would possibly arise in your classroom. Leaving a report for the teacher and expressing in a positive way how helpful the class was is such a positive way to complement to regular teacher on how well she has taught the students. Even leaving a positive note about the student that may have struggled that day and how you turned it to a positive is good. I am all about positive recognition.

  • Brenda Wynn says:

    Hi, I start working with preschool children in 2011. I was a teacher assistant for the Head Start Program. Now that I’m in a new location I would like to use my education skills in the public school system. I feel becoming a substitute teacher is a great place to start. What I took from the videos was information to prepare myself everyday for the call. To enter the school everyday with confidence. Taking this course is a big step out of the box for me, because I’ve always worked in a Head Start setting.

  • Benjamin Hebebrand says:

    Stressing the positive and helpful behaviors by students to the permanent teacher is great!

  • Autymn Campbell says:

    Congratulations on completing the Professional Substitute Teacher section! After reviewing the material, what is one thing you’re going to take with you? Share your thoughts as a comment below! While you’re at it, tell us a little about yourself and your background. Why did you decide to become a substitute teacher? What grades are you most eager to teach?

    I really love the idea of a SubPack! Before I started this training program, I was unsure of what I would need. This lesson gave a great overview of ideas I can use and how to be prepared for anything. I believe one of the greatest tools of being a substitute (or teacher in general) is learning to “go with the flow”, but being able to use that flexibility as a tool to be a strong educator. I believe that the SubPack will allow me to be prepared for the unexpected.

    I am a newly graduated college student. My long term goal is to become a High School biology teacher. I am currently working toward getting my credentials and wanted to gain more experience in the classroom. I had teachers in the past who have greatly influenced my life for the better and I strive to be like them. I am excited to teach any age, but I think I am most excited to be in a High School setting. I think this course will help to prepare me and give me many ideas for being the best substitute teacher I can be.

  • Susan Pavlicek says:

    I got a lot of useful information from this segment! For instance, the SubPack is an excellent idea, as well as the substitute teacher report for the permanent teacher. I was a substitute teacher years ago and the amount of information was limited at that time. I am recently retired and feel like substitute teaching would be a perfect fit for me now. I also like the idea of reporting positive behavior over negative.

  • Evan Campbell says:

    Hi my name is Evan Campbell, and I am a recent graduate of William Jessup University. I decided to become a sub because I want to become a full time educator eventually, and I believe subbing will give me the experience needed to find my role in education. I look forward to subbing for high school level English courses.

    As for what I am going to take with me, I will definitely be bringing a full SubPack, but most importantly I want to bring a friendly and professional demeanor with me. I believe it will be essential to impressing teachers and staff, as well as giving a good impression to students.

  • Willie Blair says:

    The one asset I’m going to take with me on each assignment is a fully equipped Sub-Pack and make a first good impression with staff and students.

    I’m a grandmother and missionary on furlough with a background in world missions, business administration, and leadership. I decided to become a substitute teacher because; I’m a professional learner and want to impart wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to the young future leaders of America. I’m most eager to teach 8-12 graders.

  • Samantha Brown says:

    there are two things I am taking with me from this lesson I like the idea of making sure I prepare myself everyday as if I will be subbing even if I don’t sub for that day to be prepared for the last minute sub jobs. The second thing is the SubPack, I like the idea of carrying in my own materials that I can us to help the day go by faster for both me and the students. My name is Samantha Brown I worked as an head start aide for five years. The reason I want to become a substitute was that last year was a little difficult and i had realized I never had the chance to experience other grade levels besides just three and four year old children.

  • Chelsey Windl says:

    This section provided me with great tips on how to be prepared, including created a SubPak with my own materials, incentives, activities, etc. I also learned that it is important to leave a detailed report for the permanent teacher with notes on lessons that went well/ not so well, things that we didn’t get done, areas they may want to go over again, and students who were leaders & good role models in the classroom that day. My name is Chelsey and I am studying to be a school counselor. I decided to become a substitute to supplement my income while in grad school while getting more experience with kids in a school setting. I have worked with teens for quite some time and hope to sub at the elementary and/or middle school levels to gain more experience with those age groups.

  • Kristie Son says:

    One thing I would like to take with me is creating myself a SubPack! I have worked as a substitute teacher for about 10 months, and I have felt like I am not working to my best potential; thus, that is why I wish to take this course in order to make better impression with the schools I have been assign to. I think the SubPack is a wonderful idea in regards to substitute teaching, and it is a lot of fun to put together.

  • Joel Campise says:

    I have learned that my sub teaching skills need improvement. I like being able to learn how to handle different grade levels. I have worked for a few districts and I was never quite able to master the art of sub teaching.
    I think certificates are a great way to reward students that are doing what is expected of them in the classroom.

  • Jordan Geis says:

    I learned the importance of being prepared by having a SubPack prepared and be ready to leave a detailed substitute report for the permanent teacher after the day is over. I made sure to take not of leaving more positive feedback than negative feedback. I am looking forward to leaving positive reports for the returning teacher.

  • Hannah Sloan says:

    What I took from this first part of the course was the importance of a Subpack. To be as confident and prepared as possible for my day, I need a resource kit filled with activity materials, classroom supplies — including substitute teaching reports. The purpose of these reports is to complete the circle of communication between myself and the permanent teacher to make it a more efficient and seamless experience for all.

    My name is Hannah and I’ve always been passionate about the importance of a fair education but recently have been thinking about finishing my English degree with an education route rather than a creative writing one, and wanted to substitute teach to help guide me in my decision. I look forward most to teaching elementary age children because I believe it’s a formative time in which to instill the love of reading!

  • Gabrielle Smith says:

    My name is Gabi Smith and both of my parents have been in primary and secondary education my entire life. However, it is not until recently that I have taken an interest in following their footsteps. Something new that I learned about was the essential nature of the SubPack! It will be so fun to prepare and personalize my own. My mom always told me about the difference between good substitutes and inadequate substitutes in her experience and I believe this course will help me learn how to become a great substitute myself!

  • ZAKIA Sattar says:

    I have been working with children ages two to ten years for the past twenty years, mostly as a teacher’s aide. I wish to take this course to help me get a job as a substitute teacher in my school district as a well prepared sub. and also because now i would like to work on a flexible schedule.This section helped me to understand how i can prepare myself fora smooth and productive day as a sub as well as the proper guidelines I need to follow in order to insure the completion of the lesson plan laid down by the class teacher and to fill in the report at the end of the day to let the teacher know to what extent the goal was achieved and which students were able to grasp the subject and which students will need more help.The list of the sub-pack is a life saver.

  • Nikhil Reddy says:

    To be honest just the reinforcement of being prepared for work that morning whether or not I have a job ready. This will help me build good reputation with my school system when i can jump in a go immediately.

  • Brandi Gray-Blake says:

    the sub-pak and the note to teacher are the most valuable take aways for me.

  • Brenda Wynn says:

    Leaving the teacher a summary of how the class went for that day. My contact information and the sub pack.

  • Rochelle Maida says:

    I appreciated the information concerning the prepared Sub Pack to keep the class motivated and occupied when the teacher outline for the day is completed. I am looking forward to working with children in an educational field while having some flexibility with the schedule. I also liked the idea of including positive information in the teacher report to help her plan the next steps of her activities.

  • Madison Hendrickson says:

    I plan on bringing with me a sub-pack. All of the supplies ensure that you are literally ready for anything. Even though I will be substitute teaching for only a few months before I go back to school, I want to be the best substitute teacher that I can be. My sub-pack will help with this.

  • Mark Kopecky says:

    I plan to put together a sub pack to have with me when I’m called in. I’ve always thought I might enjoy being a teacher, but I’ve worked for over 30 years in another field. I recently lost my job when my employer re-organized, so this seemed like a good chance to try out a new career idea.

  • PAUL O'RILEY says:

    Hi, I’ve been an English and Classroom teacher overseas for over 10 years and recently moved back home to be closer to family. Substitute teaching is a perfect fit for me and I find the material in this course to be useful, relevant and practical. I’ll get started on building my own sub-pack now, keeping in mind it changes with grade level so I will keep building as I go.

  • Xiomara Burns says:

    One thing I will take with me from this lesson is to be professional and well organized. The Subpack is a great way to stay organized and prepared for your day. I am excited to interact with the youth and help educate them. This position also comes with flexibility in schedule which I like.

  • Joe Hearne says:

    Finally got all the information to be a successful Sub. Thanks for providing this information.

  • Cherrye Bess-Branch says:

    I have volunteered in the Special Ed department of my local high school for 4 years when my kids were in high school. After they graduated, I decided I would become a substitute teacher. Thinking about becoming a certified teacher. I was disabled but now I believe I can return to work. I love this work and the students.

  • Mary Viar-Coyne says:

    I really like the idea of the subpack and when dealing with younger students especially I like the ideas for including motivators to keep the students focused and on task throughout the day.

  • nicole sullivan says:

    I love the idea of bringing a printed substitute report template to be filled out with the days events. Providing your contact info or even a business card is genius! As a former classroom teacher, I remember returning from an illness or family matter being very unsure as to who had been in my classroom and if they had even completed my plans. The report creates a clear line of communication and sets you up to hopefully be a consistent substitute teacher in that classroom community.

  • Amita Sahu says:

    Good pieces of information for an efficient sub teacher !
    Since I love art,I liked the idea of a SubPack to fill with as many art supplies to make any lesson interesting enough.

  • Amita Sahu says:

    This program is very interesting.

  • Madisson Prater says:

    I never exactly thought about the time before and after the main day and how it should be utilized as a substitute. My time as a substitute will be enhanced if I come and leave as prepared as possible. On another note, I really am excited for all ages but look most forward to the high school levels!

  • Jeffery Welter says:

    A very nice summary of what a Sub needs to be thinking of and planning for when stepping in for the permanent teacher. I took away the importance of preparing a SubPak of materials and the tips on how to complete the Sub Teacher Report. The video made clear the importance of following the permanent teachers lesson plan and reporting observations on progress made towards achieving the plan while noting those who have performed well and those who may need re-teaching.

  • Brooke Beeksma says:

    After reviewing the material, what is one thing you’re going to take with you? Share your thoughts as a comment below! While you’re at it, tell us a little about yourself and your background. Why did you decide to become a substitute teacher? What grades are you most eager to teach?

    This is the first part of the substitute training and I am getting excited to teach. My biggest take away from this lesson is the note about focusing on positives in the Sub Report for the permanent teacher. I remember how badly some subs were treated in school growing up and it was so frustrating when the sub would turn on the class. Then the rest of the day would be negative! This does not have to be the case. I really want to be a positive sub and focusing on the well-behaved students instead of those few who may be causing problems is a good start.

    I am currently taking a course called Teacher of Tomorrow so I can get my certifications to permanently teach high school math. I am very excited to get my feet wet with this substitute job.

  • Natalie Hinton says:

    I learn a lot of valuable information, but the Subpack is something that I think would be beneficial and help with completing the job. I would like to sub K-7 grade, but I’m open to all grades.

  • Angela R Seehafer says:

    Thank you very much for putting together the study guides and Learning platform it is very helpful. I really liked what the sub said on the video about leaving a business card along with the teachers report. This gives the teacher your contact information and they will remember you in the future. I also thought it was a good idea to leave positive comments on which students where great helpers throughout the day.

  • Tralaina Jones says:

    I will make sure to have a sub pack and leave a substitute teacher report!!! To also dress comfortable but professional.

  • Leman Tatari says:

    The Professional Substitute Teacher section was packed with great information. The main thing I want to take from this is how to make a good first impression. 1. Dressing professionally and displaying confidence. 2. Greeting the students at the door with a smile 3. Focus on reinforcing good behavior and try to avoid disciplining disruptive behavior.
    I really liked the tip about about saying something positive to a student who is being disruptive.

    I’ve considered teaching for a long time but finally have the freedom to pursue it as a career. First, I want to substitute teach before I consider doing it full-time. The grade/age range I’m best suited for will be more clear once I get some experience. Middle or High school are preferable to me because the material is more advanced. I have the most knowledge in History even though my degree is in Sociology.

  • Djazia Awad says:

    The one thing I can take with me today from this professional substitute training is the Substitute Teacher Report. Permanent teachers would like to have a feedback regarding how their students performed that day. I want to substitute because I would like to help children learn. I would prefer to teach middle and high school students.

  • Christina Ballard says:

    Personally, I really like the Subpack. I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I love how it used to come in handy when planning and being prepared for the unexpected! I also really like the tips on before school, during the day, and even after. It brings back flashback memories of substitutes that I’ve encountered so most of the tips I could relate to very well, some of which, I can learn from past mistakes of others. My dream job is to really pursue full time teaching in a public school setting, but I wanted to take this course on substitute teaching because it may come in handy in the long run. My mom was a substitute for a while and it gave her a lot of experience and helped her when she started a family of her own. I’m hoping that this course will help prepare me for the future. It doesn’t matter too much what grades I teach, however, I do love grades 1-3 more but I can be flexible and teaching the grades that I am certified for (Grades 1-5).

  • geneva little says:

    The Sub pack is a great idea and I will definitely be implementing that tool through out my career.

  • Thomas Bobbitt says:

    What questions to ask the office upon arrival to the school.

  • Veena Ganesh says:

    The SUB PACK is one thing i would never leave behind before entering the class room. Well, preparing for the “last minute call- day” is a great idea too.
    I worked as a teacher back in India and always appreciated those teachers who saved my day. Now, while i got this, I want to do the same here.

  • Yvette Gourde says:

    The two items I most valued within this content. First, the subpack was a fantastic idea. Will definitely use that one! Second, the teacher report was quite impressive. Great idea!

  • Emily Riese says:

    I never would have thought to bring a SubPack because most teachers have all of those items but sometimes it is hard to locate them.

  • Shannon Young says:

    Ask questions upon arrival; be prepared to present fun activity from substitute toolkit.

  • DIanna Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for putting together a list of ideas for the Sub pack! Great ideas. I think the most helpful is the idea of having a sub report already in hand when going in to teach. I currently sub for paras (assistants) and always leave notes when I sub so they know what I covered, or if I ran into any “snags”. I think it is just common courtesy to let others know what you did in their place when subbing. I am interested in subbing in the gradeschools, grades K-4th. I have always wanted to be a teacher, but going back to school at this point in my life is not an option so I am excited for the opportunity to teach.

  • Alivia Chauvin says:

    There was a lot of information I will take with me from this section! I enjoyed reading the tips about how to prepare when called in and the importance of you, yourself, answering the phone when called in. The Subpack is such a smart idea and I think it is awesome that substitutes are able to have that on hand to bring with them and review throughout the day! One thing I will take with me is the importance of filling out the form for the teacher. I did not realize the importance of informing the teacher of what the students completed, how their behavior was, and all in all how the day went. I will definitely carry this with me as I move forward because I feel communication is important and the form is a great tool for the substitutes and teachers to communicate. I think the form also helps build a type of relationship with the teachers, they find how how you conduct a classroom and maybe will enjoy you enough to keep you in mind the next time the teacher needs a sub.

  • John Gillespie says:

    I am going to make mt Sub Pack as soon as I can. My back pack is not complete. Thanks for the info.

  • blheder says:

    I sub in Middle schools and highschools – its been a couple years now, and I agree, the sub report is a huge deal, once I started that it became easy for my to stay booked in my preferred subjects and schools.

    I will say I have never found need for a robust sub pack. I simply have my personal items – sub reports – and sticky notes. I do primarily teach in highschools and that may be the reason.

  • Nneka Onyeka says:

    The sub pack is something i will take away from this lesson. The list makes it easy for one to have an ideas of materials and things needed in the classroom. I have been a substitute for over 6 years, I am glad that i have the opportunity to help make an impact in a child’s life and also contribute towards our community.

    Thank you

  • Nneka Onyeka says:

    The sub pack is something i will take away from this lesson. The list makes it easy for one to have an idea of materials and things needed in the classroom. I have been a substitute teacher for over 6 years, I am glad that I have the opportunity to help make an impact in a child’s life and also contribute towards our community.

    Thank you

  • Christine Luza says:

    Thank you for all the helpful tips and ideas! I especially love the Substitute Teacher Report. What a wonderful way to professionally network!

  • Kayla Parsons says:

    The SubPak is something I plan on taking with me each time I substitute teach. I love the idea of always being prepared for the unexpected because, as most educators know, we can have a detailed plan that just simply does not work out. I strive to achieve greatness and expect nothing less of myself while substitute teaching and that is why I also plan on reaching out to the staff for help and support. They are a lot more experienced than I am at this point and I am sure they want nothing but success for me and the classroom I am responsible for that particular day.

  • Andy Allemann says:

    I look forward to teaching high school students and bringing out the best in every student I meet. It is an experience that I wish I had as a student, and I hope to make a difference in their day!

  • Elizabeth Stites says:

    Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I decided to sub for a number of reasons. I’ve tutored before and loved it, but this also allows me a flexible schedule that I need right now. I’ve never subbed before, but I tutored elementary school kids, and college kids, and I’ve mentored high school kids, so I’m not sure I have a grade preference. While most of this is self explanatory, and common sense, there are some things that seem particularly useful – like a run down of the logistics of reporting for subbing. I also really appreciate that this includes what to do in a worse case scenario (i.e. you can’t find the lesson plan). I also think that the subpack will be useful, although I’m not sure how robust it needs to be yet; I figure I’ll add as I go. I’ve also printed off the sub report, and plan on utilizing that every time I sub, hopefully this will allow me to get and continue to get subjects that I enjoy.

  • Allie Hetherington says:

    I feel like the substitute teacher report is a great, professional way to relay information about the day to the permanent teacher.
    I look forward to teaching high school students!

  • Benjamin Lambert says:

    I became a substitute teacher as a temporary position after graduating college and had no idea that I would absolutely love it! I only subbed the last 3 months of the 2017/18 school year, but I learned so much in that timeframe. I already have a sort of SubPack, but will definitely be updated thanks to your suggestions, and already had a process of leaving detailed substitute teacher reports, but will make sure I adapt to the suggestions made here. I love how your program so far has broken down every detail of the day and has reminders for the smallest things, like keys and extra duties, that can easily be forgotten if not made note of in the lesson plans. I look forward to the rest of this program and getting back to subbing in a new area since moving away from home for grad school!

  • Dominique Marlow says:

    I hadn’t thought about leaving a detailed substitute report at the end of the day, even though it would have been extremely useful for me while I was a classroom teacher myself.
    I’ve decided to become a substitute because I’ve taught in the classroom before, and subbing will give me the same schedule as my children, but also a flexible schedule as I go back to school myself.
    My degree is in middle grade education, so I look forward to working with that age group.

  • Megan Kilpatrick says:

    The sub pack is something I look forward to creating, I am thankful for the downloadable list of ideas attached in the training.

  • Samuel Heithold says:

    The subpack is a great idea. I am new to teaching so little tips like this to ease the transition are very helpful.

  • Larana Pierce says:

    Hi. I found the most useful information was the notes about each school and the estimated travel times. I already started a sub pack and have some things prepared ahead of time, or can be ready at a moment’s notice. I find that even though I have been to a school a few times, I still google the directions or travel time.
    I prefer elementary (only after having taught middle and high). I have sometimes found that they are easier to keep quiet and on task. 😉
    I became a substitute mainly because of the schedule flexibility since at this point in my life I am needing a lot of time off for doctor visits and related illness issues, but I also enjoy how rewarding it can be when a child is learning something they didn’t know before and feeling that someone is listening to them as well.

  • Sarah Johnston says:

    Leaving a positive Sub Report, which includes academic info instead of just behaviors. I subbed last year and mostly enjoyed middle school age kids, even if they are tough sometimes :-).

  • Jamira Patterson says:

    After reviewing several side notes and reviewing the video of an professional substitute and what can lead to having requests in the future, I see that it is very important for a permanent teacher to be able to come back to his/her class and know what was specifically taught. Needless to when substituting try to follow the lesson plan as planned out by the permanent teacher then if needed too add in a fill in activity so that the class does not just sit there and potentially get rowdy, if not fully disciplined. Once a permanent teacher gets a gist of what was all went over and where the plan may have stopped they would not have to try two options which are, one going over the whole lesson plan that was left for the substitute or two ask the students which would may not be fully recommended.
    Something that I also got from both the tips and the video would be to always be prepared. Just as the tips said set out substitute clothes, lunch box, notecards of the schools that may contact you, and get prepared as if you already got the call to go in and substitute so that things would not be so overwhelming. If you do this it would show the school that you are responsible and that they can count on you to be prepared for future calls.

  • Tracy Holcombe says:

    I love the idea of a subpak. It will help me feel prepared and organized.

    I have decided to become a sub so that I can help out in the schools and have a flexible schedule.

  • Archana Muttagi says:

    Firstly, thank you so much for building a very user friendly and easily understandable study material. The Videos added human touch and made it more dynamic, no wonder how much efforts have gone into it!.
    I worked for more than a decade in IT industry, and 2 years in teaching field. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and I would like to pursue teaching again, also the flexible hours will help to take care of my 2 kids.
    The sub pack is very meticulously planned and is very handy.
    Substitute teacher report is a must, and the video explains its necessity very well, and good to be followed.
    To conclude, this section was interesting!
    Thank you,
    Archana Muttagi

  • Norma Allred says:

    I will definitely bring the sub pack to be prepare in any scenario and the substitute report pdf file, I think this is a great way to communicate with the teachers.
    I volunteered for 5 years at my kids’s schools and have always connected well with the students. I look forward to substitute teaching in elementary and middle schools and my preferred subject is Spanish class, but I can assume any role.

  • Mary Ellen Redway says:

    Thank you! Sub Pack will be awesome!!

  • Eileen Langford says:

    I have already been doing some of the things included in this lesson. I will create the note cards for the various schools including the principal information for each school. My contact with the staff at the schools I have substituted at has been positive, and they are always willing to help out when I am asked to do a task I am not familiar with. I appreciate the list of items for the sub pack, it is clear I need to expand mine.
    Eileen Langford

  • Tort Verner says:

    I learned about creating a SubPack that is useful and convenient and filled with necessary items for a teacher to have on hand.

  • Carolyn Lee says:

    I learned a few new items to put in my Sub Pack. Good ideas.

  • Jacqueline Malone says:

    I really enjoyed learning about the the importance of making a list of the various schools information, the Substitute Bag and the Substitute Teacher’s Report. These are the things I will use when working as a substitute teacher. I also loved the emphasis placed on the substitute teacher having a good attitude and the tips on how to encourage the students through learning. This is the reason I chose to become a substitute teacher.

  • Emily Osnaya says:

    First I want to appreciate for all the good information provided. I have learn that it’s very important to have a good professional, friendly and enthusiastic environment. It’s also matters to always have a good attitude. And that we must do what teachers leave because we need to appreciate their hard work , to teach this students it takes regular effort of education. Also we have to be prepare for anything .In have a positive attitude and dedication to help teachers as will as the students. We need to always have our subpack it will be very helpful. Thank you again for all this good information.

  • Veronica Cross says:

    I have learned that a sub-pack is very important to have. As a sub you never know what situation may occur and what you may need during the day. I am interested in teaching all grade levels. I love that I will be able to be apart of the learning process for our next generation.

  • Monserrat Salcido Paz says:

    I recently decided to become a substitute teacher after working as a school nurse because I love working with kids and the flexibility of the job. I plan on using the Substitute teacher report as I think leaving feedback is very useful. When I had to have another nurse cover for me, I was nervous for my students but coming back and reading a note with information about how the day went always brought a sense of relief and trust that they were in good hands.

  • Ayanna Shell says:

    For someone still fresh out of high school being a substitute teacher is more than its title. My current mentor was one of my substitute teachers at first impression she was tough and strict yet it provides a structure of learning. The mention of the impression that students develop for a substitute teacher is true because it was evident that she came to teach and not lunge around my respect for her was high. It’s the motivation that she provided to me not just in the class, but in life that has to help me to come to my final year of undergraduate in college where I’m now prepping for medical school.

  • Farzana Khan says:

    From the sub skill training course I learnt so many things, such as as a professional substitute teacher I have to wear professional and comfortable clothes and shoe. I should be in the class room at least 30 minutes before the class starts. I have to read carefully the sub plan and follow every steps through out the day. I think that is the most important task as a sub teacher. I should be prepared myself to deal with a bunch of new students. First impression is the most important at the very beginning of a day, so greet the students with smile at the door. Need to build positive relationship with the students both helpful and difficult ones. I have to try to best to get work done by them. At the end of the day leaving note with pros and cons is very important for the permanent teacher.
    I enjoy from pre-K to high school students especially love to being with elementary students.
    I love to work in an educational environment, I like to explore new things and I prefer flexible work time. That’s why substitute teaching as a profession is perfect for me where I can experience various people with various topics.

  • Chinwe Ibekwe says:

    The sub-pack idea is awesome. Thank you also for all the other tips on how to be a very efficient Sub.

  • michael appel says:

    I’m learning very much I did not know before. Thank you very much.

  • Susan Neeley says:

    I love the ideas on what to do at home to better prepare myself for a call. I have never worked “on call” before, so the preparation ideas really helped reduce any anxiety or worries around the thought of getting a last minute call to go in and substitute. The SubPak idea is great! I also love the tips on giving the substitute teacher report. The communication will be super important and helpful to the permanant teacher and the students.

    Thank you,

  • Martha Powell says:

    The suggestions in the section are right on. Being prepared with a thoroughly prepared sub pack can remove any fears of being unprepared. Thanks for a great lesson.

    I am a retired teacher with multiple certifications. I have been a substitute teacher in my hometown for many years but there is always room for improvement.

  • Tessa Schuermann says:

    Thank you for the helpful information! I learned a lot about how I can be prepared for all types of situations, and how important it is to communicate thoroughly with the permanent teacher. I am looking forward to being a substitute teacher for all grades, as I’m not yet sure which age group I will connect with most.

  • Chelsea Goodlow says:

    I have learned about the sub pack! Being prepared is being professional. A ideal mind is a terrible thing to waste. I want to follow out with the Substitute teaching note being helpful to the permanent teacher by keeping her to date on what happened while she wasn’t there. I am taking the Substitute teaching course, because I want to teach kindergarten. I am excited to work with elementary kids.

  • Mary Gedge says:

    Use the sticky notes on the folder if the teacher doesn’t have a role.

  • hassan lawal says:

    I learned a lot from this section i always wonder if i should bring something to class everyday a sub pack sounds very appealing now and i have been subbing for a year now, mainly 7th and 8th grade.

    • Paavo Carey says:

      Thus far I have learned the most from the pre-test activity. Although I am a veteran teacher I still identified 7 focus areas to improve my practice summarized below:
      1. Say something positive to the students exhibiting negative behaviors.
      2. Follow permanent teachers lesson plan as closely as possible.
      3. Keep learning activities going until the end of each period.
      4. Master more different teaching strategies
      5. Discuss student information only with those who need to know
      6. State rules clearly and concisely for best response
      7. Wait 5-10 seconds for responses to questions. Increases the likelihood of an intelligent answer. Increase wait time, lower voice.

  • Terry Cheeseman says:

    I plan to be prepared, organized, and a few steps ahead of the students to prevent behavior issues. The Smart Pack supply list has been downloaded and saved in my Substitute file folder on my lap top, a key hook will be used to secure classroom keys so I will not be responsible for the building to be rekeyed, and morning preparations and school file cards have been mentally noted.

  • Lisa Allen says:

    My biggest takeaway is the subpack. I’d initially planned to create something like this, but the suggestions for contents and use are both incredibly helpful. Thank you!

  • Jean Westover says:

    I appreciated the ideas and concepts I learned in this session. It was helpful to know what kind of feedback teachers find most useful. I also think the Sub Pac will be a great tool to help me, as substitute teacher, be more prepared. I am looking forward to having the flexibility as a substitute teacher and continuing to work with special needs children and young adults.

  • David Rucklos says:

    Having never substituted yet, I would imagine the SubPack and Substitute Teacher Report will be constant go to for the position. I know I’ll get use to the “at first entering the school” instructions, but the information presented about such helps me to understand there is a protocol to staring the day.

  • Sarah Frobisher says:

    I love the details about the sub report. I plan to download a sub report form and use it each time, unless the teacher has one they prefer and provide.

  • Jeri Davis says:

    I appreciated all of the information that was just provided. I am so nervous for my first day and all of this information has provided me with insight on how to prepare and be ready for the call. The Subpack is an awesome tool to have and be prepared as well. I am certainly going to get this tool ready. The Substitute Teacher is a great tool as well to ensure the communication between the Teacher and Substitute Teacher.

  • Emily Richardson says:

    My sub-pack will be extremely important as well and my attitude being crucial for setting the tone for the day!

  • Mandi McCrary says:

    I found a couple of lists on what to expect from me by the end of the day very helpful. I am in college to become a teacher so though subbing would be a cool way to start getting my name out there as well as meet kids and see what to expect. I am leaning towards elementary aged kids rather that the older kids. Younger kids have always been a passion of mine as well.

  • LaJauta Dauda. says:

    In this section, I have learned to make sure I give detailed information at the end of the day and since I have never heard of a SubPak, I will now pepare one for the future.

  • Shavoya Mayhew says:

    Hello everyone! My name is Shay and I am an elementary education major at Liberty University. I recently obtained my associates degree in elementary education from Georgia State as well. However, thanks to STEDI I think I will be ready to actually sub in a real class as I continue to study. I am looking forward to using some of the great tips given In the first lesson. For example, I now know the importance of the sub pack. In addition, how to prepare a night before in order to answer all calls and handle myself professionally upon arrival to the school. Thanks STEDI and good luck to everyone on your educational journey <3

  • Lisa Chandler says:

    I’m so excited to put my Subpack together! What a great idea!

  • Yolanda Stone-Flowers says:

    I’m a stay at home mom who volunteers a lot at my two youngest children’s elementary school. A friend who is a music teacher put the bug in my ear to give being a substitute teacher a good shot and I realized that it was such a good idea. Two major things that I learned so far is how wonderfully helpful a Sub Pak will be while covering a class. It’s a great way to be prepared on so many levels; and the Substitute Teacher Report, which is a great idea to share information with the permanent teacher.

  • Adrian Stockman says:


    I think that I am most interested in getting back into the classroom setting as being a Sub was my first job out of college. I prefer the younger grades but, All levels need people to interact and care about their learning when the permanent teacher isn’t there.

  • robert Lethlean says:

    I can’t wait to get back with the little ones!

  • Margaret Whitt says:

    One thing I will definately take with me is the sub report form! I have always left detailed messages in the passed but I like the organization of using the form. I have substituted in the past and I like subbing for ALL grades. I was a sub then I became a paraprofessional, but since I am adopting a 1 and 2 year old I had to go back to working part time and I LOVE being a sub.

  • UNIX says:

    The one thing I will endeavor to improve on is my Substitute Teacher’s Report to the permanent teacher. I will add more details on the students who were on task, and those students who were not on task, and what I added to the lesson.

    I have been substitute teaching since 2007 in my retirement and enjoy substitute teaching all subjects, including special ed, in the senIor high school grades.

  • Ernie Martinez says:

    Having been a classroom teacher, it is a great idea since I decided to go back and substitute following my decision to retire. There are several excellent ideas that I plan to use and put together now that I have decided to substitute.

  • seschiff says:

    After reviewing the material, I realize that I need to add more items to my existing SubPack.

    I learned about the importance of leaving positive feedback for the permanent teacher on the Substitute Teacher Report and not focus on the negative.

    I became a substitute teacher when my daughter was in middle school and followed her through high school, and her graduation in 2012, and where I continue to sub. I prefer working with high school students.

  • Samantha Smith says:

    I found the substitute letter and sub-pack very helpful and interesting. I will take each of these into the classroom with me as I help the teacher bring lessons to the students in their classroom.

  • Sarah Dutra says:

    I found this section to be very helpful! I love the suggestion on note cards for each school I may be working with, how to best prepare for the day and what I should plan to take with me. I have heard a lot about sub-packs and I’m super excited to put one together for my future subbing assignments! I also really appreciated the info and tips for leaving an end of day report for the permanent teacher. I can see the importance and how it can be so helpful.

    I have taught preschool for 12 years and am taking a break to focus more on my family, but I am not ready to say goodbye to being in the classroom permanently…so the option to sub in my kids’ school district is the perfect match for me!

    I enjoy the younger age groups best, but would love to experience a classroom with an older group as well!

  • Martha Orona says:

    Thank you for all the information, I cant wait to use it in the classroom, I hope I can leave a good impression and be call by the teachers to substitute again. I found the Substitute Teacher Report helpful and I download a copy for future use; the Subpack is something I am exited to get ready . I am originally from Mexico and I will be Subbing for all grades Spanish Teachers. I can’t wait to start this great adventure; I will make sure to return the keys at the end of the day, I don’t want the school to spend $15,000.00 dl to make new keys for the entire school.

  • Angela Hoberg says:

    Good Afternoon,
    This is all new to me so all the information that was presented was very helpful. The forms for your Sub-Pack and Substitute Teacher Report will be a great guide to get me started in the classroom.

  • Jeana Price says:

    Hi I am Jeana, I am a mother of four children. I chose to be a substitute teacher because I love working with kids and I wanted to do something that would allow me to be on the same schedule as my children. I have already learned a lot. I want to be a substitute for grades k-5. I’m excited to get my SubPack packed:)

  • Brenda Renfro says:

    Hi Jessica and fellow Subs!

    The Sub-Pack of tools I found most useful and will definitely build such a Pack. Also, the Sub Teacher Report is great for understanding and following protocol, as well as the before school, during the day and end of the day procedures.

    I am very excited about embarking on my first Sub Teaching experiences, after many years as a business manager/administrator. My experience includes professional development/corporate training, as well as prior teaching and tutoring experience with first & second graders. A lifelong learner, I am also a mother and grandmother, so I’ve gained lots of experience with children of all ages, and have learned that positive attitude, patience, communication, sincerity and integrity, are vital to learning and teaching, regardless of ages of the learners.

    Brenda Renfro
    Sacramento, CA

  • Linda Henderson says:

    The reason I have chosen this field of work is my love for children. I believe children of todays world need good roll models. People they can trust and look up to. I have a lot of experience with young adults and children and feel I would be of great value. This course is teaching me the details and attitudes one must be prepared to take to class.

  • Vivian Brown says:

    The reason I have chosen this field is that I have two kids in elementary school. I believe that this is the time to influence the best learning experience with kids as they grow and move forward with their education. I think that the Sub Pac is a smart and helpful. I believe leaving the teacher a report would be very informative and helpful. This report will let the teacher know what happened while He/or she was not present, what was covered and not covered in the class for that day. Great Idea

  • Christian Rodriguez says:

    Hello, My name is Christian Rodriguez. One thing I will take with me is SubPack. I think having the right materials and supplies will help guide me carry out my daily tasks efficiently as possible. I also think that my students will observe how being resources will help you prepare you for anything when it comes to learning something new. This is in the best sense of the term: Education.
    I decided to become a teacher because I believe in education. I come from a family of teachers and I have always loved the idea of becoming one. After careful thought, I decided to become a substitute teacher first before becoming a permanent teacher in hopes of receiving the necessary experience. I want to teach science and literature because they are my two favorite subjects.
    At the moment, I am eager to substitute all grade levels to help me observe how children of all ages learn. This will give me an ideal approach on how to educate them.

  • Emily Stilwell says:

    One thing that i found that was very useful was the Sub pack. I never thought about packing all the little things. Have thing ready to go when you need it as a sub, will make the job a lot easier throughout the day.

  • paulettebyars says:

    A grade level appropriate subpack is a great idea. I also learned to leave the permanent teacher more than just behavior remarks. I will be brief about how successful the day was, but be sure to highlight those students who were helpful.

  • Heidi Walker says:

    I really enjoyed learning about what goes into a sub pack and I know I will be better prepared for my sub classroom assignments. I am in the process of switching careers from corporate America. I sense a calling on my life to become a elementary school teacher to ultimately make a tremendous impact in the lives of students. As I work toward passing my admissions examines, substitute teaching will give me the one-on-one experience I need to transition into the role of a permanent elementary school teacher.

  • Ashley Martinez says:

    I truly enjoyed this course I learned things that I didn’t know about. The “Sub Pack” is a great idea that I will be taking with me. I have a medical back ground I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, this is my step in the right direction to give me the inside and to be ready to one day have my own classroom. I would love to teacher middle school Math.

  • Melissa Griffin says:

    Will be taking the SubPack for grade appropriate levels. I love elementary students and look forward to helping teachers when they are needing to leave. My children are grown and this will keep me active, and look forward to encouraging students with learning.

  • Sheri Holmes says:

    I learned a great deal about being a substitute teacher. I really liked the idea to greet each student at the door as they enter the classroom. I also learned to have a lesson plan to keep the students interested until the end of class.

  • Shuchi Sharma says:

    My name is Shuchi Sharma and I moved to the US from India two years back. I love working with kids. I have taught College kids before and at present work in the Eyelevel Center part time. I have two grown up kids and really like the opportunity Substitute teacher provides as it is flexible and rewarding. The most important thing would definitely be the Subpack and also reviewing the lesson plan left by the permanent teacher and try to follow it as closely as possible. Lastly thank the school for the opportunity provided to us. I would like to work with Elementary kids.

  • Judith Wagner says:

    I am very impressed with the course material so far. I can see the importance of arriving early and being prepared. I also believe, as the course teaches, that professionalism will give the school staff and students the right impression of you and will be a plus in handling and/or avoiding behavioral problems. The SubPack is a brilliant idea that I will certainly incorporate into my sub teaching.
    I am retired and have a volunteer position as a Reading Partner (for K-3) with a local ISD. This limited exposure to teaching has given me the desire to go further and enter substitute teaching.

  • Katy Hammerstrom says:

    I think that the subpack is a great idea! Sometimes you can’t find the simplest of things on someone else’s desk but it is a necessity for the lesson, having my own pack of materials is wonderful. Also, I believe that the substitute report is invaluable. The permanent teacher needs to know where to pick up the next day and if anything was left out. Another thing that is useful to me, is having a list of school information cards on hand. I am new to the area that I am looking to teach in, so having an idea of how long it takes to get to the school and/or phone numbers and start times is very important.

  • Dawn Moore says:

    There are several very valuable ideas in this section – the subpack, note cards, business cards and sub report are all items that I would utilize. I have been in the real estate title industry for 24+ years in Texas. My husband and I relocated to Louisiana for his career and unfortunately my skill set isn’t transferrable due to the many law variations and requirements. However, the one thing I have always enjoyed is learning and being a substitute teacher will allow me that; there is no better way to learn than to teach. I am very excited for this new chapter in my life!

  • Lawrence Moore says:

    I now will plan on using a sub pack when I substitute. Also, I’ve learned the importance of arriving 20 minutes before my substitute assignment.

  • Dre Watson says:

    The Subpack is definitely something important that i will bring to each class that sub in, i believe that it is very important because unexpected situations happens all the time time in daily life. Substitute teaching is a great way for me to be able to interact with the youth and older kids and teach them positive life long lessons that they will remember as they become adults.

  • Michelle Nelson says:

    I found the Sub Pack and list of materials to pack to be very helpful! I was a teacher for 5 years and took an extended maternity leave. I found it super helpful when substitute left a detailed note about the day. I can’t wait to start subbing and be in the classroom again!

  • Katherine Kesler says:

    This has been so encouraging and helpful! I especially liked the info about the SubPack. I will feel much more prepared now! I’m excited to complete the rest of this course and gain even more knowledge. I plan to sub pre-K – 5th.

    Katherine Kesler

  • Sharolyn Wilson says:

    I will always make sure to carry my substitute pack and include professional as well as personal supplies.

  • John McKissick says:

    My take away is the subpack.

  • Victoria Chapman says:

    I really like the idea of a sub-pack. This is a great idea to enhance positive behavior. I believe the rewards part of the pack will help relieve some of the anxiety that students have with meeting new adults, thus eliminating some of the bad behavior. I have always worked in the school system as a computer assistant and wondered why I had the respect of students now I understand why after completing this first course. I have followed many of the guidelines that where introduced such as the dressing as a professional, being positive and responding with respect to my peers and students, building relationships with everyone, and be prepared for anything.

  • Alaina Hollander says:

    Preparing a starter activity for students to complete while I am tracking down lost sub plans or materials at the start of the day (or during transitions) is one idea I will be taking with me.

  • Angela Brown says:

    The sub Pack is an amazing and a great way to remain on task.

  • Jacob Powers says:

    One thing that I learned from the Professional Substitute Lesson, that I will certainly use in the future is the Sub Pack. This is one of the greatest ideas for a substitute teacher because we don’t necessarily know what the classroom we will be entering, will look like. That classroom could have a shortage of pencils or paper, or even something like personal items such as cough drops if you’re getting a sore throat. The Sub Pack will be the most utilized tool for me moving forward!

  • Teresa Dothard-Campbell says:

    The sub pack and starter kit. Having many of years of experience in the school setting, i’ve seen times when substitutes didn’t have or couldn’t find what they needed to complete the lessons. By having these items, it would allow me work more effeciently and with confidence. I decided to work as a substitute teacher to gain experience before entering my own classroom.

  • Dernard Newell says:

    I learned that coming in early is key. You will gave a good first impression to your students, teachers and administrators by being punctual.

  • Michelle Senecal says:

    I look forward to leaving notes for the permanent teacher on activities we completed and students who accomplished their tasks. This tutorial has been very enlightening. It reactivates my drive to bring out the best in students, to work to get to know them and their unique goals and aspiration. Also love the KWL concept. Always happy to encourage kids to reflect on what they know and what they hope to learn.

  • CAM WALKER says:

    Can’t wait for the permanent teachers to see the killer report from the day! I know leaving detailed reports will be of great help to the permanent teachers.

  • Audrey Huntington says:

    I plan to make cards for each school with pertinent information recorded. I substitute through a central agency that serves most of the schools in the county, so having that information readily available is a great idea.
    I also liked the idea of having outfits set to one side in the closet.
    I need to buy a new pair of shoes!
    I worked in a school system for 15 years before our move. Subbing is a way for me to begin being in school again.
    Audrey Huntington

  • Manda Wirth says:

    I loved the sub pack idea! I am returning to the professional workforce following 17 years of doing specialized foster care for at risk teen boys in our home, due to our 13 yr old daughter has been sexually assaulted twice within the last four months by our boys. I am finding this online training enjoyable, very informative, and helpful in preparing to enter into the classroom. I am excited for this new chapter in my life!

  • Trina Sisk says:

    Great course, helped me to understand the general expectations of all the grade levels.

    • Susan Stiver says:

      Everything in the course so far has been helpful, especially the reminders about positive communication and the idea of tallying positive interactions.

      I plan to use both the sub pack and the teacher report form.

      My husband and I have semi-retired and have relocated to help out with our teenage and pre-teen grandchildren. Subbing gives me some flexibility and allows me to draw on my background as an educator. The grades I’m most excited to sub for are second, third, and fourth.

  • Christopher Pope says:

    My starter pack is going to be important for me to get together , and dress professionally and greet the students at the door, first Impressions are very important, and my name is Chris I’m 20 years old and. I want to substitute teach because I love to help people and it’s such a flexible schedule

    • Christopher Pope says:

      I am eager to teach elementary school and middle school

    • George Webster says:

      I want to substitute because I like the challenge of different classes to teach each day. I like to meet different people, (students ire individual people, not just a class.), different backgrounds and personalities. I enjoy impacting the future!

  • Patricia Hockenberry says:

    This has been a very helpful training session for me, as I learned the overall expectations of being a substitute teacher. I have retired from the business world, and thought substitute teaching would be a great and flexible way of giving back to the community.
    The Sub Pack is at the top of my list to create. What a helpful tool! Certainly I will feel more confident when I walk into the classroom,
    I have only been in the classroom as a mentor, and through United Way activities, so I intend to start out at the elementary level!

  • Odalis Garnica says:

    Well explained course! I’ve learned many things, I will be using the substitute report!

  • Heather Hielsberg says:

    Hello, I am Heather, I am 35, have 2 kids, and overall have a very busy life. I think I will take the sub pack info as well as the wait, pause, wait pause method to my daily teaching methods. I am most interested in working with the disabled children as well as the younger children.

  • Rosaura Guido says:

    This course has so much great information! I will be using the Subpak and the Sub Report template for when I start subbing! I am very excited to begin. The course has given me all the information I need and I hope to be in the classroom setting soon!

  • Mandi Potter says:

    I love the substitute report idea. I currently coach a team, and substitute occasionally at our local middle school. This information has been eye-opening and I can’t wait to use it both in the classroom and with my team. Leaving a sub report will allow me to praise the kids participating instead of just leaving a list of names of kids who did not behave. Since I was young I always wanted to be a teacher, which is why I decided to start substitute teaching.

  • Kyle Christopher says:

    This course is very useful and practical. The subpack for personal and professional readiness will absolutely come in handy to make sure I’m ready for whatever comes my way on every teaching assignment!

  • Lynn McGuigan says:

    I have really enjoyed the course so far. It was really helpful to learn about the Sub Pack and Substitute Teacher Report.

  • Yolanda Pinzon Uribe says:

    First of all, thank you for putting together this user friendly material. It has been a real refresh: Skills for effective classroom management, teaching strategies and how to be a professional Sub… I really enjoy going through the course. Thank you

    Here are the following sections I gained the most information from:

    Prepare the class with the SubPack not only with materials, also with my own sub manual with strategies to help me have a positive interaction and effective day with the students. Definitely the SubPack is a wonderful resource I’m sure I will rely on in each class.

    The SubReport. I appreciate the substitute report pdf file with a fantastic template to work from. This is a great way to communicate with the teachers.

    The Teaching Strategies helping with a different toils for different situations that can make the different on the classroom and provide a creative learning for the students.

    I have many years of experience training and teaching people of different ages and backgrounds in different countries, and now living in US I would like to became Spanish Teacher and been a Substitute Teacher I can get connected into my community and schools.
    This will be my first substitute teacher experience and I would like to inspire my community and our future leaders with values ​​of solidarity, admiration and respect for difference, so I thought serving as a substitute teacher would be a wonderful place to start and do it.

    Again thank you for this wonderful “refresher course.” I am so excited to create my SubPack! also have my own NoteCards I believe they are an excellent way to be ready for those last minute calls!

    Thank you,


  • Forrestine Williams says:

    I will be creative and have a subpack ready just in case the lesson plans are not available. I am eager to teach elementary school aged children, although I will be available for all students. This will be an exciting experience.

  • Patricia Pugh says:

    I am reminded that the more prepared you are the better your day will be. I am a retired teacher who has decided to substitute after 2 years of retirement.

  • Beth Warner says:

    I am excited to put together my Sub pack! I think that is a great way to feel more prepared walking into the classroom. I have substituted before in a different state, but never heard of the Sub Pack idea or the Substitute Reports. I think they are both a great way to make sure the day is not wasted when the permanent teacher is away. I am going to be subbing at the middle school my kids attend and I know discipline is an issue there. Arriving to the classroom equipped with ideas, supplies, and the confidence of knowing I’m prepared is going to make all the difference, I believe. Thank you!

  • Laura Clarke says:

    I’m a new substitute teacher this semester, and I will definitely be preparing a SubPack. I am teaching in Elementary and Intermediate, focusing mainly on Special Education. I’ve worked in an office setting for 23 years, but always had a desire to teach. This semester I decided to just go for it, and I’ve already had some of the best experiences in my short time as a substitute. I feel like it will keep getting better and better, the more I learn, and the better prepared I am.

  • Denise Bourdeaux says:

    Hi. First of all, I love this training and find it extremely beneficial. The things that I am going to take with me after this online class are, to create a sub-pack with necessary items, academic items, fun desk work items if student are finished with work early, stickers, incentives, etc. What a wonderful way to be prepared for anything! The next take away I love, is to focus on the positive. What an encourager for young kiddos.
    Thank you for a great experience.
    Sincerely, Denise Bourdeaux

  • Tracy Cobb says:

    I think the Sub Pack is such a smart idea. I imagine it makes all the difference in feeling organized for the day. I also love the Substitute Teacher Report and plan to always give feedback to the permanent teacher. I know I would want that if I were him/her. I’m also inspired to design some cute business cards for myself. Great idea!

    Tracy Cobb

  • Molly Blazak says:

    I’m so grateful to have been provided with this training! After reviewing this section, I hope to create a SubPack of my own to make the lessons more exciting and engaging!
    I’ve only subbed for a handful of classes, but I’m excited to try these new tips and techniques in future classes! It’s always scary feeling like you’re going into a classroom blind – did the teacher leave sub plans? what is the classroom culture like? what if the students have severe behavioral problems? what if they hate the lessons?
    This training will make me feel so much more prepared to enter any classroom with new tools that I can practice to make the subbing day a successful one. 🙂

  • Rebekah Price says:

    The SubPack sounds like a great idea! I decided to substitute teach after moving from another state for my husband’s job as it seemed to be the only job option in front of me about which I actually felt excited. I think I am most interested in elementary school.

  • Joseph Shelleh says:

    I believe the most impactful insights to take away from this module would be that students immediately “sum you up” or size you up as soon as they see you, so it is important to dress professionally, to act professionally, and to project a presence of confidence and authority. It’s also important to know that the prep doesn’t begin when you arrive at school, it starts the moment you wake up that morning.

    I am preparing to become a Substitute Teacher because I will be filling in for a specific teacher at a specific school, and I was requested by the school to be this sub.

  • Maggie Holbrook says:

    Hello! Something I definitely plan to take with me into the classroom is the SubPack! I think if a substitute teacher has this with them, there is no way they could fail. I also will definitely carry with me the idea of always having a positive attitude. I have been in the classroom and have used this technique, and the students definitely warm up to you much faster, and both, you and the students, are treated with respect and kindness. I want to become a substitute teacher because I really want to teach, but only for a couple years, as I plan to become a mom. So, I didn’t think that spending $20,000-$40,000 on a degree would be worth the while. I am so happy that the DPI has approved of a course like this! It opens many doors.

  • Yvette Rivers says:

    The one thing I will take away from this training is to ignore the inconsequential behavior, which would be challenging because what is inconsequential in one class may be consequential in another, depending on how the behavior distracts the other students.
    I intend to teach middle school, with a passion for Reading, English Language Arts. I substitute teach, so that I can get introduced to the types of schools in a new county. Also, ,substituting helps me to make an informed decision about finding a suitable school and becoming a permanent teacher.

    Good luck to all for his 2019-20 school year!!

  • Tara Ott says:

    I am Tara, I went to college for elementary education. I had three children in that time frame so i decided to hold off on teaching. I decided to substitute teach now that they’re older. I took a lot away from this lesson. It was a great refresher along with several new ideas to help with the unpredictability of substitute teaching. The subpack is definitely one of the most useful tools to be prepared in the classroom.

  • Jaquil Spencer says:

    I am going to take a open mind, positive attitude and a huge smile into every classroom I substitute in. I am also going to take the Subpack. I want to make sure I am covered just in case I am unable to locate the teachers lesson plan or if I need fillers to keep the students active and engage anything to cut down or issues arising.

  • Antoinesia English says:

    This section really broke down the importance of being prepared with a well equipped subpack. Classroom supplies, personal and professional items, rewards/motivators,and activity inspiration can all enhance the substitute experience for both sub and students, and help all have a successful day.

  • Jessica Courtney says:

    With the breakdown of each specific part of the day for a substitute to be prepared and professional, I feel more equipped to know how to prepare whether there is a lesson plan left for me, or if I am going to have to pull out of my Mary Poppins SubPack of exciting learning activities!

    I am becoming a substitute to get familiar and comfortable in the classroom as I work on my teaching certificate. I have wanted to teach art in elementary school since art changed who I was in the 4th grade.

    I had more teachers make an impact and leave their mark in my life at the earliest grades, and I hope to do the same for our future children.

  • Ashley Alcorn says:

    Be aware of how words impact a child, always be prepared! Always keep an open mind and come up with different ideas for an activity!

  • Delia Jimenez says:

    Although I was an instructional aide for three years and I have seen sub come in and out the classrooms I worked for, I have learned so much for this course. I love the idea about creating a seating chart if no is not available or located. I look forward subbing for Kindergarten .

  • Samuel Motsinger says:

    I plan on taking my SubPack with me every day, particularly the Substitute Teacher Report. I believe this report is pivotal to clear communication with all permanent teachers.

    I chose to become a substitute teacher in order to expand my skillset as I continue to search for full-time employment. Additionally, I became certified to teach English as a Second Language to children and adults, which I believe will aid me as a substitute teacher.

    I think teaching children from elementary school up to middle school would be a good fit for me.

  • Laura Killip says:

    I previously was a substitute teacher in another state that I am in now. I did have a subpack but it was minimal to what ideas I have gotten from this training. I will be bringing a fuller subpack with me everyday that is fuller and more extensive than previously.

    My degree is in Early Childhood education so I naturally love to teach. I choose to substitute teach because of the environment of little minds learning and getting excited about their world around them. All my own kids are in school now so I am grateful that I will continue to learn and teach but outside of the home now.

  • Austin Vasquez says:

    Substituting is something I am looking forward to in order to better serve my community. I am aspiring to be a first responder and this role will help when it comes times to ensuring the complete safety of the students. I feel like jigsaw learning and having a basic SubPack will make the day fun and full of learning. We don’t know how these kids live outside of the classroom, but it is our job to focus on their healthy growth as student, regardless of their weaknesses. You can definitely count on me bringing dice so I can randomly number off students and call on them accordingly. Best of luck to all guest educators out there!

    Austin Vasquez

  • becky ayers says:

    I liked the idea of having students complete a KWL chart during a video.

  • Barbara Alexandra Matthews says:

    My husband and I recently retired and moved to Florida. Although I do not want to be employed full-time, I do want to keep working, especially sharing information. I loved this course as it gave a lot of answers to how to handle different challenges and simple things, like what to pack. Mainly, it reinforced that a positive attitude may be the most important thing to take with you in any setting. I hope to teach elementary school students!

  • Barbara Alexandra Matthews says:

    My husband and I recently retired and moved to Florida. Although I do not want to be employed full-time, I do want to keep working, especially sharing information. I loved this course as it gave a lot of answers as to how to handle different challenges and simple things, like what to pack. Mainly, it reinforced that a positive attitude may be the most important thing to take with you in any setting. I hope to teach elementary school students!

  • Greg Johnson says:

    Important to me are the Teacher Report I intend to complete at end of the day; and, I SubPack appropriate for grade level.
    I am a retired business professional and have highschool age grandchildren. This gives me a firsthand experience to see the
    context of learning for the kids and the challenges/opportunities my own kids as parents might be having. I look to this to be
    my opportunity to contribute, enjoy kids and be a better parent/grandparent.

  • Teresa Aranda says:

    Being prepared is what i have learned. A sub pack is great to have. I chose to be a substitute because i have always worked with kids several points in my life and I wanted to try it again

  • Karla Whittington says:

    I like the printable sub sheets (more professional than using notebook paper). I always carry a sub bag, but I got a few more ideas from this to add to it. I have subbed and been an Aide for a few years, took a year off and miss it. My children have moved up to middle and high school. I’m looking forward to subbing in the upper school grades.

  • Tara Felder says:

    I loved the suggestion of the SubPack. I volunteer extensively at my children’s Montessori elementary school, and they are always in need of substitutes. I just want to be able to help K-5th in an official capacity, while having flexibility.

  • Isikiel Ybarra says:

    What im gonna start apply as of now is leading with positive feedback and not attacking consequential so easily

  • Jessica Green says:

    What i took from this module is that as a substitute teacher we have expectations we need to meet just like our students. It gave me insight on how to be well prepared for any type of day that can be thrown my way. The most helpful thing i took from this module was how to get permanent positions and or more job offers. I’m most excited about seeing how students will interact with me and to see growth from classroom environment.

    I started training for subbing due to my interest in the next generations education. I also found a interest in this area of work due to, me trying to figure out which grade level of education i would like to teach (K-12) permanently.

  • Terry Green says:

    I think that the Sub Pack is a great idea. I graduated from Huntington College in 1971 with a BS Degree in Business Education and a minor in Phy Ed.
    My professional background consists of 45+ years in Manufacturing, Sales, and Senior Management positions. I also served 23+ years in the US Army Reserve, retiring as a Major. I would prefer to teach 7-12 grade students if possible. I am retired and would like to give back to the community and school systems in the immediate area/community.

  • Gina Porter says:

    I thought that the advice given about leaving a detailed Substitute Teacher Report is important because it is a way to establish a professional relationship within the educational community. By leaving a detailed report the teacher can use their time to further educate the students instead of trying to gauge where they left off. The Sub pack is a great idea to be fully prepared for any unexpected classroom situations that may arise. It sort of acts as a safety net so you can go into an unfamiliar classroom with a sense of confidence and preparedness. I am training to be a substitute teacher to get the experience to see if I want to get the credentials to become a permanent teacher. i have two children in school now and I thought that it would be great to have a similar schedule. I will start off in K-6th to gain experience, but I’m interested in teaching 7-12th.

  • Stephanie Gomez says:

    I’m currently a student teacher working towards my substitute credentials. I really love the SubPack section, as this is a realistic method of being prepared for anything. I’m certainly going to make one of my own to take to each class. The materials provided and extra activities leave for a well prepared substitute with any situation. It’s always better to be more prepared than unprepared! I’m excited to teach the primary grades, and look forward to everything substitute teaching can offer me.

  • Lisa Layfield says:

    Like so many of the previous commenters, I am most taken with the Subpack idea. This is new information for me, and I’m sure it will be valuable.

    I taught library at a small private elementary school in Virginia and loved working with the kids and the teachers. Fast forward 15 years, my daughter is grown, my husband and I have moved onto a boat, and I’m thinking about returning to school to earn my teacher’s certificate. I’m hoping substitute teaching is a good way to “get my feet wet” before classes begin.

    I am interested in trying substitute teaching in all three schools: elementary, middle, and high school. Having been a parent to a student who is now grown, I see positives in each stage.

    Thanks for the great info as I retool myself for this next step.

  • Ian Weaver says:

    The subpack is something I’m definitely using for future sub jobs. I had heard of people putting something like this together, but I never really knew what would be appropriate beyond paper and pencils/pens. I didn’t even think about stuff like band-aids or plastic bags.

  • Beatrice Cameron says:

    I really enjoyed learning all about subskills because it helped me be more prepared mentally answering my questions such as: what if a student is not cooperative? what if the permanent teacher left no lesson plan? what if students don’t participate? what can I do to make it more engaging and at the same time being a professional substitute teacher? I found the subskills training is very informative and also reassuring!
    I definitely feel more confident to implement some classroom management skills and teaching techniques!

  • Loretta Orgill says:

    I substitute taught decades ago, and we didn’t get any instruction, so, all of this helpful. Particularly helpful are greeting kids at the door with an activity for them to start on, having a subpack, and providing a sub report. Some learning game ideas would be helpful.

  • Amber Matthews says:

    The one thing from this section that I plan on taking with me into the classroom is my Sub Pack. When leaving a note for a teacher, I never even thought about printing out a formal document to leave my comments on. I like this idea a lot! Another brilliant idea I will use is printing off my own business cards. What a great idea! It looks professional and gives the permanent teacher something they can slip into their wallet for easy access when they need a sub again.

  • Samantha Washington says:

    Just as a survival pack helps one to survive during unforeseen events, a sub pack is necessary because no classroom, circumstance, or school day will be the same, so always expect to experience the unexpected often. I truly appreciate the training and suggestions on how to prepare for such circumstances.

  • Marian Sweeney says:

    The subpack and the substitute report at day’s end are particularly helpful. Thank you

  • Marian Sweeney says:

    Most important: The sub pack!

  • Katharyn Burke says:

    Much of what I’ve learned from this course emphasize the importance of having confidence in your abilities to expect the unexpected. It’s almost an oxymoron to be confident in this area, but the better you are at practicing patience, and having things like the Sub Pack at your disposal, the better your days will go, and the more students will be able to engage, and learn from you. The only actions you can control are your own, and being reminded of that as you enter a classroom can better prepare you for finding opportunities to enhance the learning experience for students.

    Before getting into substitute teaching, I was a Director at a gymnastics facility for children, and have always done well working in academic environments with children. I wanted a somewhat more consistent schedule, including having weekends off to spend time with my family, so substitute teaching is a great way to get my feet into a more traditional classroom setting and having the time to think about pursuing a second degree.

    I always thought I would end up wanting to teach high school age, but after working at the gymnastics facility, I have found a love for littles, and hope to work with a lot of kindergarten and elementary age students.

  • Janet Joiner-Demby says:

    The one thing I will take with me from the course is my renewed understanding of consequential and non-consequential inappropriate student behavior. Although I hold a degree in middle school teaching, this bit of information is some of the most valuable insight into classroom management I have seen in a while. My background in management tends to lean my classroom management style towards the concept of absolute compliance, leaving little or no room for disruptive behavior. Laughable I know, especially when talking about adolescents. You can imagine my relief in knowing that all their inappropriate behavior does not require a response. I became a substitute teacher to gain valuable information such as this to take to my classroom as a permanent teacher.

  • Adriana Cuessy says:

    What I learned from this course is how to better prepare before taking on an assignment and to be ready for the “unexpected”. Creating a SubPack is an awesome idea I will definitely create! I like the “End of Day” key points for leaving a good impression as it will be the impression students take home with them. Thank you!

  • Jared Iwanski says:

    Time well spent.
    Substitute report is a very important method for teachers communication.
    SubPack ready and neat waiting. Looking for a good experience with future students.

  • Kara Ramsey says:

    One thing I really liked was the sub pack list, helps me as a sub be prepared for the down times.

  • Stacey Stoffel says:

    Hello, There was a lot of key info in this section – the area I would like to point out is the list of questions to ask when I arrive at the school. Asking about other duties, medical issues, how to report attendance and understanding other key school rules like hallway passes, etc.

    I’ve worked in business for 20+ years, and I’m currently taking some time off. I thought it would be a great challenge and rewarding to step into our high school classrooms and sub for our business / marketing teachers. I was inspired into business because I had a amazing high school business teacher, and I think helping out in our school is a long term way of showing my appreciation for what our teachers do for our students everyday.

    Thanks so much, this class has been really helpful so far! Not having a teaching background I do feel it’s giving me the tools I need be a successful sub for our community.

    Stacey Stoffel

  • Rachel Pierson says:

    I like the simple idea of actually adding basic school supplies to my sub pack bc you never know what will be missing or hard to find in the room you are in. Also- even though it is great to have jobs set up ahead of time, I like the idea of planning (with clothes and lunch, etc) to take a job in the AM, as usually there are opportunities to do so.
    I am subbing again for the flexibility- having done so in the past, but recently was working FT as a Special Education aide.

  • Rachel Pierson says:

    I liked the ideas to add school supplies to sub pack, and to be prepared ahead of time to accept a last minute sub request.


    I really appreciate all sections and have gotten excellent ideas. SubPack is the most important teachers need to get ready every morning.

    Being a substitute teacher in the US is something which will be nice experience because I will learn more again from others. I had been French teacher in middle and high schools for few years in my country. And since I came here four years ago, I have tried several different jobs, but did not like them. Now I want to get back to my previous job which gives me good feelings by expressing myself creativity. I feel more comfortable when I am teaching or specially when I am sharing something positive with teenagers. Teaching is not only a job for me, it is also my passion.

    Thanks for sharing and best regards!

  • Maria Acevedo says:

    The Sub pack information was greatly helpful and the items recommended for the end of the day teacher report . All information is important to do the job effectively.

  • Chris Maddox says:

    One of the most valuable information I could take is being prepared for the unexpected using a SubPack. I am someone who thrives when having a back up plan and learning the key aspects of the SubPack is very helpful. I also really appreciate the detail on classroom management and the principles of human behavior. I have always been worried about behavioral issues but after going over behavior management I feel more confident in navigating unexpected scenarios that may come up.

  • John Cox says:

    Substitute teaching involves much more than the time actually spent in class. It is a mindset and overall lifestyle one must accept and master to become a good sub.

  • Alvis says:

    If there is just one take away. It is the mindset of the sub. You are not there to reconfigure the guidelines that the teacher set. As mentioned in one module, you follow the permanent teachers’ directions even if you don’t agree. However, adding other traits of mine to tutoring, it has always been my passion. Tutoring is not just in the school system. It is very difficult to sub for just one day in any environment. By the time one implements all the guidelines laid out, we can only do basics and do not feel you are a failure for just one day. Those one days I would find to be more difficult. Being prepared at any given time takes good organizational skills. My granddaughter has autism and I have a special ed license. That takes everything a sub would know to a different level of patience, kindness and respect.

  • Gail Fong says:

    There is so much valuable content in this course! The note cards of each school’s information for the morning calls, the list of questions to ask at the office and the Substitute Teacher report are all great ideas which I will use. I am especially excited to put together an organized SubPack. I will definitely include an Estimation Jar. What a great idea. Thank you so much for this course.

  • Dallas Monroe says:

    A Smile and positivity will be added into my Sub pack. I’ve worked with children and adults with special need for years and recently decided to take steps to become a Special education teacher. The stark difference a smile can make it’s completely worth including in there

  • Youngran Prichard says:

    Great guideline for future substitute teachers, it covers so many areas, e.g. subpack, teaching techniques etc. It will be useful and helpful for me, definitely!

  • Youngran Prichard says:

    The most surprising lesson was how to handle inconsequential behavior that I didn’t think of way to handle…
    great method to control your classroom with psychology.
    This course has definitely great help of managing and understanding student behavior in classroom.

  • Srishti Sinha says:

    Clear instructions and guidelines that will definitely help me to do my job well.

  • Joanne Elder says:

    There is so much information to take away from this training. Some of the main things I will keep in is that being a professional substitute teacher starts before entering the school on the day that you receive a call to be a substitute teacher. I will be sure to conduct prior planning in areas as it pertains to preparing my clothing attire, putting together a subpack containing essential supplies and materials needed to allow my day(s) to go smoothly, starter activities, information about schools that I will be substituting at, etc. During the work day I will be sure to start out my day by greeting the students and making sure that they are kept on task at all times, as well as properly supervised in/out of the classroom. I will also ensure that at the end of the day I leave the permanent teacher a report as it pertain to the students and lessons, clean and organize the teacher’s desk, and return keys at the end of the day to list a few.

  • Nura Rachelle says:

    I’m definitely into the subpack and having all materials/outfits ready to start the day. 🙂

  • Kayla Bleskacek says:

    I’ve learned so much from this training! From this section in particular, I learned about the SubPack. This is a wonderful idea and is a great way to set yourself up for success. I like to be prepared, so I think that having a well established SubPack will help me in this area.

  • Morgan McFarlain says:

    In this section, I learned how important it is to have your subpack with you in case you need it in place of a lesson plan. I learned to feel confident and excited but professional at the same time. You need to help the students feel confident in themselves as well and bring out the best in them. At the end of the day, I should leave a clean and organized desk, a report for the teacher saying what we did in class, and return the keys to the office.

  • Joannah Daily says:

    I love the ideas of preparing for those last minute calls! I will definitely be using a sub-pack!

  • Telicia Hall says:

    One thing that I will take along with me in my classroom that I learned is to greet the students at the door, always remain positive and calm. to prepare the night before and to pack sub pack!

  • Danielle Clark says:

    I found a lot of the information in this course very useful. I think the sub pack is something very useful. I will print out the list and keep in mind the items listed. It is good to know and have extra items handy for many reasons. One reason is to save time. Since you will be going into classrooms that you are not familiar with, sometimes it might be quicker to pack items and use what you have brought versus trying to hunt down the teachers.

  • Yves AUGUSTIN says:

    I used to be a math teacher back in the days. The new knowledge I have just acquired will help me become a better one.

  • Karlena Mayfield says:

    My Sub Pack is the one recommended resource I plan to take each day.
    I decided to become a sub because I am obtaining my degree/license in elementary K-5. I start student teaching next semester and was told that applying for subbing is a smart move, so here I am!

  • Caroline Smyth says:

    I would say a very well stocked sub pack is very important it reminds me of I girl guide motto “Be Prepared” my Mary poppins bag of tricks to take control of any situation.

    Equally as important is the Substitute Teacher Report a good report allows a trust and seamless and informative transfer of responsibility back to the permanent teacher. She can continue to teach her students knowing that they have had a good continuity of their subject. The trust builds between both teachers which is important.

    I have lived in many countries I was an ESL teacher in South Africa where my class room was a 40ft container. I had over forty children aged between Five and fifteen.

    I than set up my own classes in Bratislava teaching ESL I had students from all over the world. I worked with the British council to set up the first PET and KET Exams for my students. I would like to return to teaching as a substitute teacher. I just totally enjoy watching my students understand and appreciate knowledge to help mold the next generation who will take over from us.

    Thank you for your wonderful informative course. It will be in my sub pack forever. It will be my go to piece to help me. I have loved taking the course it opened up new ideas which I will use.

    Caroline Smyth

  • Carla Poore says:

    There is a lot of valuable information in this training. The sub-pack, the note cards with each schools information on it, and the teacher report being among the most helpful for me. But also just reviewing how to conduct yourself as a substitute and knowing that you are not there to change how the permanent teacher does things, you are there as an extension of that teacher.

  • Mecca Coates says:

    One thing I learned about and will be very excited to have on me will be Subpack. I think that is such a convenient way to be prepared in various situations dealing with kids of different gender age background etc. Having a subpack will make your more confident in your day.

  • Teresa Melville says:

    The list for the Subpack is very useful. There are a few things on there that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own but would be very useful. The substitute teacher report forms will make things so much easier to make sure I remembered to give the teacher all the information they need.

  • Liesel Hoskins says:

    This material was very helpful. I plan to take my SubPack with me and feel this was very helpful information. I also feel it is important to have good communication with the teacher so I will make sure to fill out the teacher report.

    I decided to substitute teach as I come from a long line of teachers in my family.

  • Malorie Orgill says:

    The biggest thing is how important a SubPac is to have and how helpful it can be to create a fun and productive learning environment! My name is Malorie Orgill. I recently got married 6 months ago and I’m currently studying to take the Praxis exams to get into the Elementary Education program at Utah Valley University. I thought becoming a sub would give me a jump start and also help me with remembering materials needed to pass the exams!

  • Aghalyaa MaruthapillaiSivashanmugam says:

    Hi ,
    My name is Aghalyaa. I plan to take SubPack with me. I would prefer to teach from Grade 1 to Grade 5. I like to be a Substitute Teacher because of flexible days and timings. This material is very helpful. It gives a clear idea of what to expect and act in a very professional manner.

  • Mary Duff says:


    I have learned so much from this section. I see how important it is to be prepared and be professional at all times. The SubPack is an awesome idea. I have printed the list as I plan to have one ready. I am new to teaching/substituting. However, we were a homeschool family for five years (elementary and middle school). My background is in accounting and was a SAHM.

  • LaQuesha Hayward says:

    The SubPacks are always useful. I will start leaving a teacher report.

  • Sandra Colby says:

    The one thing that I will be putting together and using is a Sub Pack. I think that it will be quite helpful.

    I am thinking of subbing in high school and middle school, rather than elementary, as I had been certified to teach science in those grades.

  • Alisa Kathol says:

    One thing that I took away was preparing a sub kit! I’ve thought about the idea of what this may include and have even start creating one, but didn’t think about some of the things listed and look forward to adding to my sub kit!
    I most look forward to subbing for middle school. I decided to sub because I am currently earning my Masters in Teaching and wanted more experience and practice before graduating. I also wanted to see what different schools and different classrooms incorporate to get ideas for my own future classroom!

  • Barbara Culkin says:

    Thank you for this great information provided! I agree that a professional appearance, an upbeat & positive and encouraging attitude is key for a positive first impression. A wonderful tool for success is the SubPack! I’m excited to pack this and use in the classroom.
    It’s also very important to fill out a Substitute Teacher Report to let the teacher know how the day went.
    I’m excited for this opportunity!

  • Ashlee Hayes says:

    For my review, one thing i learn is Leave the room as you found it. This shows the classroom teacher you care about their property and the learning environment.

  • Kayla Walters says:

    The top two things that I will be taking with me from this section is the importance of being prepared and having a well planned and stocked SubPack and the importance of leaving a Substitute Teacher Report. Without the explanation within this section I would not have considered how important a Substitute Teacher Report can be to help the regular teacher fully understand how the day went without them.

    I decided to be a substitute teacher because I have been volunteering within my sons school since he started and the school actually reached out to the volunteers expressing the need for substitutes.

    Kayla Walters

  • Amber Phelps says:

    I really appreciated the tips for leaving a successful Substitute Report at the end of the day! What an excellent way to open the doors of communication between educators! The best part is, in the long run it most benefits the students – and that’s what it’s all about! Thank you!

  • Melina Metaxas says:

    My name is Melina Metaxas, I’m 23 and just started substitute teaching a couple of weeks ago! I have my undergrad in Marine Biology and am applying for my Masters to teach science! My Marine Biology teacher in high school was a huge source of my inspiration for going to school for it, and now for my teaching journey! I am most excited to make my own sub pack and so far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this online training, I’ve learned SO much!

  • Michael Broschak says:

    The sub pack was a most wonderful idea! I am a retired teacher who taught for 36 years. The district never brought in a sub for me because I taught instrumental music and band, therefore when I was out, my classes were cancelled. I like the idea of a sub report because it’s important for the regular teacher to know what occurred during the day. I’m trying to go back into teaching as a way to supplement my income and to spend time with students. I taught middle school for the majority of my career, and miss the interactions I used to have with students.

  • Allyn Howard says:

    I really like incorporating KWL as a teaching tool. I think the children will be more engaged in an assignment if they have this personal learning guide as a starter. The Sub Pack is a great idea!! I kind of had a makeshift one when I subbed for Va Beach schools (pens, pencils, highlighters, tape, bandaids etc.) but I wasn’t consistent on bringing it to assignments. I like the idea of keeping a subpack ready to go at all times!

    I love subbing! My favorite are the middle schoolers. They can be a challenge sometimes but for the most part they are awesome kids who respond to kindness, good energy and positive attention. They are more autonomous than the little ones–I love that!

  • Gary Merchant says:

    Thanks for providing the information on being prepared as a substitute teacher. All the information was valuable and well presented. I really needed much of this information and appreciated both the content and presentation. I recently retired from my profession as a healthcare administrator and decided I wanted to become a substitute teacher for junior and senior high school students. Especially science and math. I will take much away from this course. I especially like the reminder about positive reinforcement and doing the same in my daily reports to the permanent teachers. Thanks you much.

  • Zachary Casey says:

    I found the tip about going into the office before class to gain a better understanding of the class I will be teaching very useful. I never would have thought to use it as a way to discover if any of the students have allergies, behavior problems or other issues. I also liked the suggestion to introducing myself to the other teachers and get some pointers from them. I personally haven’t decided on what age group I would like to teach. I originally wanted to teach high school but my buddy teaches elementary and loves it. I look forward to helping out where I can and discover what age range is best for me.

  • AISHA FULTZ says:

    My substitute teaching journey has just begun, and to be transparent, I have been most nervous about what to bring to the classroom and how best to prepare for my day. I am a detailed oriented person, and not knowing everything about everything is a challenge for me. All of the step-by-step tips and tricks have been most helpful because they help you have control over a situation in a very practical way. I am VERY organized (I even label my boxes), so I am excited to create and utilize a set of note cards for each school district. Having the school name, contact information, and an estimation of time necessary to get there is imperative for me for a successful day. It will remove my nerves and promote confidence. I cannot wait to make my sub pack as well!! I do this in my every day life so having one for subbing will be super fun. I cannot wait for my first classroom experiences! I am so thankful for this opportunity! Whoo hoo!!

  • Jennifer Lyon says:

    There are a large number of practical recommendations that will be very helpful. I learned a lot from Classroom Management and from the section on Preparation and Activities throughout the day. For me, knowing how to be prepared and what to do from start-to-finish through the day is extremely important. The advice on having a SubPack ready to go in advance is also extremely valuable.

  • Harold Kolasa says:

    Leaving a substitute teacher report is a great idea. The sub pack is something new for me. I use to sub but that was 20 years ago. I subbed from 1991 to 1998 while my kids were in school. I have always enjoyed working with young people and since retiring from dairy farming, do not have the commitment I had in the past. I enjoy grades 7-12 the most.

  • Maryellen Engelke says:

    After reviewing this section I am going to take with me the importance of being prepared in regards to how you dress, arriving early, and having a sub pack. I never thought of the importance of a sub pack before taking this class. I am looking forward to creating one.

    I decided to become a substitute teacher because my local school my children attend are in need of substitute teachers. I felt this is a way that I could do what I enjoy (work with children), help my children’s school, and make money. It is a win win situation.

  • Felipe Del Rosario says:

    I am a permanent Teacher en Dominican Republic, I have been working as as teacher for more than 30 years, when I am in United states, I m looking for the way how to work in my field.
    -I use to work with high school students, and I like more to work with them.

  • Marie Jackson says:

    I will definitely take a SubPack with me.

    My name is Marie. I have four children–three girls and one boy. My son was a special needs child. He had a lot of health complications. I have expertise in that area. My son passed away 3.5 years ago when he was nine. I was looking for a better paying job that utilizes my degree when I stumbled upon Teachers On Call. I love children and wanted to work with children, especially special needs children. I’m in the process of getting my Special Education Aide License and now my three-year substitute teaching license.

  • Mary Walker says:

    I was excited when I saw the Stedi Substitute Teacher Handbook in a class I was subbing in. It was an older edition, not the 10th edition. I was not aware of the program. I guess I am a lifetime student. I continually make use of the professional learning program in our district. I feel I have acquired some helpful information taking this class. Most teachers request names of students that disrupt classroom instead of a focus on the good students. This course concentrates on the more positive feedback in the classroom. The substitute teacher report should complement the good students. I really had not considered the usefulness of the starter activity or “warmup” that is requested in some lesson plans. I hope to make use of the fill in activities. It is difficult in lesson plans to sometimes estimate completion time.

  • Casey Hawthorne says:

    The SubPak and Substitute Report are tools that I will definitely use as a substitute teacher! These tools will be great to have prepared for the students and the permanent teacher.

  • Sharon Vick says:

    enjoyed the ideas for the sub-pack. i am newly retired, a new grandmother and interested instaying current.

  • Sharon Vick says:

    I eyed the shared ideas. i am recently retired and a new grandmother. i am interested in staying up to date with young people. both of my sons are educators as well.

  • Alexis Martin says:

    This program has been extremely helpful to me as a Response Intervention tutor and I know it will benefit me when substituting in the near future. My favorite thing about STEDi is that these materials will continue to be available throughout my career, and I know I will look back on them even when I become a full time teacher. What is most appealing to me is the multiple strategies given. These strategies are tailored to fit certain situations as well as individual students. Focusing on individuals rather than the class as a whole is detrimental in the classroom and STEDi helps make that a much smoother process.

  • Kyle Dykstra says:

    I will definitely be using a well organized and detailed sub pack in the classroom. This will allow me to be prepared for many things I will encounter in the classroom each day. Thank you for these wonderful tips!

  • Lawrence Conlon says:

    I really liked the check list for the sub pack. I also like the suggestion for having a learning activity prepared in advance in the event there is no lesson plan.

  • Bridgett Jackson says:

    I have been a Trainer and Facilitator in Corporate America for many years. I am excited to transfer my skills into the classroom. I am most excited about teaching high schoolers. I am most appreciative of learning to always have a SubPack on hand and the different teaching styles and methods that I can implement.

  • Edwina Gantt says:

    Leaving a substitute report will be most effective in helping the teacher understand activities that happened in her absence.

  • Gelareh Taylor says:

    I look forward to putting together my Sub Pack. I think it will be so helpful specially in the case of an emergency and putting together your own lesson plan if one was not prepared.

  • Richard Klatt says:

    I learned some really great ideas for how to stay prepared for substituting a class and staying organized throughout the day. The SubPak is a great idea that I know will be essential to making the day smooth and successful when needed.

    I am choosing a role as a substitute teacher because there is a big need in our community for them and the flexible schedule allows me to work while still being in school.

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